Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ohh how we miss you....

 To start my day off I woke up around 4:15 cause I heard Tad open the dryer to get his hunting clothes out.. Well I forgot to put them in the dryer last night ;( I felt so bad, I jumped up and immediately started asking Tad what time he needed to leave, apologizing for forgetting to put them in the dryer, and putting the clothes in the dryer. I felt sooooo bad! He wasn't mad and kept telling me to go back to bed...but I just couldn't. So I said you don't have any more clothes? He said no that was everything... so then I felt worse... I said well maybe if you wait to get dressed right when daddy pulls in the yard to pick you up they'll be dry. I did not want to be the reason he didn't get to go hunting this morning. Well he said he texted my daddy to call him before he left the house that he would just get my daddy to bring him some clothes and if not he would just not go and go back to bed.. So I then went and got in bed but did not go to sleep...I kept watching the time and looking outside for my daddys headlights. I got to be 4:30 I went and checked the clothes, they were still wet.. I got back in bed and daddy was running late thank goodness, so they didn't leave the house until 4:47. So the clothes got a little more time to dry than what I had thought. Well Tad text me around 8:30 and said I guess you my good luck today....He got him a 6 point! I was so happy! :) He hasn't killed anything this year and was starting to get a little discouraged. Needless to say when I got home from church tonight and talked to him about his clothes, he said he froze all the way to the hunting club, my daddy had the ac on for the defroster.... Bless his heart I know he must have been cold... he said while he was hunting the best part was when the sun came out and was beaming down on him!

After Brayden and I did our stuff in Andalusia today we went and hung out with Aunt Sam and Oki! I sure do miss them living 5 seconds away from me! I think they miss me too :) Aunt Sam and I got to catch up for awhile, and I enjoyed spending some time with her! B enjoyed playing with his Oki too. Eli (the teenager) had a friend over, so he ignored us! *haha* Maxwell James was at Trevor's house. Oki ended up coming home with us while Aunt Sam went to Andy to get Max. We played outside when we got home, Oki and B enjoyed swinging while I pushed them :) They kept telling me higher higher higher, that thing can only go so high!*L* We came inside around 5:15 so that I could start supper so we wouldn't be late for church.. I normally give B a bath before Wednesday night church but I let him slide this time and enjoy his time playing with Oki, minus the meltdowns he had!

I did take a few more pictures, but something is going on with my uploader thing on here, it takes like 10 minutes to upload 1 picture and then it might or might not even show up! UGH! Makes me mad. Anyway, we have a great day planned tomorrow! Nina, Landon, Nina's 2 nieces and our Tiff is coming over for lunch a play date! Brayden has already made all kinds of plans for his play date! *L* Then tomorrow late tomorrow afternoon B gets his first haircut! :) Goodnight ya'll!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Trees, Santa Claus and Jesus' Birthday!

I am so glad that Christmas is over. I very much enjoy spending time and getting to see my family BUT the presents and trees overwhelm me. As of yesterday my house is back to "normal" I guess you could say. I love having the tree up, but after about a week of it being up its time for it to be down... I grow more and more like my mother everyday I think...She threatened to take hers down yesterday afternoon!*L* She didn't though. The only thing left of our Christmas decor is our door hanger, just because I forgot about it and when I realized I forgot about it, I just said I'll take it down tomorrow! Oh and our Santa Flag too... I've got to put our AU flag up for the game on Saturday. Anyway we had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very good to little B. Mommy and Daddy got some good stuff too! :)

 Some of Mommy and Daddy's gifts :) You can't see it but Mommy got sorrelli, Kitchen Aid mixer, Rachel Ray cookware, Rachel Ray casserole dishes! Daddy got a new coffee pot, George Forman grill, Fishing game with reel for the Wii, some Polo shirts, and lots of other stuff :)
 Santa also brought B a swing set, he must have been really good...*L*

 Daddy and Papa T were pretty excited that they got their smoker that they've been wanting for the past several months!
Brayden with his own "epad" (nabi) This kid is more high tech than his mommy...

 Granny and Pawpaw were pretty excited themselves about their new flat screen TV!

We had a great Christmas and loved sharing the meaning of Christmas with Brayden, this year he was really able to understand that it was Jesus' birthday and that we are celebrating him! Today, Brayden and I went to Dothan to take back some jeans I had bough at Belk a couple of weeks ago and of course everywhere was a MAD MAD MAD house, people are crazy when it comes to getting a bargain. Brayden and I watched Zookeeper that Santa brought him last night and it was too cute! Ohh and we got Izzy a Christmas present today! She realized on Christmas Eve morning that her camera was messed up and wouldn't read the card. Something inside the camera was messed up and wouldn't lock the sd card in. So while B and I were in WalMart we picked her up a new Nikon coolpix camera! She was surprised (i think) I hope she likes it. The only thing is it isn't touch screen like her other coolpix but she called a few minutes ago and said that it got good reviews on the interent! :) Anyway, tomorrow Tad and papa T will be going hunting all day again. B and I have to go to Andalusia to scan some paperwork for our new insurance at mother's work and then we'll have church tomorrow night ;) Thursday, hopefully we got to finally see our Tiff and Nina and Landon! We have missed those goobers! It feels like months since we've all seen each other. Brayden asks at least 3 times a day for Landon to come to his house to play. SO sweet! AND Thursday afternoon Brayden is getting his FIRST haircut! :( I can't believe he actually has enough hair to cut now. He's 2 1/2 years old and is finally needing a haircut.  I'm loving spending all this time with B and not worrying about school or anything else. I love my time with my tadpole too, but he's trying to kill us a monster buck this week and next. :) It's not going so well since he's only seeing a empty food plot! *haha*  Both of my boys are passed out right now, I can hear Tadpole snorring from the bedroom (im in the living room) and B is asleep beside me. I've been watching Teen Mom while doing this blog and normally I'm forcing my eyes open while watching this show, but tonight I'm not tired. I think I'm going to put in Monte Carlo that my MIL bought me for Christmas. :) Anyway, I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and a Happy New Year just in case I don't blog any more this week!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wonderful Days with me Boys

I was doing pretty good there for a little while with blogging then just started slacking off. I'm going to try my best to get better again :) Its Thursday and Christmas is on Sunday, I'm getting very excited about seeing B's face Christmas morning when he sees what Santa brings him. The swing set is finished, just havent hug up the swings yet. Brayden has seen it and thinks its Luke's dog house*L* I've gotten all my shopping done and if I don't I'm sorry I'll get you something later...that pertains to my mother!!! She is the most difficult person to buy for. She buys everything she wants herself which leaves us nothing to buy her. She loves kitchen gadgets and stuff like that but DEMANDS that nobody get her "cooking/cleaning" stuff for Christmas. Unlike me, I asked for a new vaccum cleaner :) She's been wanting to red square dishes for a few years now, but just wouldn't buy them. So, I told her my plan was to let her pick out which dishes she wants after Christmas and I'll buy them! :) That way its AFTER Christmas when she gets her dishes because dishes means you have to cook something to eat off of them. Unless she expects me to cook the meals to put on them....hahaha...and honestly thats probably her plan...I know how she works! :) Love you momma! A couple of weeks ago I realized that our couch cushons could zip off, so I washed them last night! Two of them were dry this morning and so I've put them back on and they look great, so clean. Now if I could just get the back cushons washed, but they don't come off :(. I have been very much enjoying spending time with my boys and not have to worry about doing schoolwork. Yesterday it rained most of the day, and Tad and I were able to play with B and really talk about some things that we needed to discuss. I got both bathrooms cleaned yesterday too! Today I've got to dust, vaccum, and clean B's room.. Let me tell you I have put my cricut to good use this past week and a half! I have made 4 cake plates, 26 ornaments, 2 christmas gifts that I can't mention :), a piggy bank, and a platter. I am cricutted out for a little while! I still enjoy it, but boy do I make a huge mess with all the vinyl and all. Tadpole is hunting today, so its just me and B here at home to do some cleaning today!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Southern Christmas

Well its a little over a week before Christmas and its short-sleeve weather...WHAT? It was freezing cold last week, I couldn't get warm in 3 shirts. Now I'm burning up in a thin long sleeve? This is DEFINETLY a Southern Christmas.

Saturday my momma and I enjoyed a mother/daughter day of shopping in Destin. Our goal was to finish shopping for my daddy and Tadpole...Well.... We got many great things for ourselves! :)*lol* Let me tell you the Polo outlet, was PACKED! I mean it was packed out. Of course my mother and I were part of the crazy people that waited in that 15 minute line to check out. There were several people that just put their stuff back and left. I would have too if I wouldn't have been getting Tad some new jeans and some long sleeve t-shirts that he needed VERY badly! Poor hubby has hardly any long-sleeve shirts that aren't courtesy of BP.*L* I did get a few stocking stuffers though, but once we got home Saturday night we realized that we really didn't buy as much for ourselves as we thought we did. :) We even have a few things that we are taking back! Sunday, I was completely stressed out, finals were this week and my most dreaded one was on Monday. I was so stressed that I keep making myself sick to my stomach. :( Finals are over thankfully and I have time to spend with my two boys. B is going to daycare this week, but won't be going next week unless I have to do something where he can't go. Right now, he'll be home with mommy and daddy. Which I'm sure tadpole will be hunting alot next week since my daddy will be off. Although, they better get to finishing that swing set!!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like all put together, they've got one side of it almost complete. They didn't work on it today, they went and worked at the hunting club. I had my last final at 1:15 today so B went to school and I picked him up afterwards. We came home and I made cupcakes for his Christmas party at school tomorrow. It was the first time I've made buttercream icing and boy did I make a mess... I'm not use to doing things like that at my house, I even tinted the icing myself =) I think I did pretty good not having my Aunt Sam around for help. BUT watching her do it a thousand times does help my skills! I also did some things on the cricut yesterday and today. I've got an order for 15 ornaments and I only had 8 balls. So tomorrow I've got to make a trip to WalMart for more balls, hoping that they still have some. After critcutting and making cupcakes, B and I did manage to get ourselves to church. I can't thank God enough for everything he does for myself, my family, and everyone else in the world...but I know he knows I'm grateful for everything he has blessed me with. He gives me life lessons that sometimes I don't quite understand or might not like, BUT he knows the reason for those lessons and I always know that through him I will get through it! He is my strength, my heart, my love, but more importantly my Savior!

 Brayden's Christmas Tree cupcakes for his party at school tomorrow!

 This is him saying No Mommy No Mommy, he can be such a DIVA! bahaha.. I do love this kid...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby, It's cold outside.

 Well its Thursday, this week is almost over and its one week closer to Christmas!  I have most of my schoolwork done and I couldn't be happier! :) I did my 2 last presentations on Tuesday, I don't know what I made on my research proposal presentation but I made a 33 out of 25 on my career path presentation! I guess she liked my career of being a stay at home mom! *haha* So now, I just have to take my four finals and take a regular test and 2 discussion boards and I'll be done! I have one final today, its online so as soon as B wakes up I'm feeding him breakfast and off to school he goes for the day. I need to take my exam and hopefully get my 2 discussion boards done and do a little house cleaning before I get him from school and Tadpole gets home from hunting. Tadpole and my daddy are hunting this morning and I'm sure they are freezing their hiney's off! I hope they wore their under armour and their long jons :) Oh last night while I was saying B's prayers with him, he added a few extra kiddos. We normally just say we pray for our friends, well last night he listed them all out! :) He's such a sweet boy when he talks about his friends, he loves to be around them. Yesterday we went to Andalusia to drop off mothers decorations for her work Christmas party tonight and Papa T went with us! Then we went to WalMart to pick up our Christmas cards and shopped a little(a lot)*L* and headed over to Rancho for lunch... and yes I enjoyed my same ole same ole fajita salad! :) Its SOOO yummy. Tad and I bought a new tv stand so when we got home him and my daddy put it together and it looks so good. Brayden took a good 2 and a half hour nap and I washed dishes, did laundry, and wrapped presents. Our tree of overflowing, but I love it.... I enjoy giving my loved ones gifts that I know they'll enjoy and have been wanting.
 Tadpole and B playing super mario from the OLD nitendo system that I stole from my aunt sam! Tad has been playing non stop! He thinks he's a master! He's just to scared to play Michael Jackson on the Wii with me, because he knows I got Skillz! Bahaha!

 Our new tv stand and see all the gifts? I told you it was overflowing! the bad thing is I have a few more gifts to buy and even more to wrap that are down at my parents house for safe hiding! :)
 This is where Bernie was this morning when I woke up, I think he thinks he's Tarzan (but got scared) *haha*
Saturday my momma and I are having a mother/daughter day of shopping in Destin! I'm pretty sure she'll make me eat at Olive Garden too, as long as she lets me have her mint I'm good... I can't wait to spend the day with her. I'm just going to miss shopping with my screaming youngan! The funny thing is Tad plans on finishing his shopping with Brayden, lets just see how much he gets accomplished. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's almost Christmas Break! YaY

I can't believe the weekend is over, it flew by once again... It was just me and B for the weekend. Tad was at the Snowball Derby in Pensacola and my parents were out of town. Friday, B and I hung out with Nina and Landon. We went to WalMart and ate at Beef's. While we were at Beef's the new Good Luck Charlie movie was coming on Disney and Nina and I were glued to the Tv! bahaha! We are such little kids, but when thats what you use to watching at learn to love the shows. If you've never watched Good Luch Charlie, its VERY VERY Cute! After supper we went to JCP to visit our Tiff who was working extremely hard in the jewelry department! :) Poor girl works all the time :( JCP give her a break!!! :) Saturday we went to Aunt Sam's house and made/decorated cookies with some of Sam's friends from AES. I did very well I might add! *L* Then Brayden and I headed back to WalMart to exchange a few things I got for Christmas gifts and changed my mind about. After exchanging those things we went down to Fred's to use my coupons for double coupon Saturday! I saved $12.80! WOHoo! I was happy! I have enough Tide to last us through the end of January with!!! Other than doing those things, we stayed at home and I worked on schoolwork. Oh and I got some presents wrapped!

 Bernie got into the chocolate chip cookies Friday night!

For my online Art class I had to do self-portraits and I thought you might like to see a few of'em!

Bernie is such a mess, Brayden was not very happy this morning when he realized Bernie was coloring in his new coloring book! *lol*
 I love my new sprigs! :)
Well its almost Monday, another week closer to Christmas! I am getting closer and closer to being done with school for the semester! Tuesday is my last class meeting day. I have one final on Thursday and the rest the following week. :) I'm getting sleepy now and Brayden is wide awake watching netflix on my phone. So I'm going to say goodnight and let him fall asleep at some point tonight. Have a wonderful week!