Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pregnant and HOT!

WHEW.... I don't know if I've told anybody but it is HOT outside! Brayden was a winter baby and so I didn't have to worry about the summer heat. Ohhh boy! I am getting it this pregnancy. I am hot everyday all day long and could lay in a bathtub of ice most days. Of course I wouldn't trade this heat, swollen feet that hurt soo bad, running to the bathroom (yes still at 29wks), and all the sleepless nights for anything in this world. This baby girl is so worth everything she puts me through even the teenager acne she causes my face to have *L* We had our 4D ultrasound done 3 weeks ago and of course she didn't want us to see her sweet face so she kept her hand in front of her face. So I went back yesterday for a redo and what do you know?? She had her foot in front of her face this time. We did get 1 really good picture of her and she has mommy's chubby cheeks! :) Most of you know what I'll be looking for when she comes out! Yep, those slant eyes! I hated looking different when I was younger and I gotten made fun of, but now I could care less because I love looking different and my slant eyes make me ME! When I was pregnant with B I knew he wouldn't have any hair but I so badly wanted him too and he didn't. The thing I most wanted other than him being born healthy was for him to have slant eyes! It just makes them a little different so I hope Mollie Mae has them too.

These are the from the first 4D ultrasound which were done at 26 weeks.

 Brayden LOVES to listen to his music on his ipad... he will go around the house listening and singing at the top of his lungs! Its so funny!
 My boys could eat a ice cream cone everyday of their life if I would allow it. :)
 Our friends Corey and Ashley had their precious baby boy July 2 and we went and visited them in the hospital! He is truly a beautiful baby boy. They are some blessed parents :) You now Brayden and I enjoyed holding him!

This was from the redo ultrasound yesterday at 29 weeks.. Isn't she precious!

Yesterday was also my mother's birthday! So we helped celebrate by getting cupcakes at GiGi's after my doctor's appointment and then going to coldstone for ice cream :) We just got all sugared up yesterday, lol. We had a wonderful day despite Brayden laying in the floor in TJ Maxx crying for a toy *L* His daddy would be so happy....(yeah right) I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday tomorrow and a fabulous weekend!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

High School Already? Seriously?

I attended my second 8th recognition program this year. The first one being my own :/ Did this really just happen?? Did my sweet little Eli just leave middle school and is about to adventure out to high school? How in the world? Eli is like my little brother that I never had but always wanted. Eli and I are around the same age difference as Eli and Brayden and B loves his Eli so much! I can't believe he is growing up so fast, makes me feel so old and not cool anymore. Brayden slept pretty much all through the program...which was a blessing!
Eli, Brayden and Talon after the program! Brayden loves these two boys! Talon loves pinching B's cheeks :)
Eli and JC... I just can't believe they will be in high school soon and then will turn 15? I think my calendar missed some years somewhere along the line. I'm so proud of them!!

I love this last picture! He's growing up and no longer calls me "kay" :'( He is the whole reason I have this nickname, and now calls me Kayla just because he can actually say it now. Eli, if your mom shows you this... Its okay to call me "kay" and I'm beyond proud of the christian teenager you are becoming even if you do think your to cool for me sometimes. Just so you know I'm by far the coolest person you'll ever know! :))) I love you way past the moon and stars and will always be that little brother I never had but always wanted. Oh and just because your getting older and smarter doesn't mean that I can't boss you around whenever I want ;)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Panama City Beach Trip 2013

Well back in May while Tad was home we took a beach trip to Panama City Beach. It was our first time as a family without my parents and boy was it strange. Tad and I apparently don't really know how to be true "grown-ups" yet. We felt really lost but we still had a great time. We stayed a Splash because of the little water slides they have and all. Well wouldn't you know it would decide to be COLD in May?? Yes, you read that right, the water was freezing cold and the wind was horrible. One of the pools was supposed to be heated...ummm yeah right! They can say heated because its connected to the hot tub and some of the water from the hot tub spills into the pool, and might I add does not "heat" the pool what so ever. So we enjoyed the hot tub for the most part and as did everyone else there too.

We went to Wonderworks and Ripley's while we were there and we played "pet pet" golf in Brayden's words several times. Tad and I have decided we made a monster while at the beach because thats all Brayden talks about now... He wants to play pet pet golf all the time.

 We enjoyed pretty much everynight after supper at Pier Park riding rides and shopping. This beach trip was right after we found out the baby is a girl and you know I had to do some shopping for her at all those stores.

 Brayden was NOT fond of the actual beach at all... I think we spent a whole 20 minutes out there after we rented the chairs for a full day for $37! :( I was not happy about that one bit.

My wanna be pro-golfer of a husband! I enjoyed watching him play because he takes it so serious... Me- I just hit the ball!haha

Hammerhead Freds... I watched my husband eat oysters :( I crave them soooo bad! I sure hope someone brings me oysters, sushi and fried shrimp while after I pop Mollie Mae out! *L*

On Thursday Tads parents came down and we sat out at the pool for a long time and then you guessed it, went to play pet pet golf! haha We had a blast and after golf we went to an arcade and played games, one of our favorite things to do! :) That Friday, Tad talked Toyia into checking Heidi out of school early and coming to the beach to see us and let the kids play! We enjoyed having them down for the afternoon! That night we played golf once again and went to the room.. no Pier Park that night. We were ready to go home, Tad wanted to leave Friday night but I wouldnt let him. Anyway, we had a wonderful time and always need to experience things without the parents!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Shower Surprise

Tonight, Toyia and I threw a surprise baby shower for our sweet friend April. She is due in late August with a baby boy, their 2nd boy. April had no clue about the shower, she thought she was coming to a Pampered Chef party at my house. She was so surprised when she walked threw the door and we all yelled surprise, she just sort of stood there like "what??" It was funny...she was funny. Then came the water works...and yes I cried too... If anyone knows April she will give the shirt off her back to a complete stranger and rarely meets a stranger. She could talk to a wall for hours if she couldn't find someone else to talk to her. Tad and April fight like brother and sister and aggravate the mess out of each other, but Tad and I are lucky to have such sweet friends like April and Shane in our life. Anyway, I will share some pictures from tonight!

We had a wonderful time tonight and I'm blessed to have all the people that came as my friends. I love all of you and thank you so much for coming tonight for April! She enjoyed it so much and so did Toyia and I. Goodnight ya'll.. tomorrow is our mid-week pick me up! :)