Thursday, December 19, 2013

Relaxing Weekend and Dentist

***Just to warn you if this blog sounds crazy, I started it on Tuesday morning and I am just now finishing it :) Oh and I NEVER proof read, lol. I hate doing it :))

Friday night Tiff, Nina and the kids came over for supper. This is the first time we have all been together....gosh since last Christmas?? We haven't seen Nina and the kids since the day MM was born. It was nice hanging out with them and cooking supper. We cooked spaghetti and had a side salad with some bread ;) It was pretty yummy. Momma and I  had plans to go to Enterprise on Saturday but since it was so rainy and nasty outside, we just stayed in and had a relaxing day. While momma was holding MM, Brayden and I had us a nice nap on the couch. I had woken up and momma said "Kayla your pushing him off the couch, his legs are already hanging down"... OOPS! haha I'm not sure that I have mentioned this.. but Brayden is now sleeping in his own bed..whoop whoop! I love the little bed hog but everytime I moved or rolled over I either ended up laying on him or I had no room to even move. So I new bedtime routines have changed over the past couple of weeks. Tadpole is going to have to get used to it *L*;) Sunday was church of course and after church and lunch I did some much needed wrapping! Our tree is overflowing now..I still have more in the closet that needs wrapping too..

Thursday while Julie cleaned the house, we went to hang out with Papa T :)

This girl LOVES to lay on the floor! She is easy peasy ;)
 Friday, We picked up the Russell kids from school! Brayden LOVES to pick them up! Its VERY weird to be going to the high school to pick up Eli... He shouldn't be in high school... I should! haha...Tiff reminded me Friday night that May will be 7 years we have been graduated! WOW! I really don't feel almost 25!
I sent this snap chat to Tad :)

MM and B enjoying some floor time after church on Sunday

This was at church Sunday morning... Isn't she the cutest baby girl ever! :)

Maureen is our sponsor child. She turned 8 last Friday! We received her yearly update letter this week. On her favorite thing she likes to is Chicken and Rice! Now if you know Tad, he could eat chicken and rice EVERYDAY! Anyway, We love her so much even though we have never even met her but knowing that we are playing a part in this little girl's life is the biggest blessing to us.

She looks so big in this picture. I just love her expression.
Tuesday, I FINALLY got my hair colored! I haven't had it done since January last year right before I got pregnant. Yes, I am one of those that doesn't color my hair while pregnant...and I don't eat shellfish either ;) So you can imagine how anxious I was to have some color in my hair.
Yesterday, Brayden had a dentist appointment..which I was very much dreading, because he screams the whole time and fights them. MUCH to my surprise he was a perfect little boy! I was so unbelievably happy! He deserved a prize for that, so of course we went to target ;)

We had lunch at Cheddar's, their crispy chicken THE BOMB.COM!!!
Today was B's Christmas party at school, I baked a big cookie last night for them to have today :) Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2 weeks till Christmas

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Hasn't it just crept up on us? Thankfully most of our shopping is complete, just have a few dirty santa gifts left to buy. I love Christmas time..all the decorations warms my heart! I love staring at our mantel with the stockings hung and the fire going and of course some coffee in hand.

My Momma finally let me have all my ornaments from DRS. Oh how I LOVE this tree and makes me think of DRS! I miss her so much!
I like to wrap presents... the first 5 maybe...after that I hate it. I'm getting close to being finished though :)

Bernie and Melvin were still tailgating on Sunday after the big win for Auburn!
 Saturday momma, me, and the babies headed over to Dothan to get a picture made with Santa and to do a little shopping.
Waiting in the LONG line to see Santa..we waited over an HOUR!
This isn't about Christmas but I wanted to share. Monday I started watching my calories so I can get on track to losing this baby weight (from Brayden!!!) I gained 28lbs with Mollie Mae and I have lost all but 3lbs of it. I gained 55lbs with Brayden plus 10 in those 4 years after he was I have a good 65lbs to lose just from him! I would like to lose a 100lbs, that would be awesome! My main goal is to just get healthy though and feel good in my own skin ;) Anyway, I've started eating egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast, which I've eaten turkey bacon since I was younger..that's just what I'm used to. For lunch the past 2 days I have had fresh veggies sauteed with a little bit of EVOO..and its so good! Supper I have had chicken. Last night I made grilled chicken salad and can you say DIVINE??  Oh it was SO delicious. I have walked yesterday and this morning on the treadmill after I drop B off at pre-school. I'm hoping I can stay on this schedule even when Tad is home. So, Tad motivate me! haha

I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday! :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

2 Months old!!

Mollie Mae turned 2 months November 30th! Can you believe it? Its going by so fast :( We went last Tuesday for her check-up and shots :( She got 3 shots and 1 oral.. Bless her heart that was the first time she has ever really let her cry out. She felt bad the rest of the day, she just wanted to be held..which was completely fine with me :) I did get in a little Christmas shopping before we left Dothan and I had a few things to return to some stores.

2 months old:
10lbs 14oz
20 3/4 inches long
loves to be talked to and will smile from ear to ear
LOVES her baby beanbag!
has started baby babbling
Wears a size 1 diaper
Mostly wearing 0/3 & 3month clothes, but can still fit in Newborn (just dont have alot)
Sleeps all the time still (she's like her mommy haha)
Has TERRIBLE gas (like daddy)
 In the 30th percentile for her weight
In the 3rd percentile for her height! (thanks daddy) haha ;)))
Brayden can make her laugh and smile at any given time!

Precious sleeping beauty!

Going to do a little shopping with mommy and Izzy

I could just eat her up in this picture! I love the way she has her little lips.

Waiting to see the doctor!

We are loving this baby girl soooo much! She is so much fun. Brayden is the best big brother, helps me so much with her when tadpole is gone. I am sure that Dolly Mae and Ollie Mae loving watching down on her and looking over her :) Happy 2 months precious baby girl!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Colby Lee Gatlin

My mother, Aunt Sam, Aunt Gail and I threw Brandi a baby shower back in November for Colby Lee! She is obsessed with cowboy boys, anything western basically. :) When Brandi told me what she was naming him, my first response was "That sounds like a cowboys name!" and of course she LOVED  that. The due date is actually Brandi's birthday December 26...hoping he graces us with his presence before then though.

 Since the theme was "country," we decided to do a southern breakfast complete with: fresh fruit, biscuit N gravy, cinnamon rolls, sausage sticks and grits. It was YUMMY!!!

I am so excited to meet Colby Lee!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week was terrible and I mean it was awful! Tuesday, Brayden woke up from his around 11 and he was burning up... like 102.9 temp! He had been sick the week before but hadn't ran fever since that Saturday afternoon. Well I went ahead and got him an appointment to see the doctor since it was Thanksgiving I didn't want him being sick with no meds. Tad was at parents were in NYC.... In-laws had the flu.... Anyway, Aunt Gail went with me to the doctor. I met her at Ino and she kicked me out of the drivers seat, refused to let me drive my own car to Dothan! I don't ride with Gail often and neither should you! *L* She thinks everybody is going to drive out and hit her.. and with her constant letting off the gas... We did have an enjoyable ride over and several laughs :) We got there, she stayed in the car with MM because I didn't want her around all the sick people and it was time for her to eat. Needless to say, Brayden had the stinkin' flu! UGH! Just what I needed cause remember... Tad was at parents were in NYC.... In-laws had the flu.... What in the world was I suppose to do?? MM had to go stay with Aunt Sam and her crew. The doctor had said if he took the medicine for 24 hours MM could come back home. Guess what?? My child REFUSED to take the medicine! I forced it down him and he spit some of it out and then threw the rest of it up. Meltdown time...except it wasn't Brayden this time..this meltdown was all Mommy!!! I just emailed Tad and told him I needed prayer..Brayden wouldn't take his medicine and being away from MM at 8 weeks old overnight. I cried and cried pretty much all Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Well, we went and got MM Thursday before lunch! I couldn't stand it any longer...I think I held her most of the morning. We had the Carnley Thanksgiving at my house Thursday night for supper. Gail totally ruined the dumplings, dont let her tell you it was me...because it wasn't!

I sure love these Turkey babies!

On our way to Dothan last Tuesday :(

Waiting to see the doctor  :( Poor baby didn't feel good one bit!
Eli is SUCH a baby hog, so he really loved having MM at their house for a few days!

Aunt Sam sent me this Wednesday.. doesn't she look so peaceful?

Apparently she loves Eli... It's the big cousin thing! :)
He was starting to feel much better Wednesday...WITHOUT medicine!

Oki Grace had a real live baby doll to play with ;)

When we woke up Thursday morning, Bernie was back with a friend, Melvin came to help watch over Brayden and Mollie Mae.

I was on top of the moon! I had baby girl back in my arms :)))))

I think she was just as happy to see me as I was to see her.

They looked okay, smelt terrible and tasted even worse! EPIC FAIL!Gail and I vow to never to dumplings We are leaving that to you momma!
By the way...we are ALL well now! I still have this stupid cough but I always keep the cough for a long time. I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy Holiday's :))