Monday, June 20, 2011

Just another Blog Post... :)

The weekends never seem to be long enough for me, why can't they last forever? So on our way to church yesterday morning, actually half way there... Brayden throws up all over himself and his carseat. It was AWFUL!!!! Toyia and Kyle were behind us and were sweet enough to check on us. Of course we came back home, I had no extra clothes for him and just in case he had a virus I didn't want him sharing it! He didn't throw up anymore but he did tell me yesterday afternoon that his ear's were hurting :( I hate for my baby boy to feel bad. Other than that yesteday morning, we had a wonderul day, we spent time with my parents and had lunch/supper together. It was VERY nice! My momma and I watched the end on the USA pageant last night and I'm SOOO SOOO happy that California won and NOT Tennessee! We didn't get in bed until 10:30 and if you know me you know that I MUST have my sleep or I do not function right. I got up at 5:10 and needless to say I almost fell asleep several times this morning driving to Troy. Brayden did wake up before I left for school and he cried when I left.. I told him that I had to go to school and he told me he wanted to go with me! If he would have been quite in my class I sure would have taken him. Tad and my daddy took him to swimming lessons and then dropped him off at Kid's World. I got home around 10:15 and had to take a test so I didn't go by and pick him up before I came home. Now I'm washing clothes and blogging. I've got to go pack up some of the tap shoes at the studio before I can go pick B up. We have to be out of the studio next Thursday and we still have A LOT of things to get out. So, if you know anyone that would be interested in having some or all of our backdrops I will be more than happy to let you have them. Friday starts Mother/Daughter/Brayden weekend, we are going to PCB for the weekend. I'm super excited about spending time with Brayden and Izzy! Last year we went to Savanna GA, but decided this year we didn't want a long road trip. We LOVE the beach and always know we'll have a good time. I hope that we'll always be able to do a trip like this together...I think its special bonding time :) I'm a BIG momma's girl and love getting to do things with her! Ohh, Oki's party went soo good! I was soo happy with the way it turned out...I worked hard :) and so did Aunt Sam! She called me the party planner because I was so bossy... She did do a FANTASTIC job on the cake, cookies and cupcakes (even though I never got a cupcake) I guess I should have stashed me one back! Well I better get back to folding and putting up these clothes, Tad leaves going back tomorrow :( I enjoyed having him home a week. But when he does come back home it will be closer to time for our Family Week Beach Trip! I LOVE that week when we are all under 1 roof and yes I LOVE the shopping that we do :) :) :). Everyone have a blessed week :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching Up :)

Tonight is the first night that I've actually even been on the computer for fun, besides using the Sure Cuts Alot for the cricut. Last week VBS and we got home everynight around 9:15 and bathed and would go straight to bed because I had to get up at 5:15 to get Brayden and I ready for me to head to school. So of course that week was a little stressful, this week just has been beyond stressful that I can't even think of a word to describe it. Tad's granny Stephen's passed away Sunday night, she's been sick for awhile bless her heart.. My heart just hurts so bad, she was such a sweet lady and Tad loved (s) her very much. He was in Singapore at school, took me about an hour to figure out how to contact him after calling everybody I knew that worked with him. His flight was supposed to come into Dothan Tuesday morning at 9:38 but kept getting delayed. He finally found another flight going to Dothan and arrived around 1:40. We were happy to see him but not happy to see him under the circumstances of why he was(is) home. Anyway, There's a precious new Angel above watching over all of us. The family seems to be doing okay, I know its hard but I have assured Tad that it will get easier in time. I've had 2 tests this week, my cognitive psy. class ended today so that means I only go 3 days a week now! :) Makes me Happy! Brayden ran fever Sunday morning and Monday at daycare they said he didn't act like himself. He's been congested and runny nose since last week, I decided to take him to the doctor Tuesday while waiting on Tad's flight, and it ends up that he has an ear infection. So we're taking medicine for the ear infection and the congestion...and let me tell you its an act of congress to get B to take medicine. Tad has to hold him down and I'm prying his cheeks open to put the medicine in... NOT FUN! Only 12 more day of it! Bahaha... I've been working on Oki's birthday party decorations for her party tomorrow night. I'm pretty excited to see how it all comes together... Ohh.. Today is her actual birthday! Happy Birthday to sweet Okianna Grace, I never thought I would be so happy to have another slant eyed little girl in the family. I remember first seeing her... I think I got tears! I love that little girl to the moon and back and will always love and be there for her no matter what! I consider her my own child most of the I do Eli and Max too :) Brayden and Oki are so much alike its crazy...both have those wild unpredictable tantrums! =) I don't think I ever blogged about Doc DRS's husband.. he passed away a few weeks ago..VERY sad day! I balled my eyes out. Such a sweet and loving man that I've known for the past 17 years and who became more of a grandpa in the past 5 years. My heart hurt for DRS and the boys, I didn't know what to say...and I still don't. I think about him everyday and DRS. I love the Sellar's family just like I love my own family. They are apart of my family and always will be. I'm going to the studio tomorrow to work for a little while, I get sad everytime I walk in there knowing that DRS will not be coming back in September to teach. It really does break my heart to know that no more girls are going to know her. I will reasure you that whenever I have a girl and even Brayden will know what a talented dancer/teacher she was (is). I have learned so much from her and like I told her I still have LOTS to still learn from her. Anway, I think thats pretty much what we've been up to... Oh..We've started our Swim Saturday's with the family! Love the summer time :) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are going to enjoy having our Tadpole home this weekend :)