Friday, February 18, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

Thank goodness my week is over! It has been a long week for some reason.. Maybe because I had 2 tests yesterday and lots of homework this week, more than usual. Next week I have 2 tests too so I sure it will be another long week! My daddy kept Brayden yesterday while I was at school, they seemed to have a very fun filled day. My daddy has a target range in the driveway, I think there are 10 deer targets. Well Brayden had to pet each deer twice, so that meant that daddy had to carry him to each target 2 times. Brayden is becoming a very heavy little bugger.. He wouldn't let B walk since its starting to warm up and he was afraid there might be snakes. They rode the golf cart all over daddy said, and that Brayden kept talking about the deer.*haha* That boy loves deer...he's going to be a true hunter! Well after I got home Brayden and I had a snack, I was starving. So we shared a pop tart! :) After that he started yelling golf cart, so Daddy, B and myself went and rode the golf cart. We were going towards Aunt Sam's house and the boys and my papa were on the 4-wheeler heading to go fishing, so of course Brayden started yelling "MAX" which means he wants Max and Eli..he now calls them both Max. We went to the pond of course and watched the boys fish for a while. Max caught a shinner. Daddy likes to throw the shinners out when we catch them so Max threw the fish in the field..Well guess who went after it??? BRAYDEN!!! My daddy and I took after case of snakes.. Brayden went back and forth to the fish to the pond for awhile, then he finally just picked the fish up and took it back to the pond. He kept telling daddy "water water" which means that he wanted the fish back into the water. Well eventually daddy let Brayden throw the shinner back into the pond. The fish was going to die anyway since it had already been out of the water for so long. After that every fish the boys caught Brayden had to touch. We got him to hold a blue gill one time and the top fins stuck his hand and he got scared to hold it after that. He liked touching their eyes though..He gets that from me. I remember always wanting to touch their eyes because they were so slimy and they moved when you put your finger on them... I know your thinking we are some sure rednecks... =) Well we are! When I was younger every summer I stayed with my papa while my parents worked and just about everyday we went fishing. I love to fish, I'm just not very good at taking the fish off my hook! Now I don't mind baiting a hook as long as its crickets, worms they are just messy. I will bait a worm but if someone is with me that will bait my hook I will sure let them! I do prefer crickets though, in my opionion I tend to catch more fish. I'm hoping that my daddy is going to take Brayden, my momma and myself fishing Sunday afternoon. I'm so glad the weather is warming up and Brayden and I can get outside some. I know Tad will be happy, he hates being stuck in the house!*haha* He gets bored very easily. He has school for a week when he comes home so that shortens our time with him :( but I just think of it as he's being a very good husband and daddy by providing for Brayden and I! He's a wonderful daddy and husband..I can't complain a bit. He works hard for us to have what we want and need! :) And Brayden is becoming more and more like his daddy everyday! I don't know what I'm going to do with 2 Tad's!!!*haha* I guess just love them more.. =) Meanwhile Brayden is in the recliner right now about to conk out! We don't have any plans this weekend, my daddy is off this weekend so I'm sure we'll be hanging out with him. Ohhhh... Brayden's bed is ordered and I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait for it to get here! Now I just have to go get the fabric to get his comforter and pillow cases made! Its amazing what excites me now days...Anything about Brayden I get super excited about! I love it! His room is going to be soo stinkin' cute when its all finished. My mother bought a dresser back sometime last year and we have YET to paint it. So, Tad and I are hopefully going to get it sanded and painted while he's home. I'm still trying to work on Brayden's birthday party. Aunt Sam and I are making the party favors...I can't wait...I'm just hoping her tinting skills for royal icing are good that day! *HAHA* I love you Aunt Sam and those HOT pink bunnies last Easter! My friend Toyia is helping me with some party ideas, beacause I'm in need of some help! I can't wait to see how everything comes all together!I'm just too excited about it :) Well this post turned out longer that I thought it was going to be...I just felt like rambling this morning! I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Enjoy the outside weather!!! :)

Brayden holding the shinner. He held that fish forever, he's such a country boy!
 Brayden and his Papa T putting the fish back into the pond.

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