Monday, March 11, 2013

Catch Up: Picture Style #1

Well I have finally download Firefox for my computer so that I can upload photos. So, this post will mostly be pictures for you to catch up on how our family is looking :)


Santa was very good to Brayden this year! He loved all his surprises from Santa!

Of course I couldn't forget about our elf Bernie! He is such a mess!! Brayden LOVED him!!!

 This picture was right before Tad left to go back to work before Christmas!

 Tiffany and I threw a Christmas party with our friends! We had a blast!! We did tacky sweater and played dirty Santa. We had so much fun and plan to make it an annual thing ;) I made my sweater, haha, I thought it turned out cute instead of tacky! :)

Brayden and I on Christmas Eve before heading to my Nanny's house! We sure missed out Tadpole!!

I turned 24 on January 5th..WOW! Tad and I went out to eat at Myori's for my birthday and then enjoyed some shopping in Dothan at Sams and Target :)

Brayden went on his very first hunting trip with his Papa T and Daddy! He LOVED you can see in the last picture of him in the shooting house playing his ipad! :) They didn't see any deer but did see a few turkeys. Brayden is now excited about turkey season when his daddy gets home!!!

We pick up Sam's kids on Tuesday's Wednesday's and Thursday's from school and B loves to play with them! Big cousin Eli was being such a good sport!! Payback Eli for all those times I had to do this!!! *haha*

Last time Tadpole was at work, Brayden and I were just bored out of our minds. So one Monday we had had enough! *L* We loaded up and headed to Dothan for a Mommy/Brayden day!! There was a few things I had to pick up for Tadpole. We went to Sam's and of course spent to much then we went to Target to pick up the things for Tad. We finished our day with a late lunch at O'Charley's. It was wonderful, Brayden loved it!!! On our way back home we swung by and picked up our last load of deer meat for the season. Then enjoyed a nice night on the couch watching tv!! Love my time with this little guy!! He's my favorite!! :)))

There will be another Catch up Session soon! Hope you enjoyed this one!! Make sure to catch the next one for some exciting photos ;)