Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whew.. What a week!!

I thought that this week would NEVER end, but thankfully it finally did. I had 2 test Thursday, 1 in Educational PSY and another in Social PSY. They are both my hardest classes but I think that I did good on the Edu.PSY test not so much on my Social PSY. :( Maybe I did better than I think that I did. He doesn't post grades on blackboard so I'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out my grade. Ohh get this, so at the beginning of the semester my edu.psy teacher tells us we need to buy a livetext code which by the way was $96.00. Even if we weren't education majors she said we still needed to buy it. So on Thursday once again she asked who were the non-education majors and there are like 3 of us in there. She says that the livetext lady is coming Tuesday to show how to work livetext, that we didn't need to know how but that she still wanted us to come to class. OKAY now.... Doesn't that seem a little strange??? First she tells us we have to buy it and now we don't need it?? WHAT??? Thats crazy and I'm not very happy about it either. Thats 96 stinkin' dollars that I could have saved. Anyway..So I pretty much studied ALL DAY Wednesday, even when I went to dance..all I did was study! I thought my brain was going to explode. I guess thats all apart of college my mother informed me!*haha* Other than that our week has just drug out so long. Probably because our Tadpole comes home Wednesday! Brayden and I are super duper excited to go pick him up. Oh and Brayden's big boy bed came in.. We haven't put it together yet because we haven't bought a mattress for it yet. I'm not sure when we'll get to that because my mother will be out of town all next week :( I  can't wait to put it together and get his comforter/pillows made for it.. I hope it turns out really cute! I could never find a comforter set that I liked so I'm just having one made! :) Yes I know, I'm very picky! I just couldn't find one that I liked and I thought fit B's personality. I went to the doctor yesterday about my wrist/hand/ know your thinking what in the world. Well last week my wrist started hurting really bad, and I just thought maybe I pulled something and it would work itself out. Of course this week the paing starts going up my arm into my elbow and down in my hand. He thinks its the tendons in my hand and gave me a cortizon shot for inflammation, but did send me to have x-rays just in case. I won't know anything about the x-rays until Monday. Right now I'm eating ibuprophen (which isn't working to well anymore) to ease the pain. It just hurts really bad to bend it, typing doesn't bother me so bad since I'm only moving my fingers. Picking up Brayden hurts bad but oh well..I have to pick him up!:) I will deal with the pain. Anywho, We don't have any plans today except probably hanging out with my daddy some. Right now, Nemo is on in the living room and Cars is on in Brayden's bedroom and I'm still having my coffee. I did a workout this morning on netflix that kicked my hiney! I thought I was going to die afterwards...*|O|* I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
The next 2 pictures is what Brayden decided to do while mommy was studying so hard for her tests on Wednesday morning...gotta love his messes he makes for me to clean up! :)
I absolutley LOVE this face!!!
We went outside about and hour before I left for dance to get some fresh air and Brayden very much enjoyed himself!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I love the smell of coffee!

To start off Tad comes home in 9 days!!! :) Brayden and I are getting very excited about going to pick him up from the airport next Wednesday. Then we're going to Chili's to eat supper! Chili's was the first place that Tad and I went out to eat together. I know how sweet*haha*. We love that place..Everytime we got to Dothan we eat Chili's. He always gets some kind of chicken with cheese and bacon on top, and I always get the chicken cajun pasta with mushrooms. SOOO YummY!!!We hardly ever get anything different. I know thatt title of this blog is strange, but I'm drinking a cup of coffee at the moment and it smells so stinkin' good. Our weekend was very low key... Friday we didn't get out of the house until around 2:30 after Brayden's nap and all. My daddy was burning the bottom field off so we went down there and boy was it HOT!! Brayden said "Fire, Wow" It was soo cute. After the field was done burning off, daddy and Brayden played outside while I waited inside to skype with Tad. Well later that day, we were all outside and daddy caught a lizard and so I told Brayden to touch it and about the time he touched it the lizard turned his head around and bit his finger. It was too funny. Brayden didn't cry at all, he just kept saying hurt and pointing his finger out. So next time you see him ask him what happened to his finger. Its the cutest thing you have ever seen when he talks about that lizard... I LOVE the way he says lizard. Saturday, we did nothing.. We walked out to Aunt Sam's house for a little while to see them and came back home when it was time for Tad to be waking up for work. He is ready to come home he says, he misses US!*haha* He says he only misses Brayden but know he misses me too. :) He has too, he loves to aggravate me too much! Here's a little preview to our busy less than month hitch while he's home. 1st weekend: Races at Kinston. 2nd weekend: Birthday planning, & Supper with The Colquett 5. 3rd weekend: Shopping and getting ready for B's b-day party. 4th weekend: Brayden's birthday party and getting things ready to leave again. It's going to be crazy but we are going to enjoy every minute of it!!! I do have Troy spring break and Opp spring break during this time so one week I'll have no school but dance, and the next school and no dance. Which is great for us. Tad sent me flight schedule for next hitch and I will be done with school next time he comes home, which means I will be dance crazy! May is going to be so crazy at dance...I'm going to need a week at the beach afterwards! =) Anyway, last year my mother and I started a tradition that we want to carry out every year... Its called a Mother/Daughter/Brayden weekend getaway! We have no idea where we want to go this year, we went to Savanna, GA last year and we had the best time. We want to go somewhere that we can drive of course but don't really want as long of a drive as Savanna was. Any suggestions let me know!! :) Ohh, AND I will be going to New York in September for a girls trip. My mother and some ladies from her work are going and my mother knew she wasn't getting away with that. Ever since my parents took me after graduation, I have wanted to go back soo bad, and have threatened any family member about going without me. If they went without me they would get the pouty treatment from me, and TRUST ME nobody wants that from Kayla!!! My speciality is making people feel bad for doing things without me..*lOl* So anyway I was very upset and told my mother she couldn't go when she told about the NYC trip, and then she informed that I could go if I wanted..I said "OHHH YEAHHH" *haha* then those dreaded words came out of her mouth..."BUT you have to pay for it" ...WHAT????? Me?? Pay for my own trip????Are you crazy mother???So I decided no that I wasn't going to go. 1: I didn't wanna pay my own way*lol* 2: I didn't want to leave Brayden. After a few days I really got to thinking about it. When I FINALLY graduate from college mother and daddy are taking me back to NYC and of course Tad and Brayden and the rest of the family are going. But I got to thinking with Brayden I won't be able to go to any broadway plays, and I love broadway plays! So, after talking with Tad about it he said I could go!!*yay* I'm going to have to leave my baby boy but I know he'll be in good hands with whoever keeps him!haha.. I'm so excited about going..If I had to live anywhere besides Opp it would be NYC! Now, if only September would get here. So yes it looks like Kayla will be making 2 trips to NYC within a years time!!! YES! SCORE!! Well thats my thoughts for today! Hope you enjoyed reading about everything...Have a Blessed Week! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

Thank goodness my week is over! It has been a long week for some reason.. Maybe because I had 2 tests yesterday and lots of homework this week, more than usual. Next week I have 2 tests too so I sure it will be another long week! My daddy kept Brayden yesterday while I was at school, they seemed to have a very fun filled day. My daddy has a target range in the driveway, I think there are 10 deer targets. Well Brayden had to pet each deer twice, so that meant that daddy had to carry him to each target 2 times. Brayden is becoming a very heavy little bugger.. He wouldn't let B walk since its starting to warm up and he was afraid there might be snakes. They rode the golf cart all over daddy said, and that Brayden kept talking about the deer.*haha* That boy loves deer...he's going to be a true hunter! Well after I got home Brayden and I had a snack, I was starving. So we shared a pop tart! :) After that he started yelling golf cart, so Daddy, B and myself went and rode the golf cart. We were going towards Aunt Sam's house and the boys and my papa were on the 4-wheeler heading to go fishing, so of course Brayden started yelling "MAX" which means he wants Max and Eli..he now calls them both Max. We went to the pond of course and watched the boys fish for a while. Max caught a shinner. Daddy likes to throw the shinners out when we catch them so Max threw the fish in the field..Well guess who went after it??? BRAYDEN!!! My daddy and I took after case of snakes.. Brayden went back and forth to the fish to the pond for awhile, then he finally just picked the fish up and took it back to the pond. He kept telling daddy "water water" which means that he wanted the fish back into the water. Well eventually daddy let Brayden throw the shinner back into the pond. The fish was going to die anyway since it had already been out of the water for so long. After that every fish the boys caught Brayden had to touch. We got him to hold a blue gill one time and the top fins stuck his hand and he got scared to hold it after that. He liked touching their eyes though..He gets that from me. I remember always wanting to touch their eyes because they were so slimy and they moved when you put your finger on them... I know your thinking we are some sure rednecks... =) Well we are! When I was younger every summer I stayed with my papa while my parents worked and just about everyday we went fishing. I love to fish, I'm just not very good at taking the fish off my hook! Now I don't mind baiting a hook as long as its crickets, worms they are just messy. I will bait a worm but if someone is with me that will bait my hook I will sure let them! I do prefer crickets though, in my opionion I tend to catch more fish. I'm hoping that my daddy is going to take Brayden, my momma and myself fishing Sunday afternoon. I'm so glad the weather is warming up and Brayden and I can get outside some. I know Tad will be happy, he hates being stuck in the house!*haha* He gets bored very easily. He has school for a week when he comes home so that shortens our time with him :( but I just think of it as he's being a very good husband and daddy by providing for Brayden and I! He's a wonderful daddy and husband..I can't complain a bit. He works hard for us to have what we want and need! :) And Brayden is becoming more and more like his daddy everyday! I don't know what I'm going to do with 2 Tad's!!!*haha* I guess just love them more.. =) Meanwhile Brayden is in the recliner right now about to conk out! We don't have any plans this weekend, my daddy is off this weekend so I'm sure we'll be hanging out with him. Ohhhh... Brayden's bed is ordered and I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait for it to get here! Now I just have to go get the fabric to get his comforter and pillow cases made! Its amazing what excites me now days...Anything about Brayden I get super excited about! I love it! His room is going to be soo stinkin' cute when its all finished. My mother bought a dresser back sometime last year and we have YET to paint it. So, Tad and I are hopefully going to get it sanded and painted while he's home. I'm still trying to work on Brayden's birthday party. Aunt Sam and I are making the party favors...I can't wait...I'm just hoping her tinting skills for royal icing are good that day! *HAHA* I love you Aunt Sam and those HOT pink bunnies last Easter! My friend Toyia is helping me with some party ideas, beacause I'm in need of some help! I can't wait to see how everything comes all together!I'm just too excited about it :) Well this post turned out longer that I thought it was going to be...I just felt like rambling this morning! I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Enjoy the outside weather!!! :)

Brayden holding the shinner. He held that fish forever, he's such a country boy!
 Brayden and his Papa T putting the fish back into the pond.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone!

We had a nice weekend..didn't do too much! Friday night I cooked us supper and had lots of leftovers to took that down to my parents so they would have supper. Then momma and I played Our House Party on the Wii, we are both very competitive at games and its def. a game that has lots of competition! ;)Saturday Brayden and I stayed in our pj's all day long.. Mother was going to order Brayden's big boy bed and of course they don't have it anymore and won't be able to get it until sometime in March, and I do not want to wait that long. We found another bed that we both like and hopefully she'll order it sometime this week! Saturday night Brayden and I watched Emma Grace for Amy and those two kids crack me up! One minute they love eachother then the next they are fighting.. They are too funny. So, today is valentine's day..Brayden and I are going to make some cupcakes afterwhile together...He loves to help bake stuff! Tad and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day. Our first valentine's day together I had a doctors appt. in Dothan and my dad went with us and we ate chili's afterwards! Our second valentine's day I was pregnant and we were broke!*haha* and then last year we were broke!*haha* This year, hopefully we will celebrate a couple weeks late, but we will be having our small valentine with us too! :) Thats totally okay with us though! The Lester Family came and sang at church yesterday..I absolutely LOVE them! They came right after we started Ino last year and I fell in love with them then. Anyway, I guess I'm going to watch Nemo with Brayden since he keeps telling me to c''s a mess.. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Brayden and his Monkey getting ready to take a nap while watching....You guessed it! NEMO! haha.. We also take this monkey everywhere we go and we have to bring a sippy cup for the monkey too!
 Instead of pulling his books and puzzles out he got the bright idea to just crawl into the shelf with the books and puzzles..Needless to say he didn't stay in there very long. I did think it was pretty funny though :)
 I love pictures of Brayden when he's sleeping
 I tried and tried to get Emma and Brayden to sit beside each other and of course it wasn't going to happen. They have a very strong Love-Hate relationship!
 I was trying to take a cute picture of us and I lost his attention as soon as I took it..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Soo Tired!

*My Sweet 22 month old Baby Boy*

First off, I've had a horrible headache since yesterday and it WILL NOT go away! It has really overstayed its welcome, as if it actually ever had one to begin with. I haven't slept in the past 3 nights and I feel like my body has absolutely no strength at all. Brayden and I were in bed before 8:00 last night, thats how bad I felt and how tired I was! Then, I coughed all stinkin' night long...just great...I've been sneezing like crazy for the past week and have had a runny nose...*ugh* I really wish mother nature would decided on a temperature and stick to it! I know God has a reason for it, but I mean REALLY?? Now Brayden has been coughing a little, this all that I need right for both of us to get sick. Anyway, Tad went to Japan our Monday his Tuesday to get his work VISA. He got back sometime last night. He looked very tired this morning, hopefully he'll get some rest before going to work in a little while. I've had several people ask whats the time difference there...He is 15 hours ahead of us! He seems to be enjoying it over there even though he doesn't work much..haha...He and several other guys went skiing, he said the snow was very dry not wet like ours, a different kind of cold there too. He has some pictures and videos on his FB page if he's your friend..check them out! I'm just glad that he didn't break anything! :) I have been swamped with schoolwork it feels like. I think the teachers at Troy campus give us more things to do than at the Dothan campus. Dothan campus is alot more laid back, I CANNOT wait to get back there! I have  3 articles each has to be 8-10 pages long due the day before Tad comes home, I have yet to start my behavior modification project(taking B's paci away), and then 2 more articles 8-10 pages long due sometime in April! Not to mention trying to plan Brayden's birthday party in between all of this. So 2 of my classes are very easy going classes(the ones that Im enjoying the most) and the other 2 are completely taking over my life. I must say that all 4 of my classes at the moment that we're learning about the same things... And alot of the information I learned in Ms. Wiggins psych classes at LBW! I do have 2 of my articles done...I'm now working on number 3 so hopefully by Monday I will have it finished with. Then I can start on the next 2 articles...I'm really wanting to have all of them finished by the time Tad gets home so that I won't have to stress while he's home about getting them done. I'm getting really excited about Brayden's birthday party and getting all the decorations and all for it. Oh and of course I'm completely stressing over things at dance!!! like always everthing is going to be last minute. I have decided to go ahead and take care of everything that is my responsibility now, so come end of April beginning of May when Mrs.S- asks me to take care of it...All I have to say is "ITS ALREADY DONE" =) I'm really anxious to see how this recital turns out, we are way behind this year (more than usual) on teaching dances, and I'm very nervous about it! Like always Whitney will most likely be teaching the ballet dances the week of recital! :) I do enjoy recital week very much, getting to spend time with everyone..going out to eat =), laughing and cutting up and all the other things we do. It's nice to be able to enjoy working and love the people your around AND get paid for it at the end of the week!*haha* Anyhow, I know ya'll just enjoy hearing about my know I only work 3 and half hours a week but I'm so busy within those hours that I never get everything done. Some days I have nothing to do and others I am completely swamped.
Brayden taking his morning nap Monday morning, I was doing homework and noticed he had fell asleep and I just had to get a picture..He looked so peaceful!
I cooked this Monday Night and it was soo yummy! I let it cook all day on low and oh my was good :)
 This is the finished product sprinkled with some shredded cheese on top!
 Brayden very much enjoyed it, he ate 2 and half bowls full!
 Trying to get every last drop! *haha*