Monday, July 11, 2011

Low Key Weekend

We didn't to much this weekend, mostly just relax and play in the pool some.  Friday, we went to the doctor and ended up staying in Dothan longer than we had expected too of course.  Can you believe that we went to Target and that I didn't go up and down every isle?? It was amazing that I didn't...thats okay though, We will be in Dothan Wednesday afternoon picking up our Tadpole and I'm sure I'll make a pit stop at Target before picking him up. I do have to go by Michael's and pick up a few things, my cricut mat is no longer sticky,so I watch tutortial on how to make it sticky again and I need the supplies. The lady that did it said it was cheaper than going and buying a new mat every time..So we will see :) We have less than 2 weeks now until the beach trip and I absolutely cannot wait!!! On the plus side I only have 1 more week of school left after Wednesday! WOOHOO! Getting up at 5:00 M-W and having to drive an hour to school makes for a VERY sleepy driver.  So this morning I was SOOO sleepy, Brayden kept me up most of the night pulling my hair... Everytime I would get him to let go he would wake up and start crying.  I even fell asleep before him last night, I guess he just wasn't tired.. I finally woke up around 10 something and turned the TV off and of course he screamed at me to turn it back on. I had a test last week in Stats that I missed due to that stupid stomach virus, so I took it  this morning and can I say that ACED that test :). I'm super proud of myself for doing well in this class since its one of the most dreaded classes for Psych majors. Since I got home this morning I have been washing the sheets and clothes, vaccumed B's room and the living room (tried to get a few stains out of the carpet*ugh*) finally cricutted something for Aunt Sam, made the chalkboard picture frame, and somewhat organized a few things. Its a work in progress thats for sure. My plans for tomorrow are to put B's new blinds up in his room and hang a few pictures in the house. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to go get my wedding band stretched again since it took almost 5 minutes getting it off this morning so I could put my leave-in conditioner in my hair. The jewelry guy told me last time I got it stretched that your fingers are supposed to shrink in the summer and swell in the winter...well guess what my fingers swell ALL year long! I went to the chiropractor today, last Thursday we did my mid-evaluation x-rays so today we took a good look at them to see my improvements.. Well... my neck has improved a good bit but my back hasn't improved much at all. So we were both very stunned as to why I have been feeling so much better if my back actually isn't getting better. My back has hurt today so he did an adjustment on both side of my back and I do feel a good bit of relief right now. I'm thinking that when I get adjusted that it helps but that my bones go back to the way they were therefore that explains the x-rays. Thats just my diagnosis!Haha..Dr.Kayla Tisdale... :) Overall, I'm still do think that my wobble has gotten better though..or it may just me too... Ohh and I just checked to see what I made on my test I took today and I made a 92!!! I am beyond proud of myself... I think I might deserve a surprise!HINT HINT TAD!!!! =) Brayden and I so ready to see our daddy, we can't wait to get him home and cook for us!

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  1. See i was always told that your fingers swell in the summer and not in the winter!?!?!?