Monday, June 15, 2009

Staying at home with Brayden!

Aunt Sam got a new toy (camera) for her anniversary and took some great pictures of little man!
Brayden is 10 weeks old today and it just makes me want to cry! He has started laughing, smiling and cooing at us now. It is too sweet...He is too sweet! He had his 2month check -up last Monday and he is healthy as can be and weighs 11.15 lbs and is 22 in. long...Such a Big Boy!

Brayden getting all excited about going Sunday fishing!

The Dance Recital is over and went fantastic I must say. Cari and I had to play records this year and it was very nerve racking. We normally have all the music recorded on tapes, but were unable to this year. Next year we are going to use either CDs or an IPOD.We need to be doing a little bit of updating :) Now I'm focusing on my online courses and of course my sweet little Brayden Man!