Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is there really a first time for everything???

So, I went to the dentist this morning, and we all know that no one loves going to the dentist. Today was just a little worse than usual... I have my very first cavity :( I am super bummed about it.. I cried on my way home.. I know your thinking its just a cavity, but I have always prided myself on having no cavity's and now I have one.  Tad thought it was funny, my momma wasn't very happy with me, Tiffany tried to comfort me, and Nina said welcome to the club! What a wonderful family and friends I have :) *L* I have to have it filled in April :( I'm pretty sure I'll cry again about getting the shot... In Tadpole's words.. "Theres a first time for everything". UGH! I had lunch with Toyia at Papa G's and boy was my food yummy :) I enjoyed our catch up date. It's church night so of course we went to church. Now we are home, I've washed the dishes, Tad's in bed, and B is sitting on the couch with me watching Shake it Up and twirling my hair. I put him in his bed last night around 9:30 and he woke up around midnight and Tad put him in our bed. As soon as he falls asleep on the couch I'll put him back in his bed for round 2! I love that little bugger but he sure is a bed hog and this mommy hasn't been getting any sleep lately..and KAYLA needs her sleep!!! Tomorrow B is going to school and I'm going to clean house and wash clothes! Tad has to go the dentist tomorrow to have his cavity filled... HAHA to you :)
 Brayden was giving daddy advice on where he thinks the house should be! :)

 These two boys are all into looking for deer tracks... We have to start Brayden early so he'll know what to be looking for! *L* I enjoyed riding around in the woods yesterday with my boys. When I was younger, the days that my daddy picked me up from school we would always go to the hunting club looking for tracks. He would pick me up from school, we'd stop by Onycha Grocery get us a drink and some beef jerky that they used to sell( it was the BEST beef jerky ever). Then we would go ride on the hunting club for awhile just looking around enjoying daddy/daughter time. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whats going on with us??

I'm just going to let the pictures tell you whats been going on with us the past 2 weeks :) You'll probably not be so scatter brained if I do it this way!

This was 2 Saturday's ago, Tad, April, Shane and I all went to Dothan that night and ate at Conestoga's. It was GREAT! If you know me, I'm not one to eat a steak out anywhere.We enjoyed it very much. The next two pictures were after we ate :)

Happy Valentine's day! Tad and I had a wonderful day. Brayden went to daycare and he had a Valentine's Day party in his class. Tad and I ate lunch at Rancho Grande and then went to WalMart. We picked up B the Operation game, but instead of the man it was Mater!! :) Of course when we got home that night and gave it to him he HAD to play it.. So you can imagine what all we did that night.

We had a photo session one night on B's new bed! Its so cute, and he loves it...but he doesn't love it enough to sleep in yet*haha*

Tad had hernia surgery on Wednesday of last week, and is doing great! He played golf all day yesterday so you know he must be doing good. Saturday while Tad was at church helping with D-Now stuff, B and I bake some red velvet cupcakes. Brayden enjoyed licking the bowl just a little too much!

While Tad played golf yesterday, Brayden and I laid on the couch pretty much all day and watched tv and movies...We got up a few times to play with some toys in the floor. Pretty much we just stayed on the couch and relaxed. Tad came home and grilled us drumettes and deer sausage. Today, we haven't done much.. I went grocery shopping at my parents house!*L* All of our deer meat is in their freezer and we were out of hamburger meat at our house, so I needed to stock up again. :) Then we went riding around in the woods, it was such a nice day for it too.

So I uploaded these pictures about and hour ago, and I wanted to upload the rest which are the ones from today, and my computer or blogger is messing up and won't upload anymore. UGH! It drives me crazy sometimes. I will upload them tomorrow if it'll let me! Everyone have a great Wednesday tomorrow :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's a 4-wheeler/golf cart riding kind of day.

Seems like we have been a busy little bunch today. Tad and I got up first thing this morning and took B to his Papa T's house and we were on a hunt for B a new bed. If you all know, he already has a bed. He has one of those beds that have the drawers up under the bed...I can't think of what they are called at the moment. Wel 2 of the drawers have completely came apart for the THIRD time. I noticed the other day that the wood up under the mattress is coming apart from the side of the bed, I tried pushing it back together but it didn't help. My mother and daddy bought the bed for Brayden, they wanted to buy his bed and of course I couldn't turn that offer down :) It took mother and I a couple of weeks to find a bed we liked for him. When we got the bed in they only sent "some" of the parts and some of what they did send was damaged. Mother called the comany and told them about it and they sent us another bed. Well...when the new bed came in, we were missing a WHOLE other box. Tad and I finally got the bed together,it took us awhile just because we had Brayden home with us and we had to do alittle at a time. The instructions for the bed weren't easy to understand either. Anyway, thats a little background on the bed we have now. In the past week Tad and I have decided that its time for Brayden to start sleeping in his own bed. So, this means we have to get him a new bed. I feel horrible that the bed mother and daddy bought is going to be trashed, but I just don't know what else to do...The drawers are broke and I think the middle is coming apart. I hate that their money is practically being wasted. We have decided to take pictures of the bed to email to the company and let them know whats all happened to the bed. Brayden's new bed will be here tomorrow afternoon, and his new chester drawers. I started a budget yesterday for Tad and I, we each get $300 every 2 weeks. It includes anything we want to do,eat, groceries, play golf...anything but bills and gas. Whatever we have left over each week is our choice what we want to do with it. Tad says he's gonna save his for his hibachi grill he wants when we build a house, I think I'll just save it for a rainy day! :) I really hope we can go by the budget and hopefully save ourselves some money and be able to put back more for a house each month. Today was so nice outside.. Tad,B and played on his swingset for a little while this afternoon. Then while Tadpole and my daddy put the blades on the lawnmower Brayden and I rode the 4-wheeler and the golf cart around in the pasture. We both enjoyed that very much. I haven' done that in a LONG LONG time. Tad and my daddy are grilling pork chops, I've got some quash and eggplant cooking on the stove,YummY and I'm printing coupons :)!!!   We've had a great day and I hope you have too :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Short Sleeve shirt in February???

Can you believe it February and we're wearing short sleeve shirts? Tad has even been wearing shorts around. It's just crazy how this weather has been lately. We've been a busy little bunch since last week when I blogged. We took Tad's truck back to Enterprise last Wednesday to be fixed. That afternoon Tad had a doctors appointment and found out he has a hernia :( On Thursday, Tadpole went and played golf with some friends and B went to his Granny's house for the day. So I went to Andalusia to do my couponing at Fred's and Family Dollar! I know we have a Fred's and Family Dollar in Opp, but for some reason I like their Fred's better. After I did my couponing I went and visited Tiff at work. We got to catch up and she cleaned my wedding rings for me :) They're all clean now! During our visit I had people calling me from Birmingham from where we bought the truck because Tad and I had been trying to get ahold of them all day. Bondy's in E'prise had called twice since we took the truck over there to be fixed that something else was wrong with the truck. I KINDLY told the manager in B'ham that the truck was practically brand new and should not be having this many problems with it when we've only had it 2 weeks. He of course agreed with me, and I expressed that Tad and I were not going to pay for this truck to be fixed, that if they wouldn't pay for the broken parts then they would be getting that truck back. The manager up there was very nice to me, as I was to him. We got everything straightened out finally, thankfully! Tad and I had already decided to take the lift off the truck, so that meant we would have to pay for that..When Tad picked the truck up Wednesday afternoon, they didn't charge us near as much as they were supposed too. Thank you Bondy's Toyota! Tad had to be at church Thursday night to get meat ready for the Wild Game Banquet on Friday night. B and I ate supper and went to visit Izzy and Papa T since we hadn't seen them in a while. Friday, B went to daycare, Tad was at church all day and I needed to go to the Andalusia Police Department to get fingerprints for substituting. I had to go by the Christian Book store for the church to buy 21 Bibles...Do you know how much Bibles are??? EXPENSIVE! I couldn't believe how much they were. Its absolutely crazy. So whoever won doorprizes at the Wild Game Banquet Friday night got themselves a nice Bible! :) Saturday was great, we actually got to spend time with our Tadpole. We had to go to WalMart for diapers. B is still not potty trained, but we are working on it still. We went to our friends April and Shane's house that night to grill steaks with them and Paul and Tiffany. We had a wonderful time hanging out with all of them. We went to church Sunday morning and after church around 2:30 B's fever spiked up to 104.5, he had been running low fevers around 101-102 since Saturday at lunch. I thought it was his teething because of the fever and some of the diapers he had had that day, plus his gums were white. Anyway, I made my mother come to the house and she put him in the tub and cooled him. It worked for the most part. He still ran fever throughout the day and night. Tad went to church without I missed hearing the Lester's sing on Sunday morning because I had child care and I was going to miss the last night Not a Fan :(. Brayden woke up around 4:50 yesterday morning crying, so I changed his diaper, gave him more juice and he wanted to watch TV. Tad took him in the living room and laid on the couch with him so he could watch TV. I went back to sleep in the bed. Again he ran fever most of yesterday, but a low fever and would break every couple of hours with medicine. We went to the grocery store around 3:30 and came back home about an hour later and his fever spiked back up to 104 and he started constantly crying about his tummy hurting. :( He hasn't had a dirty diaper since Saturday night at Shane and April's house. So I know his tummy must hurt. He finally stopped complaining about his tummy about and hour later and ate some supper and his fever went down. This morning, he has had NO fever all night long! YAY! Today is house cleaning day for Tad and I. We can barely walk in our closet to get something out to wear. So we are going to clean it out today and hopefully tackle B's room too. Tonight we are having supper at the Colquett 5's house. Church tomorrow night, I think we'll eat supper there too! :)

Mommy and B being silly :)
This would be my extreme couponing! 5 things of Tide, 2 Degree Deodorant, 1 pack of Dove soap, 1 bottle Rob-tuss,1 bottle Nyquil, 7 things of toothpaste, 1 thing of bounce dryer sheets, 2 bottles of Scope. :) I saved almost $40! 
B says I'm so cool, I wear my sunglasses at night! 
Miss Sophie! Isn't she the cutest thing :) 
Me and Sophie :)
Sophie had a photoshoot! 

Toyia and KC, Tad and I will just take Sophie off your hands for ya'll :) She would fit right in with our wild child, and she likes to eat just as much as we all do over here at the Tisdale house! HAHA!

I would just like to say that prayers work and God does answer your prayers! I have prayed for a long time now about a few things and in the past couple weeks, God has answered my prayers. I want to thank those that were praying with me about it and I'm grateful for our friendships :) God has a plan and sometimes its not always clear BUT he always has a good reason for everything!!!