Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping, Air Show, and Restless legs!

We've had a very eventful weekend! :) Friday Tad, Brayden and I went to Dothan to start our Christmas shopping! We got Brayden a few things, Tad and I got new shoes, and I bought 1 dirty santa gift. The dirty santa gift I really bought for my mother if she wanted to use it for her dirty santa gift for her work party. There just wasn't a lot of toys that I thought Brayden would like, most looked too young for him. Like I told my momma, I guess I think that because he's always playing with my ipod and trying to get to the computer! haha... He's so high tech for his age! :) Everything that we bought was for Christmas and has to go under the tree except for the few clothes that we bought Brayden. After shopping most of the day we went to Myori's for supper!YUMMY! :) I was soo full, we haven't ate Japanese in SEVERAL months! So we def. enjoyed it more than usual I think...haha... On Saturday, Tad went to the AU vs. Georgia game and mother, Brayden and I went to the Air Show! We had lots of loud fun!:) Brayden enjoyed it but I think that mother and I enjoyed it more than B did. We didn't stay for the whole thing, but saw a lot of the show. Today, we went to church..and my legs danced all through the service... I felt awful! I just knew Dr. Lowery was thinking this girl is ready to get out of here! I enjoyed his service this morning, and wished I could have made it tonight..My legs just hurt soo bad, as long as I'm moving around I'm fine... Now I'm sitting at the Kitchen table so my legs are dangeling and I'm constantly moving them! I did make it to Southern Style's open house today, and bought B 2 more Christmas gifts! :) I'm on a ball! lol... Anyway, Now I'm working on homework and Tad is grilling me a steak and him ribs! Yes I don't eat ribs...Gross! :) I hope everyone has a good week and I will do a post later with pictures from this past week! :)

This week's menu: Easy,Fast just for Brayden and I! :)
Monday- Grilled Wings(Tad does this :) ),Mac-n-Cheese, and probably green beans for B
Tuesday- Fajita's :)
Wednesday- Chicken Alfredo (pasta meal)
Thursday- Japanese Stir Fry
Friday- Paula Deen's Hamburger Mac-N-Cheese..

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