Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Friday was the Psychology Conference and I got there around 8:45 that morning and didn't leave until 4:30. It was a very long day and lots of presentations, poster viewings, psychology jeopardy and more presentations. I had a poster, so all I had to do was stand beside it for an hour while people walked by and looked at it and answered their questions if they had any. I'm not going to lie, some of the presentations were boring and some of them caught my attention. The guest speaker was a former Troy undergraduate who is now in graduate school at Auburn.  He talked about graduate school and how it has nothing to do with how smart you, what you remember from undergradute classes, or even your ability. He says that in graduate school all you need is MOTIVATION! I totally agree... If you don't have motivation then you will not succeed, and thats in anything you're trying to do. Anyway, here is a picture of my poster at the conference. I did my behavior modification on Breaking Away from Pacifier. Which was to break Brayden from his pacifier, and yes he still has it! :)
 Brayden stayed with his Aunt Sam that morning and later went to Aunt Gail's house until Papa T and Izzy got home from their trip and they picked him up for me. So, after I got home and picked B up from my parents house we had a package  that had came. Tad sent Brayden and I an Easter basket full of goodies and a cute little rabbit, whom we name Jack! Brayden sleeps with Jack everynight now, along with Monk Monk, Deer, and our new Dragon-bird that Papa T and Izzy bought him while they were gone. Its like a zoo in our bed :)

Saturday of course Brayden and I wake up at 6:00!!! UGH! Neither one of us can sleep past 6 anymore. We watched Open Season 2 while B ate his breakfast and I drank some coffee. We got dressed and headed down to my parents house. Brayden and I were going with them to Enterprise to look for my daddy a new truck. Okay, my daddy has been wanting a new truck for SEVERAL years now, but just couldn't seem to find the truck he wanted at any dealerships. Well finally the Toyota place in Enterprise had the internet what he wanted so we drove over to see if they had it. We got there and they had it! :) My daddy was super excited, of course as soon as we drive up and salesman comes our way. I never got out of the care because Brayden had feel asleep on the way over there. We were there FOREVER!!!! and I do mean FOREVER! Those people took their dear sweet time thats for sure. Brayden was getting restless in there running around everywhere and getting into the van they had on the showroom floor. He kept telling us that was his van. It was a nice van but I never want a van. Aunt Sam used to have one and I just didn't like it. I'm not saying that they are granny vehicles or anything, I just don't "dig" them. Daddy got the truck of course so while they detailed it we went to Old Mexico for a late lunch. It was soo yummy! I love me some mexican food :) Brayden got to be the first person to ride with Papa T in his new truck!*L* After we got home, mother and I piled in daddy's "NEW" truck and and we all went to IGA to get stuff for Sunday lunch with the family. I had to get stuff for cupcakes and the homemade cream cheese icing I made. Those cupcakes were SOOOOOOOOO stinkin' good!!!! I was very happy with myself. =)
After baking the cupcakes we colored some eggs for Sunday! I LOVE coloring eggs :) Brayden enjoyed it VERY much! Everyone had their own egg (Eli,Max,Trevor,Oki,Brayden, and Kayla(me)) Brayden knew what color each person had..I would point to a color and he would say their name and get it RIGHT! Brayden-green, Oki-pink, Trevor-blue, Max-yellow, Eli-orange, Kayla-purple.

Sunday, Brayden and went to church and wouldn't you know my neck goes completely out Sunday morning. I couldn't move it at all, it hurt so bad! During church service the pain started running down my back..ugh...painful! Pretty much all weekend I have been taking ibuprophen and pain relievers as much as the bottles would allow me to in 1 day! It all started Thursday night but it just got really bad Sunday morning. I've been sleeping on a heating pad since Thursday night. I couldn't turn my neck..I had to turn my whole body..I looked really funny. Yesterday it was better but still hurt, but later in the day it get worse. This morning its killing me! It hurts to sit for to long, because I get really stiff. I have 4 classes today and all of them are 1hr and 15 min. long! I have to sit still that long..I would much rather stand. Today is my last day of classes thank goodness ;) I just have finals left after today. Here are some pictures from Sunday...

 Brayden was so tired Sunday night, Izzy had fixed his supper and he kept falling asleep while eating. We couldn't help but laugh and take some pictures of him.

 AND he's out!!! *haha*

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