Friday, May 18, 2012

A little Mommy/Daddy time!

Last weekend Tad and I had our very first mommy/daddy trip by ourselves. Let me tell you it was way over due, even though we missed and wished Brayden was with us the whole time*lol*. We haven't been anywhere by ourselves over night since before we had Brayden. Now I've been to NYC without him, but Tad was home... Tad went to SC and AK without him, but I was home. So, anyway after I got home from work last Friday we loaded up the Tahoe and took Brayden to his granny and pawpaw Tisdale's house. He was staying with them on Friday night and he stayed with Izzy and Papa T on Saturday night. We stayed in Sandestin at the Hilton. I've never stayed inside Sandestin or at a Hilton! :) I've been to Sandestin and the Hilton because thats where my moms July conference is every year, so I've been there plenty of times. Our room was really nice, we had a partial view of the beach. Friday night we had reservations at The Melting Pot, one of my favorite places to eat. Its one of those places you can only afford once a year though, very expensive. Our reservations were at 7:15 but we got there a little before, but they actually just let us go ahead and be seated. I left my phone in the car thinking that I wouldn't need it, that I would just enjoy conversation with my husband. Well when the waitress took us to our table, we had like our own little was so nice,... very secluded. We walk in the little room and there's 3 roses sitting on the table, I just thought it was standard! After we sit, Tad says "those are yours" WOW! I was so surprised :) I sure love that guy!!! After we got done with our cheese portion of the meal, I talked Tad into going to the car to get my phone so I could take pictures :) What a sweet husband he was being. He had been making fun on me every since we got to Destin about taking pictures..I wanted to have pictures so I could remember. Our food of course was YUMMY! I tell everybody to go try Melting Pot, its well worth the money in our opionins. We got up Saturday morning and went and ate breakfast at Waffle House. We had planned on laying on the beach most of the day but it turned out to be an ugly day. So we just decided to go to some stores, We shopped at Destin Commons awhile, got B some new crocs and Tadpole got a few things from Bass Pro. It was lunch time by the time we got done shopping there. We decided that we would go to PCB to eat at Shuckums. Its our favorite seafood place to eat in PCB. We've been going there since I was a little girl. We just had oysters for lunch, 4 dozen to be exact :) They were incredibly good, the best I've had in awhile. After eating we headed back to Destin and did some shopping at the outlets, we didn't find to much for us..but some how bought Brayden another wardrobe...How does that happen? haha, I guess we enjoy shopping for him more than ourselves...We just really missed him screaming in every store so we thought we would be him lots of "prizes" as he calls it. When we got back to the hotel, we decided to go down to the beach...OMG! the wind was horrible...We couldn't stand it, Tad put his toes in the water and said it was FREEZING! We just went back to the hotel and got into the inside pool.. It was so nice, Tad thought it was cold too and had goosebumps all over him. *lol* We swam for awhile before it was time to shower to go eat. We were very unsure where we wanted to eat at..We had planned on going to AJ's for supper, but after lunch we didn't really want seafood. While I was talking to mom, Tad said that he had made reservations at Osaka while I was in the shower. :) FINE WITH ME!!! haha, it was yummy too.. I actually didn't get any sushi, so our bill was rather low for there. Then we went to my favorite store...Target, and spent way to much money.... I hardly ever come out of there with less than $100 worth of goodies. I just love it. Sunday, we got up early and headed HOME, we missed our baby so much! He was so happy to see us but was really interested in all his prizes we brought home for him. So spoiled... We really had a wonderful weekend together... I love spending time with my Tadpole and his crazy "preppy" self *L*

I think he looks pretty hot pulling Pink and White polka dot luggage *haha* :)

 My pretty roses :)

Our oysters at Shuckums! They were oooooo So YummY!!!!

 He was cracking me up on way back home from lunch at Shuckums in PCB

 On our way to eat at Osaka on Saturday night, I think he may have been really tired of pictures.