Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daddy's home for Christmas!

Tad got an email this afternoon letting everyone know that they won't be sending people back to Korea until January 1st at the earliest! WooHoo! I'm so glad that he'll be home, I know that there will probably be some Christmas' down the road  that he won't be home but I was starting to freak out a little bit when we were told last week that they were going to be leaving December 19th. Thank goodness they aren't! He does still have school in Texas Dec. 12th for the week, but Brayden and I can totally handle that :) On a different note, I finally took the MAPP exam and got it over with! I did pretty decent for me, I've never been great on standerized test and of course reading is my weakness. After I finished the test I met Nina and Landon at Olive Garden for lunch. We were all starving! Nina hadn't eaten nothing but a candy bar! haha... She had her glucose test this morning...*GAG* I on the otherhand fixed me a bowl of special K this morning, and about 3 bites into it, my stomach started rejecting it. I was told that before I had my gallbladder out that after getting it removed that things you eat will "run through you" So the first 2 weeks I have been conscience of what I eat when I know I'm going somewhere that day. Much to my surprise things haven't been "running through me" like I thought they would. Yesterday and today has been a MUCH different story! Everything I have eaten hasn't stayed in my body very long. It puts my stomach in knots. My supper tonight hasn't came out yet though! :) After lunch we went to few stores and I laughed at Landon while he was running around like a wild Indian because I knew that Brayden would have been doing the same thing if he would have been with me. Instead of hearing Brayden yell Mommy Mommy, I heard Landon yelling Kayla Kayla! It was sweet :) I didn't get to all the stores I wanted to go to, after I went to Sam's for B's monster truck I was worn out and it was time for me to head back home to pick up the little moster. I did make it by Inside Accents and get 6 new springs for my tree topper and 2 more flowers! Since we've been home, Brayden and I haven't done to much. We went to Izzy's house because B wanted to play on the "epad" (iPad) and plus we havent seen them since Saturday! Now we are home in our pj's and watching Shake it Up. Tad is at the Derby now in Pensacola and will be there until Sunday.
 Mommy and B enjoying a good ole ring pop!
This baby boy is tired... this is how he is at this exact moment! He fell asleep while Mommy was blogging. :)

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