Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Computer is FIXED!!!! WOOHOOO

Well I know its been FOREVER since I last blogged, but my computer completely went crazy and wouldn't get online what so ever. I tried everything I knew to fix it but I quickly gave up before I got really ill with it. *L* My momma of course has been busy and I kept forgetting to ask her to come look at it. So, yesterday she finally came to look at it and ended up having to take it home and play with it....and WAALAA! It's fixed now... my printer still isn't seeing my wireless but I can handle it for right now, I was getting a little ill about my computer especially when I would get the urge to blog and I couldn't. Like, I even almost attempted to blog from Tad's ipad! Yes, I almost did...but do you know how long that would have taken me? :/ So anyway, All the holidays are over and decorations are put away for another 10 1/2 months (give or take). We had a great Christmas, although it was sad... Tadpole had to work this Christmas, Our first Christmas ever being away from each other. I guess that's pretty good since we've been together almost 6 years and he's only missed 1 Christmas! Brayden LOVED waking up every morning looking for Bernie (our elf) to see what kind of crazy mess he got into that night/early morning. :) I think Brayden asked pretty much everyday to open a present...and then one day decided that all his presents needed to go under his tree in his room instead of the big tree in the living room. So, by himself found all of his and moved them to his bedroom. If he came to one that he couldn't read the name, he would ask me and I would normally reply as "that's tadpoles or papa T's" and then with a very angry look on his face he would say "but why you get daddy and papa T presents everyday momma???" BAHAHA! It cracked me up so much, he is the funniest little thing. I just love that wild boy! Anyway, Santa came Christmas Eve and was very generous to a little boy and that little boy was thrilled from head to toe! :) I think he most loved his baseball and football cards that Daddy *cough cough* I mean Santa left in his stocking. =)

So, Anyway Christmas was wonderful. Tad came home the Friday after Christmas and we were soooo happy to see and hug him! That Saturday night we had The Colquett 5 and The Johnson's over to grill and hang out. It was so nice to be able to hang out with each other and just talk and of course we would check on the kids every now and then *haha* For NYE we just hung out at my momma and daddy's house, we shot some fireworks. FYI: NEVER NEVER let your hubby who thinks he's 12 go to the firework store by himself! Because if you do you'll have a severe dent in your pocketbook! *L* :) The Tisdale's rang in the NY in bed asleep! We went to sleep around 10:30...we just cant handle those late nights anymore *bahahaha* yes we are an old married couple :) But I wouldn't trade it for anything! After all the holidays were over, Tad was pretty much in the woods everyday. He did kill a 8pt before he went back to work though!

 I had a birthday! I turned 24??? WOW, should I really be that old? Like SERIOUSLY? Didn't I just turn 18? This is just crazy... Time if flying by and I think I've missed half of it... :/ Ya know, ppl always told me (when I was in HS) to not wish you life away and enjoy high school cause once you graduate you'll want to go back... Of course me nor my friends thought that was true, we were just thrilled about graduating. Well.... I don't wish I was back in high school, I just wish I still had the dress up Friday's, and standing up on the hill at the stadium during football games thinking I'm just the coolest person ever...*BTW I was the COOLEST PERSON EVERRR!!!!!* I was that student that the teachers liked/loved but dreaded having in class because they knew I hated doing work and basically just wanted to have fun in class. Now SR year when we had that Dr. in English, I can't remember his name and we meditated every Friday...that was pretty awesome! That's the kind of teacher I would be IF I were a teacher. So anyway.... Where did the time go??? Like I can remember all the crazy stuff I did in HS?? But I can't remember what I did 5 minutes ago??? How is that? Maybe Brayden and I should start having dress up Friday's at home! I bet I would WIN!!!! :-) Back to the birthday, Tad and I had date night that night, We went to Myori's :) my favorite place to eat for my birthday! Then we went to Dothan and did some shopping at Sam's and then Target! Can you believe that Me Kayla Tisdale got out of Target with 2 bags that cost $53???? Tad and I both were completely shocked... I don't plan on making that a habit though! *haha*

Last week I went to Walmart to get some necessary things, like paper towels, cleaning supplies and a few groceries. Well when I got home, the kitchen,dining and living room was so clean and neat even swept and mopped! Tadpole was on a role. First thing he said was lets get this stuff in and we are going to get a dining room table! haha... He said that it was so ridiculous how dirty the floor was from us eating at the bar and on the couches. That we needed a table and would start eating at it from now on...No more eating on the couch for us. The table came in yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! I'm so happy to be able to sit at an actual table to eat or drink my coffee like I did the morning. 

Okay, blogger will no longer allow me to upload photos so I've got to download Google Chrome! I just haven't gotten around to downloading it yet. Hopefully I will be able to post more often now :)