Friday, July 22, 2011

So much to do and no motivation

Well its finally Friday and my house is a mess of course and I only have B's things packed for the beach, well most of his things anyway. To begin with Tiff came over Wednesday afternoon to see us, we haven't seen her in several weeks so it was really nice to catch up with her. Brayden loves Tiff, he talks about her all the time and often tells me that he loves her and not me. It makes me happy to know that he loves her as much as his mommy does though! She'll always be in our lives and we love her to death. Anway she stayed and ate supper with us, daddy and Tad grilled steaks for supper :) yummy.. they also baked potatos..BUT I didnt get to eat one :( I only eat a baked potato if I have homemade ranch. Well we were out at home, so I told daddy and Tad to pick up the ranch packet and buttermilk at IGA. They bought the wrong buttermilk and the dressing was GROSS! Tiffany thought it was good, but I hated it and ended up throwing it out. Brayden of course had a hotdog but somehow ended up with Tiff eating her steak...*L* We can home and Tadpole and B played outside for a little while with B's soccer ball. Before leaving mother and daddy's house I had to clean the kitchen since mother was coming home late Wednesday night. What a good/sweet daughter I am! :) Yesterday, I woke up with a headache which by the way I still have today. We had Oki until about 2 something yesterday afternoon, so she helped entertain B while I just relaxed on the couch! =) Tad and my daddy had Howard's for lunch, while I enjoyed a piece of Kelly's chicken. *LoL* Brayden was asleep when they left and I NEVER wake him up from a nap!! He did sleep over 2 1/2 hours though! I was pretty proud of him. AFter Oki left he went to his Granny's house to spend some time with her since she won't see him any next week while we are gone. I just cannot wait to be back at the beach sitting on the balcony with my coffee every morning :) thats probably my favorite part of being at the beach. I do hate that I miss Ino Homecoming every year, I told Aunt Sam that they need to change it for me! :) Back to the whole packing deal, the good thing is that I don't have very many clothes that I can wear so I won't have alot, now Tad on the other as bad as a girl when it comes to packing haha...I love you sweetheart! But this year I'm not taking B's towels from home, no highchair, no babygates, no packNplay and probably a few more things we aren't taking. Tad Brayden and I are riding with momma down there to save car space and daddy will bring his truck when he comes Tuesday. Anyway, I have just realized this week that my NYC trip is not that far away..I mean its almost August. I keep thinking that its several months away but it really isn't. I told momma I could really get use to a vacay every month. Beach in June, Beach in July, Nothing in August ;(, NYC in September, and hopefully Cruise in October! I like this life :)haha.. Tonight, Brandi is having a 31 Gifts Party, I'm excited to see what all they have! ;) Alright, I have got to start cleaning and packing...I just HAVE TOO! My personal packer is a no show this morning, she decided that she needed to go to ROPH instead!(my personal packer would be my momma) =) Have a wonderful weekend and I promise to think of all of you while I'm beaching it up :):):)

My boys while I'm slacking on our packing!*haha*
This is B's bag and what I have packed for him so far!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer School is OVER!!! *yay*

I'm officially finished with summer classes!!! I'm so didn't bother me that I had to go to school I just hated driving over there for normally 30-45 minutes a day. My teacher was/is super cool, this is my second time taking her and she REALLY cares about you and your grades. BUT getting up at 5 every morning and an hour drive for that short amount of time was getting very old. I took my final this morning, and I had trouble with 2 questions, I just could not figure out what I was doing wrong. It was multiple choice and every answer I came up with wasn't a choice..imagine that!! So maybe my guesses were good enough! Anyway, I'm getting very impatient with Saturday, its not getting here fast enough for me. I want to start packing but that will only make the anticipatient (sp?) for me. So, I went to Maxway before I came home from school earlier and got a really cute summer dress for $8!!! It's SUPER cute :) I'm a bargain girl and hardly ever buy anything for myself if it isn't on sale. Some people would never think to shop for clothes at a dollar store, but in reality they have really cute things for VERY cheap! Try shopping at the dollar store sometime. :) Yesterday  I had a "mommy day" Tad and my daddy took Brayden to daycare on their way to the hunting club. I did some studying until about 12:15 and I headed over to LaVi Nails and got my very first pedicute without my momma and I also got my nails done:) I've been wanting my nails done for awhile but just didn't want to pay for it. I decided it was my gift from Tad for doing so well in my Stats class this semester. This was also my first time ever paying for my own felt so WRONG!*haha* I'm sure my momma is happy though :) After that I went and paid Tad's truck payment, and by the way we paid if off... It's the first vehicle we have ever paid off and I couldn't be happier for us!!! Then I went to JCPenney's to get Tad a new wallet and Tiff was working so of course I had to chit chat with her. I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks so tomorrow or Thursday we are hanging out!!! can't wait =) I had a chiropractor appointment also, he said my neck scan looked great, I haven't hurt any since last week!  I did get to do some cricutting in too :) You know I had to of!!
-Oh and if you have a cricut and keep having to buy new mats I have a solution!!! Just ask and I'll share :)

Our weekend was very relaxing..except Sunday I was in one of those moods where I was so ill that I couldn't stand myself.. My mother had to leave Sunday afternoon going out of town (by the way it was her B-day too) and that just made me even more ill that she had to go out of town. I hate when she goes out of town.. yes I'm a huge momma's girl, I love my daddy but he just doesn't listen to me like my momma does. Even though my momma ignores me most of the time or either tells me to hush.*haha* Tad is a good listener sometimes, but then again he just isn't my momma!

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daddy's Home= I get Mommy time! :)

This picture was yesterday afternoon when we leaving the house heading to Dothan to pick up daddy!! He was very happy ;)
Yes I know I said in my last blog that I probably wouldn't blog anymore this week, but Tad and Brayden are already in bed asleep. Tad is extremely worn out, he doesn't sleep well the first night home, so he has been tired all day long and has crashed now. I guess Brayden decided since he was laying with him  that he just needed to go to sleep too. :) We've had a good today, Tad was up when I got up and had coffee made and about 10 minutes after I got up in walked the cutest little boy with 2 pillows saying "mommy  piwwos (pillows)" I LOVE the mornings when he just wakes up, he is the sweetest and cutest little boy! Tad cooked us breakfast and then we all got baths and went to Andalusia to Izzy's office and WalMart. We got 2 new fish and we also got Madagascar 2! Tad said this afternoon that he's only been home a day and he's already tired of watching Madagascar. *haha* So tomorrow we will be watching the second one! Tad started weedeating this afternoon and thankfully got all of it done before it started pouring down rain. I always offer to cut the grass, but my daddy won't allow me to even get on his lawnmower and I'm sure Tad's dad wouldn't really want me on his either. The story behind why my daddy won't let me on the lawnmower if because 2 weeks after we got our tractor he let me drive it and what did I do??? WRECK IT! I was putting it in the barn and I ran straight into the bushhog in front of the tractor. Needless to say I'm suprised the he even lets me drive his golfcart.. By the way, Brayden and I did not make it to Target yesterday...I know I know..I can't believe it either but by the time we got done in Michael's I was completely worn out! This morning was so funny, Brayden had a stinky and refused for me to change it, he kept saying "daddy do it daddy do it" If you know Tad, he HATES to change a stinky diaper...he was not happy at all about it, but I found it very amusing.
Daddy and Brayden waiting for our supper at Chili's, yes I know Tad looks tired but I was NOT cooking when we got home... Brayden on the other hand is EXTREMELY happy :)
 These pictures are backwards, This was yesterday morning before school and yes he was watching Madagascar..
 This boy loves him some bananas... in his words "baby bites" he knows he has to take baby bites or he'll get choked!
 Both of the new fish are on the right side... I know its really hard to see the 2nd fish but he's on the middle thing..

 I told you my boys were out, they look so sweet! I know your thinking, why do they have a dark brown pillow with tan/ green bedding?...Well, the dark brown pillow goes to our new bedding and we never got around to put the sheets and comforter on this afternoon after I got it all washed, I was just able to get the pillow cases on the pillows...
Anyway, tomorrow is Friday! that means 1 week and 1day until we leave for the beach :):) I have lots of things to do tomorrow, clean the house AGAIN! Our house gets to dirty in just 1 stinkin' day...I don't understand sometimes.. We have some wonderful friends coming over tomorrow night, so I've got a little bit of cooking and baking to do also! Have a GREAT weekend :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Offshore Wife's To Do List before her Husband comes home...

So every offshore wife that I know, runs around like a chicken the day before their husband comes home cleaning the whole house. I have completely worn myself out this time, and I started yesterday with the cleaning and Tad comes home tomorrow! So this is how my day today has been...
-Went to school at 8:00, got home around 10:00 and the cleaning/organizing started.. I bought a new curtain rod and curtain for the front living room window, put it up and took down the old curtain rod screws and the screws to the old blinds on the front and back living room window. I put Brayden's new blinds up in his room but didn't get to taking out the screws. I hung up my chalkboard picture frame in the kitchen, hung up our new family portrait in the living room, and put up a new picture frame in B's room. I'm washing the second load of clothes now. I wanted to clean the bathrooms but after hanging pictures and curtains my arms feel like jello, so the bathroom have to wait until tomorrow when I get home school. I dusted the living room and my bedroom and the kitchen... So after I got everything done at the house I did my homework for Stats. class and then picked up B from daycare. By making sure that the house is clean and organized shows Tad that I have been productive :) haha..even if it was done the day before he comes home! Tomorrow when I get home from school I'll be vaccuming again, cleaning bathrooms, buying groceries, and make sure everything is spotless! ;) I do all this cleaning and straightening up and as soon as we got home from Dothan it will be a disaster again, well mine and Tad's bedroom anyway... we just throw his stuff in the floor and go straight to bed... I know we are party owls..HAHA yeah right... We are normally in bed by 9 at the latest..We both like our sleep and Brayden just needs his sleep :) I always wash all his clothes when he comes back home even if some are clean, I just can't stand the smell of the washing powder he has to use over there...Its defintely not that Febreeze Tide smell.... *lol*

This was this morning before leaving for school, He woke up at 5:30 and insisted that he watch "zebra" which is Madagascar.
Next are a few pictures from Our photoshoot this afternoon, we were playing on the couch being bored.. =)

 This is what happens when you say "Let me take your picture" right after he has taken a swallow of strawberry milk

 Look at this sweet smile my baby boy has...Ohh how I love to see him smile and laugh!
 Lately he has started acting like he's a dog and this is his dog pose.. I love to hear him bark..its so sweet.. he comes up to my legs and just looks at I pet his head and tell him he's such a pretty and sweet little puppy.
 He thinks he's such a big boy and can cut his own toenails...
 Now working on his fingernails...

I probably won't get to blog anymore this week since Tad will be home, I'm sure we will be doing something since he always has ants in his pants...BAHAHA! If you know tadpole you know he can't sit still for very long and HAS to be doing something or going somewhere. Only a week and 3 days left until we leave for the beach :):):) I'm SOOO stinkin' excited! Hope ya'll have a wonderful week and weekend!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Low Key Weekend

We didn't to much this weekend, mostly just relax and play in the pool some.  Friday, we went to the doctor and ended up staying in Dothan longer than we had expected too of course.  Can you believe that we went to Target and that I didn't go up and down every isle?? It was amazing that I didn't...thats okay though, We will be in Dothan Wednesday afternoon picking up our Tadpole and I'm sure I'll make a pit stop at Target before picking him up. I do have to go by Michael's and pick up a few things, my cricut mat is no longer sticky,so I watch tutortial on how to make it sticky again and I need the supplies. The lady that did it said it was cheaper than going and buying a new mat every time..So we will see :) We have less than 2 weeks now until the beach trip and I absolutely cannot wait!!! On the plus side I only have 1 more week of school left after Wednesday! WOOHOO! Getting up at 5:00 M-W and having to drive an hour to school makes for a VERY sleepy driver.  So this morning I was SOOO sleepy, Brayden kept me up most of the night pulling my hair... Everytime I would get him to let go he would wake up and start crying.  I even fell asleep before him last night, I guess he just wasn't tired.. I finally woke up around 10 something and turned the TV off and of course he screamed at me to turn it back on. I had a test last week in Stats that I missed due to that stupid stomach virus, so I took it  this morning and can I say that ACED that test :). I'm super proud of myself for doing well in this class since its one of the most dreaded classes for Psych majors. Since I got home this morning I have been washing the sheets and clothes, vaccumed B's room and the living room (tried to get a few stains out of the carpet*ugh*) finally cricutted something for Aunt Sam, made the chalkboard picture frame, and somewhat organized a few things. Its a work in progress thats for sure. My plans for tomorrow are to put B's new blinds up in his room and hang a few pictures in the house. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to go get my wedding band stretched again since it took almost 5 minutes getting it off this morning so I could put my leave-in conditioner in my hair. The jewelry guy told me last time I got it stretched that your fingers are supposed to shrink in the summer and swell in the winter...well guess what my fingers swell ALL year long! I went to the chiropractor today, last Thursday we did my mid-evaluation x-rays so today we took a good look at them to see my improvements.. Well... my neck has improved a good bit but my back hasn't improved much at all. So we were both very stunned as to why I have been feeling so much better if my back actually isn't getting better. My back has hurt today so he did an adjustment on both side of my back and I do feel a good bit of relief right now. I'm thinking that when I get adjusted that it helps but that my bones go back to the way they were therefore that explains the x-rays. Thats just my diagnosis!Haha..Dr.Kayla Tisdale... :) Overall, I'm still do think that my wobble has gotten better though..or it may just me too... Ohh and I just checked to see what I made on my test I took today and I made a 92!!! I am beyond proud of myself... I think I might deserve a surprise!HINT HINT TAD!!!! =) Brayden and I so ready to see our daddy, we can't wait to get him home and cook for us!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Copy Cat :)

Okay so, Toyia did a blog a couple of days ago about some facts about her that you might not know. Well I thought it was pretty cool and thought I would blog about some things that you might not know about me! So yes I'm being a copy cat! *haha* Maybe she won't mind :)

- I loves spending time with my family and friends..
- I'm a huge momma and daddy's girl..
- I don't have many friends, it tends to bite you in the hiney most of the time..
- I'm an only child and a typical only child which means I'm spoiled rotten.. and now Tad helps out with that too :)
- I recently got a new camera and I still have no idea how to work it..
- My cricut expression is one of my best friends ;)haha
- I have watched the movie Finding Nemo until I know every single word..
- Tap dancing is my passion and I do it in my sleep..
- I'm very nosey and I hate secrets, I like to know whats going on..
- I can swim like a mermaid underwater :)
- I would wear water shoes at the beach if I didn't think I would look completely stupid..
- I do not eat ribs!
- I go to Olive Garden just for the mints after your meal..
- Five Guys Burgers and Fries is my favorite fast food..
- Dippin Dots are definitely my weakness..
- I always feel smarter after a good talk with DRS
- I wish I could cook like Rachel Ray..
- Owning a cupcake shop is a dream..
- I love being a mommy and wife to 2 special boys..
- I was not your typical teenager, I liked staying home with my parents on weekends..
- In August I will be starting my 5th year of college for a Bachelor's Degree..
- I'm lazy and could lay on the couch all day long..
- Have you ever heard the saying "She's got champagne taste, on a beer budget?" Well I'm that girl..
- Stress overpowers me and its something I stuggle with everyday..
- I am by far the moodiest person you will ever encounter..
- I know how to put on a smile and act proper when in that situation..
- I've always wanted a penthouse on the Upper East Side in NYC..
- I could definitely drop a couple thousand dollars on Jimmy Choos and not feel guilty if I never wore them..
- In high school, I was the mean girl who didn't care if she hurt your feelings..
- I'm very judgemental, I hate that I am... I am trying to work on that...slowly but surely..
- My parents know that if they come back from a vacay, the need to have me a gift so that I don't completely go A-Wall on them..
- I had a emotional breakdown my senior year and didn't talk to my friends for almost a month..
- At high school graduation as I walked on stage I had a panic attack and couldn't breathe..
- Tad is by far the perfect husband for me...we're so spoiled..
- Offshore wife was definitely what God wanted me to be..
- Pregnancy with Brayden has made me very emotional.. I never cried during movies before having him..

Well those are some things that maybe you did or didn't know about me.. Have a great Saturday night!! =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maybe a night for blogging... =)

Excuse the man's belly in the background but isn't this the CUTEST picture you have ever seen!!! I love this kid!!!
To be honest I have thought about blogging for the past week and everytime I would sit down to blog I would change my mind. I would either just play on facebook, decide to watch TV, or just go to bed! Which most of you know I would more than likely just be going to bed! So this morning when I checked FB I had a comment on my page from my friend Toyia letting me know that it was time for me to blog, so I decided that I better blog :)  Brayden is already asleep in his bed... I have started a discipline strategy with him, so when he does something he isnt supposed to be doing or gets in trouble for not listening he must go sit on his bed for a few minutes and "rest!" It has actually been going really well and is having some effect! When its time for him to get off the bed I go get him and he looks at me and says "I sweet boy Mommy" so then I let him down to go play or whatever he wants to do. I have also started doing that with nap time, he has to lay on his bed by himself for nap time.... very effective!!! He normally doesn't cry at all when I tell him its nap time that he needs to go lay down. He's growing up so fast and reminds me everyday that he is a BIG BOY! :( Tad is at work so I'm hoping he's going to do the same when he is home, its a good routine I think! He is in Singapore right now and he says that it is very expensive over there... or maybe he's just telling me this so that I won't think he's wasting money! HAHA! I love my tadpole, but he sure loves to eat out! I told him yesterday that he needed to find a dollar menu over there and eat off it for his remaining time in Singapore.. He informed me nothing was a dollar! *lol* So, my mother, my daddy and myself are finally over the stinkin' stomach virus which of course I woke up with Monday morning! Great way to spend the 4th of July! Laying on the couch with every part of my body aching and my stomach turning circles. THANKFULLY Brayden did not catch it! I'm also glad Tad wasn't home to catch it either since we all know how husbands are when they get sick! *haha* =) Though my daddy was sick he couldn't really act like the normal sickly guy because my mother and I were both sick as well!  Thanks to Tad's mother, she took Brayden all day Tuesday for me to have some rest.. It was much needed and I'm so glad that I'm feeling better now! I have noticed that Brayden is getting smarter by the day and he can remember things better than I can! He woke up one morning last week and says "Poppie cut grass", okay so TWO nights before we were at mother and daddys and my poppie came down to get the key to Uncle Wayne's lawnmower to cut his grass and of course Brayden wanted to know all about Poppie cutting the amazes me at the things he remembers! He is such a mess like his daddy, I don't know what I'm going to do when he gets older...I'm sure I'm going to have a head full of gray hair! I have 2 weeks left of summer semester, 6 days till Tad comes home, 2 weeks and 1 day until we leave for our Family Week Beach Trip! I'm super excited about our beach trip and getting away to wake up to the sound of the ocean every morning, having coffee with my family on the balcony! Tomorrow, Brayden my mother and I are going to Dothan for my doctor's appointment and then going to Target! :) I'm still in love with my cricut and pretty much use it a couple times a week! Anyway, I guess I'll share some pictures from the past couple of weeks! :) Enjoy!
 He loves to get in Papa T's ice chest and play in the water! :)
 Always going through mommy's wallet like daddy! HAHA!

 Daddy and Brayden taking a nice nap in B's bed! :)