Tuesday, November 23, 2010

RIP little fishy

Okay- I wrote this blog last week, but I still wanted to post this. So, all of this was from last week. I just never got around to putting the pictures with it last week, so I am now! :)

I woke up this morning around 6, and I have no idea why and I could not go back to sleep! So I laid there for awhile with B and finally got myself up. The fish bowl needing cleaning really bad since Monday night, Tad overfeed them and the bowl was FILTHY! I just didnt have time yesterday to clean it since I was at school and DRS all yesterday.  Well when I was trying to get the fish out to clean the bowl I noticed one of this goldfish floating around... Broke my Heart! I know I know its just a fish, but its my little B's first goldfish, and I know that the other 2 are still alive, but I wonder if he'll even notice? Probably not but I do! This makes me want to run to walmart and get him a new one! Anyway, yesterday was soooo long for me! My 8 o'clock class seemed to be 5 hours long yesterday morning, and I wanted to go to sleep so bad. I kept wanting to close my eyes on the way there, but of course I didn't I was driving!haha... I left dance an hour early since Tad had to leave last night, and he left about 20 minutes after I got home :( Bless his heart he was tired too! So after I cooked Fajita's I took the rest to mother and daddy to eat since I didn't want it to go to waste. Brayden has got the WORST temper of any child I have ever seen. He headbutts, throws things and will flat out rollaround and throw a fit! I have no idea where he gets this from, but I've def. got my hands full! He also bit my finger last night because I wouldn't let him have any of my diet coke. It hurt too! This little temper of his has got to go!!! Monday night we ended up going to  Enterprise to Santa Fe for supper,and it was sooo GOOD! :) Tad was supposed to grill wings but the rain wouldn't let him.. Plus he wanted to go out to eat somewhere and that seemed like the best place! Mother Brayden and I are planning on going shopping Saturday to Pensacola for some Christmas shopping. We are almost done with B's Christmas just have to order a few things that I haven't found anywhere, but other than that I think we're doing pretty good ;) We have our parents,grandparents, and a few others to buy for and we're done (i think)lol... I have some more things that I want to get Tad so maybe I will get that done Saturday! Thanksgiving is just around the corner..I can already taste the dressing, ham, spanish rice, green-bean casserole... YUMMY!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping, Air Show, and Restless legs!

We've had a very eventful weekend! :) Friday Tad, Brayden and I went to Dothan to start our Christmas shopping! We got Brayden a few things, Tad and I got new shoes, and I bought 1 dirty santa gift. The dirty santa gift I really bought for my mother if she wanted to use it for her dirty santa gift for her work party. There just wasn't a lot of toys that I thought Brayden would like, most looked too young for him. Like I told my momma, I guess I think that because he's always playing with my ipod and trying to get to the computer! haha... He's so high tech for his age! :) Everything that we bought was for Christmas and has to go under the tree except for the few clothes that we bought Brayden. After shopping most of the day we went to Myori's for supper!YUMMY! :) I was soo full, we haven't ate Japanese in SEVERAL months! So we def. enjoyed it more than usual I think...haha... On Saturday, Tad went to the AU vs. Georgia game and mother, Brayden and I went to the Air Show! We had lots of loud fun!:) Brayden enjoyed it but I think that mother and I enjoyed it more than B did. We didn't stay for the whole thing, but saw a lot of the show. Today, we went to church..and my legs danced all through the service... I felt awful! I just knew Dr. Lowery was thinking this girl is ready to get out of here! I enjoyed his service this morning, and wished I could have made it tonight..My legs just hurt soo bad, as long as I'm moving around I'm fine... Now I'm sitting at the Kitchen table so my legs are dangeling and I'm constantly moving them! I did make it to Southern Style's open house today, and bought B 2 more Christmas gifts! :) I'm on a ball! lol... Anyway, Now I'm working on homework and Tad is grilling me a steak and him ribs! Yes I don't eat ribs...Gross! :) I hope everyone has a good week and I will do a post later with pictures from this past week! :)

This week's menu: Easy,Fast just for Brayden and I! :)
Monday- Grilled Wings(Tad does this :) ),Mac-n-Cheese, and probably green beans for B
Tuesday- Fajita's :)
Wednesday- Chicken Alfredo (pasta meal)
Thursday- Japanese Stir Fry
Friday- Paula Deen's Hamburger Mac-N-Cheese..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Monday :)

Monday- Spagetti Bake
Tuesday- Tenderized Steak with gravy, Mashed Potatos, Green Beans, and Macoroni and Cheese
Wedneday- Italian Herb Chicken in crock pot, then put over white rice
Thursday- Chili
Friday- Tad will probably grill or either we'll go out somewhere!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Roasted Marshmellows

I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile, So I have lots to share of my little man!
 This was Brayden before heading to Opp Fest on Saturday, I thought he looked TOO cute in his overalls!
 It looks like Brayden is waiting for him to talk!
 Trying to wear his daddys boots

 This is Brayden's FAVORITE book! We have to actually hide it sometimes, or we will read it 100 times in 1 day! Its called "Sooo Big"
 Brayden with the Fall decorations
 Luck Luck and Brayden, he loves to aggravate lucky! Poor thing! haha
Yes, He's a WILD CHILD!

We had a busy weekend and I felt like I was going NON STOP! To start of
 my weekend, Thursday all of my teachers decided we needed to have tests on Tuesday (yesterday). So boy was my stress level up! I made it though, they're over now thank goodness! :) Friday, I studied most of the day and Tad went hunting that afternoon. I had planned on cooking Tilipia that night but mother was cooking chili and I knew Tad would rather have that than fish so we ate with my parents. Saturday, Brayden and I got up and went to Opp Fest for awhile, Tad was hunting that morning. We didn't stay very long because it was past Brayden's nap time and he was getting ill. We went home, Brayden took a nap and I studied some more and cooked us some lunch so it would be ready by the time he woke up. Needless to say he didn't wake up and I had to wake him up in order to be at church at 1 for the Fall Festival. He loved the FF, Eli wanted to take him around and do the games with him, so of course I let him. Eli is my big helper, He loves playing with Brayden and it always gives me chance to do something that I need to do. :) He's just doing all the things for Brayden that I did for him :)haha... Saturday night we were at my parents house, Tad and My daddy grilled pork tenderloin, and chicken wings :) I don't eat pork tenderloin..yes I know I'm wierd but its gross! Sunday was church and I studied for my tests in between church. :) Monday night Tad grilled us Steak and I made homemade mashed potatoes, and after we ate we roasted marshmellows! I don't really like them but I did eat 1 or 2. I went to the eye doctor yesterday because Monday afternoon my eye was all red again. Two weeks ago I woke up with a red eye, and I figured it was Pink the doctor called me in some ey drops for it, and it went away. Well Monday it was back, and Aunt Sam said it didn't look like pink eye that I needed to go to the doctor. I went yesteday and I don't have Pink Eye, I have protein on my eye. Gross I know! He said that I have a whole bunch of little particals floating around on my eye and gave more eye drops. So hopefully these eye drops will get rid of it this time. My eye doesn't bother me, it was a wierd feeling though, but doesn't itch or anything, I can't explain it. Tomorrow starts my schedule at dance, I asked for Thursday's off and Mrs. S- didn't want me to have the whole day off, which is okay. She did decide to let me start leaving an hour early, and thats okay with  me!:) So I will now leave at 515 on Thursday's instead of 615! Just gives me more time with Brayden and more time to do my schoolwork. By the way, I cannot believe it's NOVEMBER! It's almost Christmas time, CRAZY! When Tad gets back home, we are going to go ahead and start some of our Christmas shopping :) I'm excited about shopping for Brayden this year just because he's older and will know a little more. Anyway.. Here are a few pictures while we were roasting them...
 Tad roasting marshmellows while talking to Uncle Nicky and of course they were talking about HUNTING!
 Daddy and Brayden, Brayden didn't care to put to eat..he just wantedto play...
 Mommy and Brayden needed a picture together too. :)
 Miss Oki Grace roasting her marshmellow, she didn't care to eat them either..
 Max and his big smile, Bless his heart he didn't have good luck with the fire!
 Told Ya! his marshmellow! It was a little toasted..
  And of course Eli really didn't want his picture taken, you can tell by the fake smile. I took it anyway!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Week...New Menu

Monday- Grilled Steak (thank you Tad) and homemade mashed potatoes..
Tuesday- Tacos and hopefully a yummy dessert for Max's birthday!
Wednesday- Fried Chicken Salads
Thursday- Steak Rigatoni with Mushrooms
Friday- Hopefully we're going out to eat with my parents! If not. Cubed Steak w/ Gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans, and my homemade mac&cheese.

This weeks menu is very easy simply because it will just be Brayden and I since Tad will be leaving tomorrow :(... but it's only a week! :)