Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas

I can't believe that it's almost Christmas!! I'm getting so excited about this being Brayden's first Christmas and Santa coming to see him. Brayden tries his best to get the decorations off the there is NOTHING on the very bottem. He can reach the ribbon that goes around the tree and he pulls it off...which is what he's doing at this very moment. He is becoming one WILD little boy and keeps his mommy and daddy on their toes constantly. Brayden is now pulling up on everything and I do mean everything!!!
Tad recently went to the Snowball Derby in Pensacola and he seemed to of had a wonderful time. He loves to go watch short track racing. He was gone from Wednesday to Sunday! Brayden and I did miss him alot. We were super glad to see him Sunday night when he got home :)
I registered for Troy Monday and I start in January! I'm getting really excited and I can't wait to start! I will be done with LBW Monday. I do plan on going back to LBW in the summer though to finish some of my basic classes that I still need to take. Well Brayden is now wanting some breakfast so I better go get him something to eat..but here are a few pictures
Have a blessed Holiday Season!!!

Mommy, Brayden and Daddy before church one morning
Daddy, Brayden, and Papa T after the AUvsUA game..."WARRRR EAGLEEE HEY"

My sweet little Brayden being silly while we were trying to take his Christmas Card pictures :)