Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daddy's home for Christmas!

Tad got an email this afternoon letting everyone know that they won't be sending people back to Korea until January 1st at the earliest! WooHoo! I'm so glad that he'll be home, I know that there will probably be some Christmas' down the road  that he won't be home but I was starting to freak out a little bit when we were told last week that they were going to be leaving December 19th. Thank goodness they aren't! He does still have school in Texas Dec. 12th for the week, but Brayden and I can totally handle that :) On a different note, I finally took the MAPP exam and got it over with! I did pretty decent for me, I've never been great on standerized test and of course reading is my weakness. After I finished the test I met Nina and Landon at Olive Garden for lunch. We were all starving! Nina hadn't eaten nothing but a candy bar! haha... She had her glucose test this morning...*GAG* I on the otherhand fixed me a bowl of special K this morning, and about 3 bites into it, my stomach started rejecting it. I was told that before I had my gallbladder out that after getting it removed that things you eat will "run through you" So the first 2 weeks I have been conscience of what I eat when I know I'm going somewhere that day. Much to my surprise things haven't been "running through me" like I thought they would. Yesterday and today has been a MUCH different story! Everything I have eaten hasn't stayed in my body very long. It puts my stomach in knots. My supper tonight hasn't came out yet though! :) After lunch we went to few stores and I laughed at Landon while he was running around like a wild Indian because I knew that Brayden would have been doing the same thing if he would have been with me. Instead of hearing Brayden yell Mommy Mommy, I heard Landon yelling Kayla Kayla! It was sweet :) I didn't get to all the stores I wanted to go to, after I went to Sam's for B's monster truck I was worn out and it was time for me to head back home to pick up the little moster. I did make it by Inside Accents and get 6 new springs for my tree topper and 2 more flowers! Since we've been home, Brayden and I haven't done to much. We went to Izzy's house because B wanted to play on the "epad" (iPad) and plus we havent seen them since Saturday! Now we are home in our pj's and watching Shake it Up. Tad is at the Derby now in Pensacola and will be there until Sunday.
 Mommy and B enjoying a good ole ring pop!
This baby boy is tired... this is how he is at this exact moment! He fell asleep while Mommy was blogging. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to reality??? Do I have too???

Well its back to school tomorrow for this ole girl :(  I just really don't want to go! I have enjoyed my two weeks of not having to drive to Troy. Although, this semester is almost over and I don't have much longer of driving there and I'll have a good break :) Anyway, our weekend was okay...Auburn lost...doesn't bother me at all..I tried my best to stay off facebook on Saturday due to all the comments I knew would be said about Auburn. There are some people that take it way to serious.. Its JUST a game folks! Thanksgiving was good, we missed Aunt Sam and her crew though. They were on a mission trip to OK for the week but Hey, I can't complain...they were spreading the Word and thats always the best giving you can give someone! Sunday, Aunt Sam and I had the 1 year old class for childcare. I love those little kids! I miss Brayden being that small so much. Today, Tiffany and I had a girls day and went to Enterprise and did a little shopping. I didn't get as much as I wanted to get for Tadpole but I did get several things for my angel. I love shopping for my angel! I chose a big girl (10-12) this year and I've gotten her several things I know she's going to love. Tad and I do have most of our shopping done for Brayden.. I think theres 1 or 2 more gifts we want to get him and then we'll just like stocking stuffers which I already have a few of too! I plan to finish Tad's christmas up on Wednesday. I have to go to Dothan to take the MAPP exam for school and I plan to do a little shopping after my test. Tad leaves Wednesday heading down to Pensacola for the Snowball Derby and won't come home until Sunday night. I may go spend the night Friday night if I can get all of my schoolwork done before then. I have my first proctered exam on Sunday afternoon between church so I need to get everything done for it.  Brayden is in his own bed tonight, I really want him to start sleeping in his bed, I love him sleeping with Tad and I but he literally pushes me out of bed and pulls my hair ALL I mean ALL night long and its not comfortable!  Plus the boy has a stinkin' bed in his room and needs to be put to use! He's going back to daycare tomorrow, I kept him out last week since I was out and it was Thanksgiving week and him and Tadpole had a daddy/B day today. I think they were pretty much lazy and didn't do to much.  I'm in the living room and I can hear him sucking on his paci, so that means that he's asleep! ;) After I got home from shopping with Tiff, we ate supper Papa G's :) and we put the Christmas tree up! SO glad thats over. I dread putting it up and decorating it... I have to have it perfect or it will drive me crazy. Tad is supposed take down all the fall decorations outside tomorrow while I'm at school and hopefully I'll finish decorating the inside tomorrow afternoon sometime. Tomorrow is back to school and then to Andalusia to get tags for the trailor and home to do some cricutting and spray painting! :) Hope everyone had a good as can be Monday and a wonderful rest of the week...Enjoy the pictures!

This was on Wednesday, Brayden has an ear infection :( But it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. He was not happy about me taking a picture of him either!

 This was my mothers cake she made for Thanksgiving! Doesn't it look yummy??? Bahaahaha! We have no idea what happened to it... It just fell to pieces!!! I made fun of her cake all weekend. I had a right do after she licked the batter bowl and didn't offer me any!

I did the tree different this year, instead of the ribbon going around I did it going up and down. I want some new springs for the top, so I plan on making a pit stop Wednesday at Inside Accents in Dothan! :) Maybe this year we'll get a real tree skirt instead of lime green fabric that was left over from my Junior prom dress! *haha*
 My hubby in his AU shirt :) playing on the computer. Your probably thinking why is he in the floor? Well we had planned on watching Madea's Christmas Play from iTunes tonight but it said that it would take 24 hours to download. I have no idea why it says that long, something is going on with our internet and I'm thinking we need a new router! Ugh! So thats why he is in the floor playing on the computer! Ohh the computer has to be hooked up to the TV in order for us to watch a movie on iTunes.
 Again, not wanting his picture taken!
Well now its time for me to fix my coffee for the morning, fold a load of towels, get B's school stuff together, pick B's clothes for tomorrow and go join my boys in bed. Ohh While I was uploading the pictures Tad went and got B out of his bed and put him in bed with him. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

The past 2 Weeks

I was out of school last week and I'm out this week too! I'm enjoying not driving to Troy for little while and saving that gas! Although I have plenty on schoolwork to be doing for my online classes and my classes in Troy. It's almost time for finals and I still have 2 more presentations to give.

My surgery went well, and I recovered pretty fast. I was a little inconvient because I couldn't pick up B and hold him :(. By that Friday we had figured out a system where he could lay/sit with me without him hitting my stomach. Tad did a wonderful job taking care of me and Brayden all by himself. That Thursday Brandi came by to see us and she and B took a much needed nap... :)

Brayden and I stayed with my momma that weekend because Tad went to GA to the races. B and I enjoyed spending time with Izzy very much. I think Izzy very much enjoyed sleeping with B and snuggling with him. I on the other hand was in my room trying to sleep on the bed. I could only sleep on my back and I would wake up with back aches everyday!! The gas from my stomach would go into my shoulder/neck and I don't I have ever been more uncomfortable in my life. I didn't make it to church that Sunday, I was still iffy about driving and still couldn't wear anything tight. That night my stomach hurt so bad I wanted to cry...thankfully it didn't last all night long.

Brayden liked laying on the other end of the couch sharing a blanket with mommy!
 This was Day 2 of no shower. Ya know, when I don't have somebody telling me I can't shower it wouldn't bother me. But when the doctor said no showers for 72 hours, it KILLED me!!! Needless to say I showered before my 72 hours were up! :)

 Izzy got a iPAD and Brayden enjoyed NOT sharing it with his Izzy while we stayed with her. He calls it an ePAD. He'll tell you that its his Izzy's but that he plays on it! When we are at my parents the first thing he asks Izzy is where is the ePAD at?? Haha!

Last Monday, Tad B and I went to Dothan to use some Target coupons I had that were expiring and shop for our shoebox kids! :) We love shopping for them, its such a blessing! Brayden enjoyed helping us pick out stuff. We did stop at the mall and guess who was already there??? Santa! He wanted to go see Santa but once we got up there to talk to him he was a little scared. And of course you know where we had to stop to eat lunch... Yes Chili's! :)

 My two boys who I love more than anything, they drive me crazy and run me wild...but I wouldn't trade those crazy boys for anything in this world.

The rest of the week was great and low key. We didn't do much the rest of the week, I did manage to get my application back over to Sav-a-Life. I haven't heard from them yet, so I plan on calling tomorrow to check on it and make sure the director got it. I really hope I get to become a volunteer, I need something to do and thats something I really want to do! The weekend was good, until Saturday night :( Brayden and I got up around 2:30 to change his diaper, he had been having HORRIBLE diapers since about 4 something that afternoon. He ended up having a fever. We went back to bed, he was a little restless just because his tummy was hurting. He had several more bad diapers on Sunday and ran another fever around lunch on Sunday. His poor hiney got so raw he screamed every time I would change his diaper. I would try my best to change him as soon as I realized he was going, just so it wouldn't make it worse.  Today he hasn't had a fever but he's had 3 bad diapers again. :( It just breaks my heart. I wish I knew what was going on inside his little tummy to make it feel better. He isn't eating much, so whatever I can get him to eat I'm good. Good thing he loves to drink gatorade!
We did get Brayden a Christmas tree for his room, its Auburn! :)

Today we haven't done to much! Brayden and I did a few errands in town and came home and relaxed. Tadpole went hunting after I got home this morning from the check-up appointment. That went well, doctor said everything looked fine, just no heavy lifting for a couple more weeks. Brayden and I went and ate supper with Tiff tonight at Papa G's and then went to WalMart to get a few things to finish a Christmas ball I'm making for my mothers mantel. Now, B and I are in the recliner watching Shake it Up and he's informing me that he wants to go to bed. So I guess I better follow his orders and do what he says! I don't want a meltdown! :) Goodnight All and I hope everyone has a wonderful week :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bye Bye Gallbladder!

Yesterday was my surgery and my gallbladder is now GONE!They sent it off to the lab. Tad, my momma and daddy got to actually see my gallbladder and gallstones. They said that my gallbladder was packed full of gallstones, and no wonder I was hurting so bad! *L*I tried to tell them I hurt... The last thing I remember before the surgery after taking me back into the OR was I was telling the nurse about my presentation today at school and how I had to re-schedule it. There's probably no telling what else I was saying back there. They might have got a ear full! :) I slept awhile in recovery and Uncle Wayne came to visit for a few minutes. After he left, the nurses said I could go home at any time then, just whenever I felt like it. I got up and went to the bathroom and got really dizzy. I laid back down for a little bit then I sat up again and was feeling a little bit better. Mother helped me put my pants on while waiting for the nurse to come take my IV out. Once the IV was out, we were outta there!!! I was pretty much groggy all the way home, don't to much remember the ride home. I slept on and off all afternoon. Tad fixed me some chicken noodle soup and I ended up not being able to eat it. I took another nap and then I ate a bowl of jello. Tiffany came over late yesterday afternoon and visited for about 45 minutes, and by then my baby boy was home! I missed that little booger! Later on, momma and daddy brought me some pound cake from Aunt Sam and B went home with them for a little while. Tad and I enjoyed a little quiet time, he cooked me some yellow rice and he ate some noodles...very plain jane dinner for us! :) We watched the CMA's while we ate, he would just burst out was funny! He told me that they asked him to be there to sing but he had to turn them down because he had to stay at home with me since I had to have surgery... *LOL* I love my tadpole and how he thinks he's a country music star! I slept on the couch and B and Tad had the bed to theirselves. I was scared to sleep with B since he likes to waddle all over us at night. Our couch isn't the best couch to sleep on all night long. I got up 3 times to go to the bathroom, I never do that... This morning I feel okay, still in pain...I haven't taken any pain medicine yet because I haven't been hungry to eat anything yet. Tad and B are gone to the grocery store right now to get some groceries, because we have none! I can't go anywhere, I can't drive, I can't shower until SATURDAY!!!! I know I know, I'm going to stink by then. I told Tad earlier that him and B were going to be spraying me down with perfume pretty soon! I plan on washing off with a towel when he gets back. Overall, I feel okay. When I stand it feels like my stomach is ripping apart but thats the worst part. They said that my shoulder might hurt from the gas in my stomach moving around and boy has my shoulder hurt... its been making my neck hurt too...I'm sure as soon as I'm able to lay on my stomach I'll be going back to the chiropractor to get re-alined! I told Tad this morning, I have no idea what I'm going to wear to church Sunday, if this gas in my stomach doesn't get out, I'll be wearing some stretch pants!haha...Hey but atleast I'll have a bath by then! :) I'll smell clean and be clean. Anyway, Brandi is coming over in little while to help out with me and B! I'm sure Tad will appreciate the help..  I'm so lucky that God blessed me with a fantastic husband, family and friends. They have all been absolutely wonderful yesterday and today already! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy Little Bee

I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday, I was pretty proud of myself. I took B to daycare around 8:45 because I knew I had a haircut appointment at 2 and I had to go before then and pre-register at the hospital. After dropping him off I came home and started cleaning and washing clothes. I washed/dried/and put up 3 loads of clothes. I vaccumed every room in the house, and mopped the kitchen and B's bathroom/hallway. I straightened up his room a little bit, you can walk in there and around to the closet and his bed and TV so thats good! *haha* I also dusted the living room and kitchen. By the time I got all that done it was time to eat a little lunch and get ready to head back to town. Oh and I also got some of our clothes swapped out too, I took some of our summer clothes down to my parents and brought back some of our winter clothes. :) Thank goodness for a room/closet still down there are their house, if we didn't have it I don't know what we would do....Probably have one crowded house! Pre-registering at the hospital didn't take as long as I thought it would so I got to the beauty shop early to get my hair cut...but who doesn't enjoy listening to older women talk! :)*haha*

I picked B up at 2:45 and we headed home to lay out supper and our Tiff was coming over to see us, Well get her birthday present..and I might add its only 3 1/2 weeks late! Thats pretty good for me :) She visited with us for awhile and won't home sometime after 4 I think...I'm not very good with time when I'm at home! So after she left I started supper! We had bake pork chops with cream of chicken soup, mashed potatos, butterbeans, and macoroni and cheese! It was Yummo! Tad even ate all of it, most of the time he'll eat 2 things I cook but not all of them... I got a winner last night! Once again he came home with no deer, he did say that he saw some yesterday morning thats a plus for him. He's back at this morning, he won't get to go anymore this week so he's off the hook for getting to hunt all day yesterday and today! *L* I would be even happier if he'd bring us home a big buck, we need some hamburger meat. I'm getting tired of running to IGA all the time for some hamburger meat. My little family can go through some hamburger meat now! On Wednesday nights I always cook hamburger helper just because its easy and an easy clean up before church and we normally have spagetti/tacos/or hamburgers at some point in the week. I actually think we are going to have tacos tonight! Sounds pretty good to me right now. Brayden and I woke up at 5:47 this morning, so to Ms.Hallie and Ms.Robin I am sorry for Brayden today, because I know he is going to be one tired little boy by the time he gets to daycare! :) I on the otherhand, hope I don't fall asleep on the way to Troy or during presentations in class. I'm interested to see what my classmates career paths are or are going to be.

 So, Brayden and I got a little bored last night waiting on supper and for daddy to get home from hunting. *lol*

Oh and this is for Toyia and Kyle, The first thing B said when picking him yesterday from KW was... "I saw Sophie, Her my girlfriend, Her had a dress on" LOVE IT! Get ready KC, Brayden is after little Sophie. He says Karter is his best friend, and boys always date their best friends younger sisters! *bahaha* I thought ya'll might get a kick out of that! ;)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Helping Hand

Saturday was the sign-up day for community Christmas in Andalusia. Since Aunt Gail was running the AMS registration she drafted in my momma, Aunt Sam and myself. We got there around 8:30 and set up our stations and we opened the doors at 9:00! It will warm your heart to see those kids get excited about writing out their Christmas lists. For the past several years my momma and I have always gotten several of the angels to shop for and of course we love shopping for them! :) This was just our first time we actually helped with the regisistration though, and we both enjoyed it very much! I can't wait to get our angels and start shopping for them though. It's a whole different feeling shopping for them than for Brayden. A feeling I can't really explain, just that the feeling makes me so happy and excited for those kids.

I did finish my career paper last night! :) I will post it on another blog so ya'll can read it and see what my career plans are. I got my first Sunday paper today and cut out coupons! I'm so excited to use them!...Yes I know, the crazy things that make this mommy happy! Don't laugh, I gotta save some money :) I only have school Tuesday and then I'm out until the week after Thanksgiving! Can't wait for a break with my boys. I'm starting to get a little nervous about my surgery on Wednesday, but I know its not major...I'm just a baby!*haha* I honestly don't have alot to say in this blog, I just felt like blogging! :) Tad's going hunting all day tomorrow, B's going to daycare, and I have to go pre-register at the hospital and get my hair trimmed. Somewhere in between I need to do a little homework so I won't have to worry about it after the surgery. 

This was Friday night, Tad got oyster's and while we were eating oyster's Brayden was enjoying some crackers and ketchup! I love this kid :)

 Brayden had my phone and had himself a little photoshoot, there is about 20 pictures of him on my phone!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Do I just give-in???

To begin with, my gallbladder surgery is next Wednesday for those of you that wanted to know about it! ;) I'm a little nervous, but just mainly ready to feel better! Feeling like I'm going to throw up 24 hours a day everyday is getting a bit old and the pains in my upper stomach are just a "little" aggravating! I'm praying this surgery is going to make me feel better and be back to my old self. Right now, I get tired very easily and I'm in pain and feel sick most of the day. Wednesday when I went to schedule my surgery the doctor asked.. "When you eat does it make you feel better?" I replied with a big laughing smile "NO!!!!" So anyway the gallbladder is coming out next week! :)

If you have never been around mine and Tad's child, I want you to know he is the most strong-willed 2 year old boy you'll ever meet. Three year ago I had no idea he was going to be like this, my family just thought we had it bad with Oki Grace. BAHAHA...Oki's an angel compared to Brayden! I honestly do not know why he acts the way he does. Tad and I are parents that believe in wooping/time outs and such. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING scares Brayden... We might woop him for doing something that we told him several times not to do and he'll cry and then go right back and do it again. Should I really just give in and let him do what he wants? I mean I am out of solutions and have no idea how to solve this problem that we have. Meltdown should really be his middle name! He has a meltdown about EVERYTHING!!!! I know he's only 2 but still..... he should not act like this at all. He's spoiled rotten! When he doesn't listen, you cant just say "Now Brayden that isn't sweet, don't do that" you need to wear his hiney OUT!!! He bites other kids when he doesn't get what he wants...Listen I have bitten him back after he's bitten me and left marks... Guess what?? It didn't work! He still does it. Don't get me wrong he can be the sweetest boy ever but he needs his way to be sweet. So any suggestions on how to break him from completely having meltdowns every 10 seconds or break him from biting other kids, I would appreciate it!

I did start on my career paper yesterday, I have the introduction finished! When I get done with it, its due Sunday.. I will post it and let you all read it! :) I'm sure you'll enjoy a good laugh at my career plan!haha.  Tad had to go down to PCB for work to get some type of card for the rig so he won't be home till a little later. So Brayden and are relaxing right now, he's watching Mickey Mouse while playing with my hair. We do have to deliver a cup and some ornaments this afternoon to some people! I love making a few extra bucks :) Tomorrow morning, I'm helping with community Christmas in Andalusia, have to be there at 8:30! Whew, I haven't gotten up and had to be anywhere that early in a while...sad I know!  Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

I have no idea what happened with this picture, but I love it :) These boys drive Mommy crazy but I wouldn't trade them in...(not today anyway) bahahaha!
 This would be the beginning of a meltdown...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gallstones,New Ride,Meltdowns,New House,and Halloween.

Wow! It's been a little while since I've blogged. I feel like I just honestly have not had the time to sit down with the computer (other than doing schoolwork!). I have my research proposal due next week and today was my meeting with my professor to go over it, Well...she tore it to pieces of course... BUT I do have a better understanding of what I need to do to make it better. My Career Paper is due Sunday and I haven't even started on it! We are supposed to put what we want to be when we grow up, what graduate school we want to go into(must have 2 graduate schools listed) and the requirements to get into school. So, my paper will say... "I'm graduating in May 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and I plan to stay at home! As of right now I have no desire to go to graduate school." Sound good??? Don't think my professor will think its to funny. Honestly what in the world am I supposed to right about? My plans were to go to graduate school in 2 years but as of right now I don't want too! Anyway, To the Title...

      I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago about my stomach, I was having very bad pains in the middle/top of my stomach and just hurt soo bad. Well I've been nauseas for about 2 months now and couldn't figure out why. So I went to the doctor and he had do bloodword and ultrasound. Went last Monday for all that and Wednesday went back to the doctor and I have gallstones and have to have my gallbladder out! Most of my pains are in the morning and night time. Some days are worse than others, but the nausea is AWFUL!!!!! I'm going tomorrow to schedule the surgery! Hoping to do it Thursday because Tad has to go to PCB Friday for work and that way my momma can just take off on Friday with me since she only works half days on Friday.

New Ride-
     Tad and I got us a Tahoe! :) My favorite SUV well other than a Range Rover, and he wasn't buying me one of those!haha... My mom says that if she was gonna have a SUV it would be a Range Rover...*L* Well good thing she likes cars!!! :) I'm loving it so far! I love being up High! haha

     We have had our fair share of meltdowns the past couple of weeks!They just seem to be getting more common and coming more frequent. Oh they come from ALL 3 of the Tisdale's living in this house! It's just not B! *lol*

New House-
    No, we didn't get a new house, but Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne finally moved in their new home in Dogwood... a LONG LONG way from T.T. Clark Road! :( It hasn't really hit me yet that they are really "gone" since they still have lots of stuff at their house down here. I'm super happy for them and so glad they have more room for all 5 of them, but I'm going to miss calling down there and telling Sam to send her boys to my house to entertain B for me. *L* Well adjust and its going to be an adjustment for all of us!

     Yesterday obviously was Halloween (trick or treat)... After having a small meltdown and forcing Brayden into his Aubie costume, we finally went to Aunt Sam's to trick or treat around Dogwood. Sunday night B wouldn't even think about putting on his costume for Westview's Fall Festival...COMPLETE Meltdown!!! We had a blast trick or treating and Brayden loved going up to people's houses looking for candy.

Other than that, I've been busy with mainly schoolwork and planing to have this surgery...just getting all my school stuff in order. We've been enjoying having Tadpole home for this extra time! He aggravates the living daylights out of us, but atleast he's home and not on the other side of the world away from us. He's starting to learn to "be lazy" and relax a little. He gets super bored...I keep telling him to find a second job so he'll have something to do. haha... Well I can barely keep my eyes open, so B and I are going to join Tadpole in bed and go to sleep! :) Everyone have a wonderful week!

My pretty handsome husband doing exactly what he does best...talking on the phone and surfing the internet! Haha!