Thursday, December 19, 2013

Relaxing Weekend and Dentist

***Just to warn you if this blog sounds crazy, I started it on Tuesday morning and I am just now finishing it :) Oh and I NEVER proof read, lol. I hate doing it :))

Friday night Tiff, Nina and the kids came over for supper. This is the first time we have all been together....gosh since last Christmas?? We haven't seen Nina and the kids since the day MM was born. It was nice hanging out with them and cooking supper. We cooked spaghetti and had a side salad with some bread ;) It was pretty yummy. Momma and I  had plans to go to Enterprise on Saturday but since it was so rainy and nasty outside, we just stayed in and had a relaxing day. While momma was holding MM, Brayden and I had us a nice nap on the couch. I had woken up and momma said "Kayla your pushing him off the couch, his legs are already hanging down"... OOPS! haha I'm not sure that I have mentioned this.. but Brayden is now sleeping in his own bed..whoop whoop! I love the little bed hog but everytime I moved or rolled over I either ended up laying on him or I had no room to even move. So I new bedtime routines have changed over the past couple of weeks. Tadpole is going to have to get used to it *L*;) Sunday was church of course and after church and lunch I did some much needed wrapping! Our tree is overflowing now..I still have more in the closet that needs wrapping too..

Thursday while Julie cleaned the house, we went to hang out with Papa T :)

This girl LOVES to lay on the floor! She is easy peasy ;)
 Friday, We picked up the Russell kids from school! Brayden LOVES to pick them up! Its VERY weird to be going to the high school to pick up Eli... He shouldn't be in high school... I should! haha...Tiff reminded me Friday night that May will be 7 years we have been graduated! WOW! I really don't feel almost 25!
I sent this snap chat to Tad :)

MM and B enjoying some floor time after church on Sunday

This was at church Sunday morning... Isn't she the cutest baby girl ever! :)

Maureen is our sponsor child. She turned 8 last Friday! We received her yearly update letter this week. On her favorite thing she likes to is Chicken and Rice! Now if you know Tad, he could eat chicken and rice EVERYDAY! Anyway, We love her so much even though we have never even met her but knowing that we are playing a part in this little girl's life is the biggest blessing to us.

She looks so big in this picture. I just love her expression.
Tuesday, I FINALLY got my hair colored! I haven't had it done since January last year right before I got pregnant. Yes, I am one of those that doesn't color my hair while pregnant...and I don't eat shellfish either ;) So you can imagine how anxious I was to have some color in my hair.
Yesterday, Brayden had a dentist appointment..which I was very much dreading, because he screams the whole time and fights them. MUCH to my surprise he was a perfect little boy! I was so unbelievably happy! He deserved a prize for that, so of course we went to target ;)

We had lunch at Cheddar's, their crispy chicken THE BOMB.COM!!!
Today was B's Christmas party at school, I baked a big cookie last night for them to have today :) Enjoy your Thursday!

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