Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Part 3: Lost in Central Park

First off, if your ever in NYC with my mother and Aunt Gail, and they want to go to Central Park... Do NOT go, I repeat DO NOT GO!!!!! We got Saturday morning and headed down Rockefeller Center to NBC studios for the NBC tour! It was really cool to see all the sets, S&L, Dr.Oz and a couple more! We don't have any pictures because they don't allow you take any pictures due to copying the stages I guess. Then we were off to Central Park and to the Met and Natural History Museum (NHM).Well first we had to decided and find what subway to take...which took FOREVER!!!!!! We rode the subway all the way down to the NHM, there was an entrance from the subway into the museum. We wait in the line and we wait and we wait...There is a sign of what kind of pass you can buy, but for some reason people don't choose to decide until they get right up to the desk to pay..UGH! Come one now, you are holding up the line. Well then we had 2 people in front of us when the security comes and says "New York Passes have to go to the front entrance" What in the world???? He could have told us that before we waited in the line forever! So then we go around to the front entrance and mother and Gail decided that we'll come back...okay...*ugh* I was STARVING by this time, I had already told them that I wanted something good for lunch.. so what do they get us??? a water and some crackers..What??? I'm not a squirrel...I need real food Gail! I was beyond ticked and hungry. Of course I said No to the crackers, oh and we were all 3 supposed to share the pack of crackers. Central Park is right there at NHM, they wanted to walk through it and go to the MET. I was okay but still mad! If you have an iphone and use your map in Central Park, beware that it may just may lead you in the wrong direction! After about 15 minutes of walking and then having to turn around and walk a different way I learned to walk way behind Mother and Gail. We don't really have any pictures of Central Park, mainly because I was ticked the whole time! Then what do mother and Gail start doing, walking in opposite directions.... what do I do??? Stand in the middle where they split! Because sooner or later one of them was going to come back because they had walked the wrong way! I didn't talk to them, I gave them EVIL looks! Maybe after 30-45 minutes of being lost in Central Park we find a street! There were people everywhere..they were having a German parade! It was pretty cool to see all the people dressed up. We then found the MET and walked in to get our pass to go in, we get in line, wait a few minutes and they say "We don't take the NYC Pass, thats down there" and they pointed down to the left of us. What in the world New Yorkers??? Put up signs that say This is the Line for New York Passes!!!! It would be quite helpful. We get in, but don't really have the time to check it out, we do go find the cafeteria, and got myself some LUNCH! They have a great variety there, my food was pretty good :) We then went upstairs to the top to check out the view. It was very pretty, all of those pictures are on my moms camera, and I don't have her camera card right now. We left there and took the subway back to 5th Avenue to go to FAO!
Looky Looky what we found??? The Met!! Well its about time!!!
 As we were walking down 5th Avenue to FAO we stubbled upon a wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral. We saw all the people standing around and white limos out front but weren't sure what was going on. Then mom says she heard someone say that the bride was about to get out. So, we stayed around to wait to see her, and she came out of the limo right in front of us... I guess people thought she might be someone famous, but there wasn't enough security around for it to be a celeb. Boy oh boy when she got out, she really got out! She was absolutely stunning! They walked right past me, I could have hugged the mother of the bride!
 Isn't she BEAUTIFUL????
My Favorite Toy Store!!! They have moved the piano since last time we came. We saw the piano room and oh my goodness it was packed out!!!
 This is at the Top of the Rock. I was still very angry, I did not want to go up there at all. I didn't even walk outside! I sat on the couches until mother and Gail got done!My feet and legs were hurting so bad...
Mom did get to snap a picture of the groom! See how close we were, yes we are wedding stalkers/crashers! *L*
After 5th Avenue we went back up to Time Square, we hadn't got B or Tad or daddy anything, and we needed to do some shopping! Well B racked up at the Disney Store, they were having buy 1 get 1 free! He got lots of presents! We are so not schedule people...We had to rush back to the room to get ready for dinner... Like 15 minutes to get to the room and get dressed!

Saturday night we had dinner reservations at Dos Cominos down in the Meat Packing District. We took taxis down there, Jana Cindy and Anna rode together and Aunt Gail Momma and Me rode in another one. Again, it was extremely hard to catch a cab!Jana Anna and Cindy got one before we did. So Aunt Gail just gets in the street and waves at EVERY I mean EVERY car that goes by us.... Like I mean WAVES at them. I wish I would have taken a picture or video of her doing it...saddly I couldn't stop laughing at her long enough to do anything! I couldn't even catch a cab because I was to busy laughing at her! We finally got a cab and our driver had no idea where Dos Cominos was, Mother had to explain to him where it was.
After our adventure of getting a cab! :)

The ROPH Girls!

After dinner, we went to The Gotham for a comedy show! It was good, and then headed back to Time Square for the rest of the night. I think we laid down at 2:30am and we had to be up at 5:30! Can you talk about some tired girls on Sunday morning??? We all slept on the plane rides home, I took a nap at the airport before leaving NYC.  We were glad to be home but I already miss is and I'm ready to go back! I think next year's girl trip we are going to Chicago and hopefully going to the ELLEN show.

We are going back to NYC is June for my graduation. I had thought about changing it and going to LA, but I love my New York, so LA will have to another time!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York Part 2

We had tickets for the 9/11 Memorial Friday afternoon and I must say it was so beautiful and very depressing at the same time. After we left the memorial, we stopped at the gift shop, I got a shirt of course and at check out the lady says "Would you like to donat a $1 to the WTC Fund?" REALLY I mean REALLY???? Who in the world would say no???? I'm praying nobody!! and yes I donated my $1 to WTC Fund! :) The museum part was not finished yet while we were there, so I'm hoping that in June it'll be finished because I want Tad and my daddy to see the Memorial!

 The Flag of Honor has all of the names of the people lost from 9/11(WTC,Pentagon, and the Flight) and I think it also has the names from the bombing of the WTC back in 80 something?? Is that right? I can't remember the date of the first bombing...
Momma, Aunt Gail and I in the subway, I'm not sure where we were going or where we were coming from.
 After leaving the 911 Memorial we went back down to China Town to find us some purses. Almost every person trying to sell us some wanted us to walk a couple block up and down and back over.. Of course we didn't go because thats to far to walk out of the way. We finally found a guy who just took us one block over... So we stood there while he was on the phone.. As we were waiting I said now if they take us in a room, I'm at the end of the line so that if something happens I'll get out first! bahaha! Of course that freaked Aunt Gail out... She has never expierenced Black Market purse/Jewelry buying! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I love the rush! :) The guy came back to us and said we had to go up a street because there was an undercover cop on that street! *LOL* It was soo funny! That freaked Aunt Gail out even more, her response on the way over to the other street was "Am I going to get arrested?" My response was "I'm not cause I'm going to RUN!" She was so funny I couldn't help but just laugh at her...So we picked out the purses we wanted to look at and gosh it took them 15 minutes I think to go get them and bring them back. In the mean time Gail wanted a watch and a guy had exactly what she wanted... That guy went to go get the watch for her to look at and I watched him walk away... Next thing I turn around and I look at Mother and Gail and say "That watch guy just went in that jewelry store over there" HAHAHAHAHAHA! I thought they could have died, they said seriously, I said well he walked that way! *lol* We got our purses finally, Jana,Mother, Gail, and I all got one for $35 a piece! They wanted $45 each...I think not! So needless to say we got ourselves a good rush and a few knockoffs! =) We go back to the subway to head back up to Time Square, and it takes us about 10 minutes everytime to make sure we are on the correct train. Well Gail,Jana, Anna and Cindy get on the subway we chose and mother and I were about to get on(I was last). Then Cindy says "This is the wrong one" As Cindy was trying to get off the train the doors start closing and won't let them out..They leave :0....I was so freaked out, I can't even descibe the feeling I had, Like my heart went straight to the ground.. Luckily my mother was with me and didn't make it on the train... Cindy and I both looked like deer in headlights... If anyone would have been taping that moment, we would have one America's Funniest Home Video's!!!! Anywho, Mother and I caught the next train and met up with them :)

Jana, Aunt Gail, Momma and I saw Wicked on Friday night and Jana and Cindy saw Jersey Boys. I feel asleep twice during Wicked, I liked it..but I was sooooooo tired!
The stage was awesome!!!!

 After We all got out of our shows, we met up at the corner of one of the streets to catch a cab to the Empire State Building. Boy oh Boy was it hard to get a cab at midnight! I thought we'd stand out there forever before getting one, either there light would be on or they would be off duty... Finally we got one after chasing them down :)

There's going to have to be a Part 3 for Saturday! The rest of Friday ended up being longer than I had thought it would be! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

New York New York :) Girl's Trip 2011-Part 1

New York Girl's Trip 2011 Thursday Sept 15-Sunday Sept 18

Our day started at 1:30 on that Thursday morning! Can you say too early??? I can, I was so tired but yet SO EXCITED! I love love love NYC and just couldn't wait to be there. I think we finally left the house around 2:30 or 2:45 I'm not sure... Our flight was leaving out of Ft.Walton on to ATL then to NYC. Mother, Aunt Gail and I rode together and Cindy and Anna rode together, and Jana was flying from Montgomery to ATL. The picture below is mother and I waiting to board in Ft.Walton!
We got to ATL,met Jana and didn't have a long wait to board the plane for NYC. :) We were just some southern belles headed to the big city for some big fun! *haha* We arrived in NYC I think around 11:30 and we had our cab/tahoe waiting us at baggage! Our driver had a long orange beard! A few pictures of us in the ride to our room to drop off our luggage!

 On the way into Manhattan, going through the tunnel.. and No Aunt Gail didn't freak out TOO bad! *bahaha*
We went to Little Italy for lunch, we ate at Casa Bella, my food was amazing! It did start raining on us on our way to Little Italy so we had to make a pit stop to buy umbrellas on the side of the street! :)

Before heading back to the room to get ready for our Broadway play, we made a pit stop at Serendipity for a little dessert! :) Below is my chocolate cake/chocolate fudge/brownie/icecream/whipcream was soo stinkin' good!!!!

 I think this picture is out of order, but it says Tad's Steaks...shouldn't Tad be getting a part of the profits??? haha!
 Heading to watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert... This play was hilarious, but its def. not for most def. have to have a sense of humor! Its not a play that DRS would approve of, but I'm glad we saw it!

 Me momma and Aunt Gail in the Palace Theatre waiting for Priscilla to start! :)

All of us after the show!
Momma, Me and Anna at The View! It took me about 15-20 minutes to figure out that we were moving! It was pretty awesome! I was soo tired, by this time it was after midnight or either right there at it...

Friday, Mother and I had a mother-daughter morning! It was so nice:) Aunt Gail and Anna went down to battery park and Jana and Cindy went to eat breakfast at some restraunt, I just can't think of the name of it right now! Mother and I spent our morning by eating a nice breakfast and heading down to Klienfields, we wanted to stop by CakeBoss on TimeSquare we just didn't have time too.

After Klienfield's, we met up with everyone else and headed over to Brooklyn for their famous pizza! Brooklyn is like a total different country, so different from Manhattan! Hoping to make it to the Bronx in June and check it out!

 One of our Pizzas, They were "okay" not my favorite, but I guess its a must if your in Brooklyn...the place was PACKED OUT!!!

After we got finished with our pizzas, we headed to find the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across it to Manhattan! :)

 Okay, Next Blog will be the rest of Friday and all of Saturday! :) Walking over the brige was a good walk! If you get in the bike lane, don't think they'll stop for you to move, they'll just honk their bike horns at you and if you don't move...well thats your fault!*L* The Manhattan skyline from the bridge was gorgeous and I'm sure its even better at night time!!