Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Friday was the Psychology Conference and I got there around 8:45 that morning and didn't leave until 4:30. It was a very long day and lots of presentations, poster viewings, psychology jeopardy and more presentations. I had a poster, so all I had to do was stand beside it for an hour while people walked by and looked at it and answered their questions if they had any. I'm not going to lie, some of the presentations were boring and some of them caught my attention. The guest speaker was a former Troy undergraduate who is now in graduate school at Auburn.  He talked about graduate school and how it has nothing to do with how smart you, what you remember from undergradute classes, or even your ability. He says that in graduate school all you need is MOTIVATION! I totally agree... If you don't have motivation then you will not succeed, and thats in anything you're trying to do. Anyway, here is a picture of my poster at the conference. I did my behavior modification on Breaking Away from Pacifier. Which was to break Brayden from his pacifier, and yes he still has it! :)
 Brayden stayed with his Aunt Sam that morning and later went to Aunt Gail's house until Papa T and Izzy got home from their trip and they picked him up for me. So, after I got home and picked B up from my parents house we had a package  that had came. Tad sent Brayden and I an Easter basket full of goodies and a cute little rabbit, whom we name Jack! Brayden sleeps with Jack everynight now, along with Monk Monk, Deer, and our new Dragon-bird that Papa T and Izzy bought him while they were gone. Its like a zoo in our bed :)

Saturday of course Brayden and I wake up at 6:00!!! UGH! Neither one of us can sleep past 6 anymore. We watched Open Season 2 while B ate his breakfast and I drank some coffee. We got dressed and headed down to my parents house. Brayden and I were going with them to Enterprise to look for my daddy a new truck. Okay, my daddy has been wanting a new truck for SEVERAL years now, but just couldn't seem to find the truck he wanted at any dealerships. Well finally the Toyota place in Enterprise had the internet what he wanted so we drove over to see if they had it. We got there and they had it! :) My daddy was super excited, of course as soon as we drive up and salesman comes our way. I never got out of the care because Brayden had feel asleep on the way over there. We were there FOREVER!!!! and I do mean FOREVER! Those people took their dear sweet time thats for sure. Brayden was getting restless in there running around everywhere and getting into the van they had on the showroom floor. He kept telling us that was his van. It was a nice van but I never want a van. Aunt Sam used to have one and I just didn't like it. I'm not saying that they are granny vehicles or anything, I just don't "dig" them. Daddy got the truck of course so while they detailed it we went to Old Mexico for a late lunch. It was soo yummy! I love me some mexican food :) Brayden got to be the first person to ride with Papa T in his new truck!*L* After we got home, mother and I piled in daddy's "NEW" truck and and we all went to IGA to get stuff for Sunday lunch with the family. I had to get stuff for cupcakes and the homemade cream cheese icing I made. Those cupcakes were SOOOOOOOOO stinkin' good!!!! I was very happy with myself. =)
After baking the cupcakes we colored some eggs for Sunday! I LOVE coloring eggs :) Brayden enjoyed it VERY much! Everyone had their own egg (Eli,Max,Trevor,Oki,Brayden, and Kayla(me)) Brayden knew what color each person had..I would point to a color and he would say their name and get it RIGHT! Brayden-green, Oki-pink, Trevor-blue, Max-yellow, Eli-orange, Kayla-purple.

Sunday, Brayden and went to church and wouldn't you know my neck goes completely out Sunday morning. I couldn't move it at all, it hurt so bad! During church service the pain started running down my back..ugh...painful! Pretty much all weekend I have been taking ibuprophen and pain relievers as much as the bottles would allow me to in 1 day! It all started Thursday night but it just got really bad Sunday morning. I've been sleeping on a heating pad since Thursday night. I couldn't turn my neck..I had to turn my whole body..I looked really funny. Yesterday it was better but still hurt, but later in the day it get worse. This morning its killing me! It hurts to sit for to long, because I get really stiff. I have 4 classes today and all of them are 1hr and 15 min. long! I have to sit still that long..I would much rather stand. Today is my last day of classes thank goodness ;) I just have finals left after today. Here are some pictures from Sunday...

 Brayden was so tired Sunday night, Izzy had fixed his supper and he kept falling asleep while eating. We couldn't help but laugh and take some pictures of him.

 AND he's out!!! *haha*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a busy Wednesday!

These pictures below were taken Sunday or Monday night, I can't remember what night it was honestly. He loves to pretend play the drums. I have attempted to play the guitar and I pretty much stink at it! Even though I got kicked out before the song got to the chorus, Brayden always said "yay mommy" and clapped for me ;) What a sweet boy he is to cheer his mommy on even when I'm losing horribly.

 Then he found mommy's AU slippers! My parents bought these for me when I was in high school and I still have them, they're actually VERY comfey I just never wear them. Brayden enjoys playing in them though :)

Last night after dance Brayden and I stopped by the Colquett's house to give Karter his crocs, which he seemed to really like :) We vistited with them for a while, we had a wonderful time! Then we went to Izzy and Papa T's house for supper and ate a yummy cheeseburger! Which if you know me, I can eat a cheeseburger everyday!!! I decided that we would just stay with them, I had a bad headache and my back was killing me. Brayden slept with his Izzy and Papa T so that mommy got a night without hair pulling :) It was nice I must say not to have someone yanking on my hair all night long. BUT he was sure glad to see me this morning when he woke up and I was sure glad to see his sweet face :) They left this morning going out of town and will be home Friday, we sure miss them when they are gone away. Brayden and I know that we'll have a present when they get home though*haha* Thats how they keep me from getting mad with them about leaving me and B at home. =) Yes I know I am spoiled and so is Brayden and so is Tad!!! Don't let Tad tell you he isn't because he is!!! So today Brayden and I went to get his granny(Tad's mom) and headed to Andalusia to take her to get her car. We made a pit stop at WalMart of course... We came back to Opp and dropped my car off to have a "spa" day..haha.. It was filthy and needed somebody with more elbow grease than me to clean it. We dropped it off and headed to Papa G's for lunch and boy was it PACKED! Yes those cheese sticks were good and yes I ate a bunch of them. You have to indulge yourself sometimes.

This is how Brayden feel asleep after we got home this afternoon, all that running around just wore him out!
 Mommy and Brayden's photo session! :)

 Brayden was rolling all around the floor tonight after getting his bath..
 I love this little boy to the moon and back!
 My SHINY and CLEAN car!!! Those guys did a fabulous job!!
 Our new front door rug, its kinda small but I LOVE it! Its just soo Springy:)
 The final project of my Poster project...I will put it on the poster board when I get to the conference Friday morning. My teacher is very plain, but I had to add some color to it...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 more days

I have only 2 days left of actual classes left for Spring Semester, and I'm soooooooooo HAPPY!!!! This has probably been the longest and most stressful semester that I have ever had. Troy Campus teachers are just so much different from Dothan Campus teachers. They are NOT laid back at all but it looks like I'll be here for Summer Semester too. Dothan doesn't offer my Basic Statistics class in the summer that I need to graduate and its a prereq for 2 other classes so I HAVE to get it done this summer. This will be my first summer taking 3 classes and actually going to class everyday. From May-June I go M-Th and from June-July I go M-W. Which isn't totally that bad...

Okay hang on, I'm sitting in Hawkins building right now and there are a group of people standing close to me talking(loudly) and every other word I here is a 4 letter word and its not Love! UGH Some people have no respect for other people..I do just find without having to listen to people say those words..UGGHHH! Sorry about that..that just made me mad for a minute.

Anyway.... I'm taking Basic Stats, Cognitive PSY, and Orientation to PSY. :) I'm very excited to be getting closer to graduating, and I know my parents and Tad are probably more excited than I am. So what a normal 4 year degree is taking me 4 and half years..I mean atleast Im finally graduating! :) We ALL thought I would still be working on my bachelors when Brayden started college. I might be working on my doctorate when he starts college. Well Im atleast hoping to anyway. Yes I want my doctorate! Your probably thinking why does she want to go to school that long? Well maybe one day I'll have me a little couch in my future office and you'll be able to come tell me all of your problems or you just need someone to talk to..and NO Discounts!!! *HAHA* So we have a pretty busy summer, School, Brayden's swimming lessons, B starting daycare, Family Beach Trip, Mother/Daughter/Brayden trip. I'm so excited to get summer started even though I have school, but other people have work soo I shouldn't complain!!! Oh my softeware for my cricut came in yesterday and I can't wait to find out what all I can do with it! :) and FINALLY Karter's crocs came in..its about time..I ordered those crocs 3 weeks ago! I bought the crocs for his Birthday and its past his birthday so he'll get a late birthday gift from The Tisdale's =)...I'm addicted to my cricut, I want to make stuff all the time with it! Since I've got it, the craftiness has came out in me and now I'm wanting  to make a wreath! :) The problem is, is that I'm not crafty AT ALL! I see all these cute ideas to do but I can't seem to do them myself. My project that I will be working on this week/weekend is a wedding gift and something for the pool toys to go into, because in about a month we'll be jumping into the pool. Well I probably won't but I'm pretty sure those Russell Boys will be! *L* I won't get in until its around 90 degrees..Brayden and I will just play outside the pool :) I do want to get a slipNslide one day and do it, I LOVE slipNslides!!! I normally regret it the next day but they are SOO fun to play on. Ohh and Tad has school once again when he comes home, so we get jipped again on family time, but I guess its all apart of his job. He works hard for Brayden and I and I couldn't be happier than where our family is and is going to become. Have a wonderful Tuesday!! I'm off to the rest of my classes then to dance and then to visit a cute little boy to give him his late birthday gift :)

So No pictures on this post, I'll make sure I have some on the next!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

 The picture above was taken Saturday afternoon when Papa T got finished washing off the tractor after bushhogging. Brayden thought he was a big boy getting to sit on the tractor by himself. He kept trying to make it go! It was super cute, he's going to a John Deere boy just like his Papa T. We stayed outside most of the afternoon on Saturday, the weather was wonderful and of course Brayden would stroke out if I tried to take him inside. Izzy got home pretty early from work and she brought Brayden a present..and guess what it was??? Fish! 2 gold fish. I think I forgot to mention that all of our goldfish died. The last 2 were dead Tuesday night when we got home from dance. So I threw the fish bowl away, because I decided next time we bought fish I was buying a tank so that I wouldn't have to clean it twice a week. I HATED cleaning that stinkin' thing! Well needless to say I had nothing to put the 2 new fish in when she brought them home. So right now they are in one of the bowls that I had the fish in at B's birthday party. Izzy is going to WalMart when she gets off today to buy a tank for us! :)  I did manage to get Brayden inside for a quick diaper change and a Reese egg snack. haha..His Papa T came home with a whole bag full of them last week. The Reese Egg's are mine and my mothers weaknesses around Easter time. They are our favorite, so I guess they're Brayden's favorite too :)
 Papa T grilled some chicken Breast  for supper, Brayden passed out before they were even done. I didn't wake him up to eat either, he was soo tired and needed to sleep. After I ate we came home and I put him straight to bed and I ironed our church clothes and headed to bed myself. So Sunday morning I had to give B a bath before church so I had to get up about 15 minutes early. He woke up as well, so that meant that he would need a nap right after church, and he did take a nap! He feel asleep on the way home and stayed alseep until like 1:30 I think. We just had a very relaxing afternoon of playing inside. :) These next few pictures are from Sunday morning before church ..he was being silly and I had to get a few pictures of him!
 I loves this picture, he looks just like Tad with that smerk on his face.

So, about the title because I know you are all wondering..*haha* I am completely stressed out and I have no idea what to do about it. I'm hoping that some of my stress will go away when school ends on May 2nd. I have a psychology conference to attend this Friday and I'm a little stressed about it because I hope my poster/project is good enough! Mainly I'm just ready to get it over with. Dance has completely taken over my life, as much as I try not to think about pops in my head every 5 minutes and I start stressing about it. As far as my neck goes, its stiff as a board!!! It hurts to turn, I haven't been able to pop my neck in over a year now. And you all know how good it feels to pop your neck. Anyway, I just know that there is something wonderful over the Rainbow that God has in store for me, He just needs me to be stressed out for awhile! Meanwhile I'll just stay on this side of the rainbow until he decided I can go on the other side *haha* I'll just try to make the best of it. =) I have a pretty busy week, school Tuesday/ Thursday, my parents going out of town, PSY conference on Friday, and of course Dance! Hope everyone has a blessed week :)

Weight Watchers Update: Lost 1 lb this week, I kinda wondered off a little this past week, but I still lost 1 lb! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mommy got a Cricut :)

Last Sunday after church I ordered a cricut for myself. The cricut is my Mother's Day gift from Tad and Brayden, but Tad let me go ahead and order it. Which is perfectly fine with me since I have wanted one since last dance recital. It came in Wednesday and of course I tried to use it and I couldn't get it to work. Sooo, I took it to Aunt Sam for her to figure out how to use it and she would just show me :) I hate to read about how to work something...I would rather play with it and figure it out, but I got a little frustrated! Anyway, she figured it out and made a big "B" if green. It was pretty neat how the cricut works. Thursday afternoon she came back to the house to show me how to work it :) and I could work it!!!*yay* Tiffany came over and I cooked us supper (Roast, Rice, and Stir was yummy) and we played with the critcut a little. I had went to Freds when I got out of school earlier that day and bought to glasses and a cake plate. One glass for me and one glass for Tiff and the cake plate was a surprise gift for Tad's mother.

I thought the cake plate turned out very cute!!! I hope Tad's mother likes it as much as I do! :)
 My glass I did, I know its a wine glass...and no I don't drink. I had some sweet tea in it that night for supper.
 Tiffany's glass, very cute with the flowers on it.
Tad has now moved to working nights due to some people not wanting to work nights, so he volunteered to do so. He said he likes it though and we get to talk to him a little more than we did when he worked days so thats a plus on our side :) Yesterday, I went to T&C to buy some more vinyl and get some more fabric for B's outfit his Aunt Sam is going to make! I'm super excited about it. Aunt Sam asked what we wanted on it either a truck or boat, and Brayden responded Boat! And yes, Tiffany and Nina its going to be a Jon Jon! *bahaha* To let everyone know they always make fun of me for dressing B in all the clothes I do. They tell me all the time that he's going to be in High School still wearing Jon Jon's... HE MIGHT! *lol* Truth is when Tiffany has a child, she will dress him/her in the same type of clothes I do Brayden just because we have the same taste in kid clothes. Anyway, it doesn't bother me at all...we always have good laughs talking about Brayden's clothes. After I did my running around in town Brayden and I went down to Papa T's house since he was home and we played outside forever!! Then all of us took a nap, which was MUCH needed. After our nap...We went outside again! We stayed outside until Izzy got home that night. This is the last Saturday of tax season and Brayden and I couldn't be happier! We hate that Izzy has to work late and work all the stinkin' time. She said this morning she was hoping to leave the office around 2 today so that means she'll leave around 3:30-4:00. She has NO sense of time when it comes to working. I think she's hanging around our Aunt Gail to much and doesn't know how to tell time very well...*haha* If you don't know my Aunt Gail...she is NEVER I mean NEVER on time! Bless her, its in her blood or something. We love her always late self though :) So today, Izzy is at work, Papa T is cutting grass and bushhogging, and Brayden and I are cleaning house and washing clothes. We have no plans for tonight, probably grill out at Izzy and Papa T's or something :) Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Loving this weather :)

First off, yesterday that weather was SOOO nice! We enjoyed it so much even though I did burn was nice to burn up and not freeze to death!haha... Friday afternoon, Brayden and I played outside for a while blowing bubbles(of course) and he played with his cane pole that his pawpaw brought him to play with when we go fishing. He thought he was something being able to pick that big cane pole up and put it high in the air..He kept telling me "watch this" it was really cute!

 Getting ready to blow some bubbles, his new bubble thing is pretty awesome and YES we used all the bubbles up in 1 afternoon! :)
 "Watch this" he says...
He was completely worn slam out from playing outside!
Saturday, we were lazy most of the morning and played with his monster trucks!*haha* We had Karter's 2nd Birthday Party to go to that afternoon, and let me tell you those kids had a BALL! Toyia did such a wonderful job decorating and planning! I just wish I were that crafty and thought of things like she does. They had a train ride and a jumping thing and B enjoyed all of it.  During the opening presents, Brayden thought they were all his gifts and had to be right there in the middle. Bless Karter's heart he got to see what his gifts were after Brayden saw them. I guess their birthday's being so close that Brayden really did think they were his gifts. I just don't know about that little boy sometimes...he's just such a rotten mess =) Then when it was time for us to leave he got mad because we didn't take the presents home with us. I just kept trying to explain that they were Karter's and NOT his! Thats hard to explain to a 2 year old though.

 Toyia and Karter riding the train

 Sweet Jackson man enjoyed his cupcake :)
 The Birthday Day!

These next few pictures are from tonight when we got to Izzy and Papa T's house after church. I had washed his bedding this afternoon and he had to look at. I laid it out in the floor and kept jumping on it, I guess he thought his bed was underneath. So, yes we have a bed and bedding now...Bed is still in my living room floor in its box and we still don't a mattress... I KNOW I KNOW....

Weight Watchers Update: Weighed this afternoon and down 2 more pounds!!! :) for a total of 11 lbs lost!