Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Offshore Wife's To Do List before her Husband comes home...

So every offshore wife that I know, runs around like a chicken the day before their husband comes home cleaning the whole house. I have completely worn myself out this time, and I started yesterday with the cleaning and Tad comes home tomorrow! So this is how my day today has been...
-Went to school at 8:00, got home around 10:00 and the cleaning/organizing started.. I bought a new curtain rod and curtain for the front living room window, put it up and took down the old curtain rod screws and the screws to the old blinds on the front and back living room window. I put Brayden's new blinds up in his room but didn't get to taking out the screws. I hung up my chalkboard picture frame in the kitchen, hung up our new family portrait in the living room, and put up a new picture frame in B's room. I'm washing the second load of clothes now. I wanted to clean the bathrooms but after hanging pictures and curtains my arms feel like jello, so the bathroom have to wait until tomorrow when I get home school. I dusted the living room and my bedroom and the kitchen... So after I got everything done at the house I did my homework for Stats. class and then picked up B from daycare. By making sure that the house is clean and organized shows Tad that I have been productive :) haha..even if it was done the day before he comes home! Tomorrow when I get home from school I'll be vaccuming again, cleaning bathrooms, buying groceries, and make sure everything is spotless! ;) I do all this cleaning and straightening up and as soon as we got home from Dothan it will be a disaster again, well mine and Tad's bedroom anyway... we just throw his stuff in the floor and go straight to bed... I know we are party owls..HAHA yeah right... We are normally in bed by 9 at the latest..We both like our sleep and Brayden just needs his sleep :) I always wash all his clothes when he comes back home even if some are clean, I just can't stand the smell of the washing powder he has to use over there...Its defintely not that Febreeze Tide smell.... *lol*

This was this morning before leaving for school, He woke up at 5:30 and insisted that he watch "zebra" which is Madagascar.
Next are a few pictures from Our photoshoot this afternoon, we were playing on the couch being bored.. =)

 This is what happens when you say "Let me take your picture" right after he has taken a swallow of strawberry milk

 Look at this sweet smile my baby boy has...Ohh how I love to see him smile and laugh!
 Lately he has started acting like he's a dog and this is his dog pose.. I love to hear him bark..its so sweet.. he comes up to my legs and just looks at I pet his head and tell him he's such a pretty and sweet little puppy.
 He thinks he's such a big boy and can cut his own toenails...
 Now working on his fingernails...

I probably won't get to blog anymore this week since Tad will be home, I'm sure we will be doing something since he always has ants in his pants...BAHAHA! If you know tadpole you know he can't sit still for very long and HAS to be doing something or going somewhere. Only a week and 3 days left until we leave for the beach :):):) I'm SOOO stinkin' excited! Hope ya'll have a wonderful week and weekend!

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  1. Too funny... Karter loves pretending to be a dog!