Monday, November 3, 2014

Mollie Mae is ONE!

So, Mollie Mae turned 1 on September 30th.. I know I'm way late on this blog.  We didn't have her party until October 11th though! On her actual birthday,  I just bought a few cupcakes for her to have with our parents, Tad was at work. It was very short since we had a soccer game that night. I'll just share some pictures from her birthday and her party :)

Mollie Mae had the best party, I was so pleased of how it turned out! This party stressed me out more than any other party I have planned before. I knew what I wanted but I couldn't find stuff exactly how I wanted. It all came together perfectly though! My friends are AWESOME and rescued me in so many ways! Our sweet princess is 1, I still can't believe it most days. The past year flew by us in a second. Thank you to all my helpers :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

A little bit of down time

Thursday, after school Brayden had to clean his room. It was driving me crazy, I couldn't get to his closet without having to go through a maze because of all the toys on the floor. Thank goodness we didn't have a soccer game, we were looking forward to a afternoon/night at home in our comfy clothes. Mollie Mae loves to be in her brothers room with him. Brayden was spelling out colors on his board and making me name them for him. He loves to teach us :)

MM and I waiting for her turn for swimming lessons on Friday, she screams the whole time still but is doing so well at her rotation! I'm so proud of her.
 Saturday we didn't go anywhere! We stayed home all day long and it was so nice to have a relaxing day at home just chilling out together. Brayden did have me out in the yard about 8 am playing football with him. We went outside several times playing football, He was Auburn and I was Alabama. By night time, B was so tired and since MM was already in her crib asleep, he let me hold him and rub his back until he fell asleep.
 Mollie Mae just looked so stinkin' cute yesterday for church. I love this dress on her.

 Aunt Sam and Mollie Mae matched in their white jean jackets last night at church.

Yay!! I finally got to wear my hunter boots that Tad bought me for our anniversary! I was so excited. Amiee and I had planned to wear them last night and made sure to take a picture for Tadpole to see :)

On this day a year ago, we were getting our house in order, bags packed and everything else ready to go to the hospital the next day to meet our sweet baby girl! My how time flies by...

This sweet angel baby will be 1 year old tomorrow! I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone by. She is the happiest and most demanding baby. So glad God chose Tad and I to be her parents.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's a Journey, My Journey.

So I have pretty much always been a bigger girl, it's just not meant for me to be a size 4. Today, I'm okay with that. Since I had Brayden 5+ years ago and gained those 55lbs, about 40 of those pounds stayed around my thighs, waist, hips, calves...and so on since then. I stayed about the same for about 2 years or so, but when we started trying to get pregnant with Mollie Mae I started to gain. I think I probably gained about 12 pounds. During my pregnancy with Mollie Mae I only gained 28lbs, thankfully. I did not need to gain another 55lbs with her. After having her, within a month I had lost all of her baby weight, it had to have been water weight. While I was pregnant I had decided that after having her I was going to get on the ball of losing weight, mostly for my health. My mom and I would even laugh that if we went somewhere together that she was not going to let me ride in the car, I would have to run along side the car to where we were going. It always gave us a good laugh. I remained at the same weight for about 9 months and then decided I wanted to give the Advocare 24 day Challenge a shot. I started the challenge on Monday June 23, 2014. If you don't know, there's several pills you take with it. Anyway, during the week/weekend before I had gotten staph on my stomach and was on antibiotics for it. The Friday after I had started the challenge I had woken up to my body being broken out everywhere. I was red from head to toe! We had friends over that day, and my friend April noticed it and of course we all started freaking out.. I did not take the advocare pills for the next 3 days. BTW, I was fine! I just had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics I was on. Then Tad and I went to Nashville and I didn't do the pills for 2 days there, and I cheated BAD! So, that is 5 days I pretty much just cheated on. I added days on since I missed a couple days, so I finished the challenge on Friday July 18, 2014. I lost 8lbs during the challenge. I was happy but all these people I saw on Instagram losing like 12 and up got me a little discouraged. Then I realized most of those people were working out also, and I did no working out during the challenge. I joined the gym at the end of July(i think) and started working out. I started doing Zumba on Monday nights. About the middle of August I started going to the 5am bootcamp class on Monday and Wednesday's. Oh, during the challenge I learned to eat clean, so I kept that up once it was over. I weigh in on every Friday, I wish I could do the no-scale victory's but I need that every week. I need to see those numbers drop because hopefully they are dropping. Last Friday morning when I weighed, I could have shouted to the stars I was so happy! I had lost 4 lbs last week which gave me a total of 18lbs. I told myself that if I hit the 20lb mark on this Friday I would get me a milkshake and then of course go to the gym and work it off. On Wednesday, I could not wait...I just had to know if I had lost 2lbs or not. To much excitement I had lost 3 already... 21lbs people! I had exceeded my goal. I did not get a milkshake on Wednesday. On Thursday, I started thinking about it and decided to move it up to 30lbs for a milkshake. Friday, I did my normal weigh in and I was down another pound, total of another 4lbs this week. 8lbs in 2 weeks...I'll take that! I did forget to mention, that I am still using advocare, I have become addicted to it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate meal replacement shake. I look forward to breakfast. As of Friday my grand total of weigh loss is 22lbs. I am FINALLY on the right track and theres no looking back! I have a long road ahead of where I need to be, but with God telling me I can do this... I can do this! ;) I am not ready to reveal how much I weighed to begin with but maybe once I hit that 50lb mark I'll be ready to share with all of you.
 This was taken about 2 days before I started the challenge.
 This was the day after I finished the challenge.
  Now don't get me wrong, there was some ice cream eatin', cake eatin', dr. pepper drinkin', and just plain ole bad food eatin' in there too. Ive had several bad eating days during this whole thing.

I made this little picture collage thing on Wednesday. The first picture was taken on Easter of this year and the second picture was me on Wednesday. Can you tell a difference. It really helps me this way to see it. Sometimes I can't tell at all, which gets me down and out. By looking at this I can tell and it brings my spirits up :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Soccer and a Fever

Brayden started soccer a couple weeks ago and games started last week. We are the green team and the Colquett kiddos (Karter and Sophie) are on it too :) Brayden loves soccer! He wakes up asking if he has a game or practice. He loves it even though he had a meltdown last week when Kyle told him it was his turn to sit out. He's made several goals and blocked several too, much improvement from last year!

 And the sweet little couple got to sit out together!

 I was able to get a picture of all 3 of the kiddos playing... its a keeper for sure!

Last Wednesday night was missions night at church. We had to do some illustrations and well..... Amiee tried  her best at drawing a shirt, for what type of person? I have no idea... Poor Andrea's coffee mug turned out looking quite strange. I hadn't laughed so hard in a long, I had tears rolling out because I was laughing so hard at these drawings. Every time I look at it I just get tickled. 
 Brayden LOVES to draw on his board in his room. He'll draw something and then go get my phone to take pictures. I love it! He loves to tell me exactly what everything is.

 Last week our sweet baby girl ran her first fever :( This picture was on Friday after we had been to the doctor to get her check on! Turns out she just had a cold. If you know MM she doesn't like to cuddle, she doesn't want you to hold her while she goes to sleep, and most of the time she's in the floor playing. Well on Friday she stayed in my lap all day, never wanted to get down, slept in my arms most of the day. It was really broke my heart to see her not feel well at all. Thankfully she is better now :)

I just wanted to share this, this came from my bible study we are doing at church during DT. When I saw it in the margin, I just had to put a big circle around it. Some people think to themselves that God has given up on them because they think they are so lost its impossible for God to save them. I'm here to tell you, God hasn't quit on you and he is never going to quit on you either. God loves you no matter what. So, if you know someone that's having a difficult time, just let them know the God hasn't quit on them. God loves them. God is always listening!