Monday, February 21, 2011

I love the smell of coffee!

To start off Tad comes home in 9 days!!! :) Brayden and I are getting very excited about going to pick him up from the airport next Wednesday. Then we're going to Chili's to eat supper! Chili's was the first place that Tad and I went out to eat together. I know how sweet*haha*. We love that place..Everytime we got to Dothan we eat Chili's. He always gets some kind of chicken with cheese and bacon on top, and I always get the chicken cajun pasta with mushrooms. SOOO YummY!!!We hardly ever get anything different. I know thatt title of this blog is strange, but I'm drinking a cup of coffee at the moment and it smells so stinkin' good. Our weekend was very low key... Friday we didn't get out of the house until around 2:30 after Brayden's nap and all. My daddy was burning the bottom field off so we went down there and boy was it HOT!! Brayden said "Fire, Wow" It was soo cute. After the field was done burning off, daddy and Brayden played outside while I waited inside to skype with Tad. Well later that day, we were all outside and daddy caught a lizard and so I told Brayden to touch it and about the time he touched it the lizard turned his head around and bit his finger. It was too funny. Brayden didn't cry at all, he just kept saying hurt and pointing his finger out. So next time you see him ask him what happened to his finger. Its the cutest thing you have ever seen when he talks about that lizard... I LOVE the way he says lizard. Saturday, we did nothing.. We walked out to Aunt Sam's house for a little while to see them and came back home when it was time for Tad to be waking up for work. He is ready to come home he says, he misses US!*haha* He says he only misses Brayden but know he misses me too. :) He has too, he loves to aggravate me too much! Here's a little preview to our busy less than month hitch while he's home. 1st weekend: Races at Kinston. 2nd weekend: Birthday planning, & Supper with The Colquett 5. 3rd weekend: Shopping and getting ready for B's b-day party. 4th weekend: Brayden's birthday party and getting things ready to leave again. It's going to be crazy but we are going to enjoy every minute of it!!! I do have Troy spring break and Opp spring break during this time so one week I'll have no school but dance, and the next school and no dance. Which is great for us. Tad sent me flight schedule for next hitch and I will be done with school next time he comes home, which means I will be dance crazy! May is going to be so crazy at dance...I'm going to need a week at the beach afterwards! =) Anyway, last year my mother and I started a tradition that we want to carry out every year... Its called a Mother/Daughter/Brayden weekend getaway! We have no idea where we want to go this year, we went to Savanna, GA last year and we had the best time. We want to go somewhere that we can drive of course but don't really want as long of a drive as Savanna was. Any suggestions let me know!! :) Ohh, AND I will be going to New York in September for a girls trip. My mother and some ladies from her work are going and my mother knew she wasn't getting away with that. Ever since my parents took me after graduation, I have wanted to go back soo bad, and have threatened any family member about going without me. If they went without me they would get the pouty treatment from me, and TRUST ME nobody wants that from Kayla!!! My speciality is making people feel bad for doing things without me..*lOl* So anyway I was very upset and told my mother she couldn't go when she told about the NYC trip, and then she informed that I could go if I wanted..I said "OHHH YEAHHH" *haha* then those dreaded words came out of her mouth..."BUT you have to pay for it" ...WHAT????? Me?? Pay for my own trip????Are you crazy mother???So I decided no that I wasn't going to go. 1: I didn't wanna pay my own way*lol* 2: I didn't want to leave Brayden. After a few days I really got to thinking about it. When I FINALLY graduate from college mother and daddy are taking me back to NYC and of course Tad and Brayden and the rest of the family are going. But I got to thinking with Brayden I won't be able to go to any broadway plays, and I love broadway plays! So, after talking with Tad about it he said I could go!!*yay* I'm going to have to leave my baby boy but I know he'll be in good hands with whoever keeps him!haha.. I'm so excited about going..If I had to live anywhere besides Opp it would be NYC! Now, if only September would get here. So yes it looks like Kayla will be making 2 trips to NYC within a years time!!! YES! SCORE!! Well thats my thoughts for today! Hope you enjoyed reading about everything...Have a Blessed Week! :)

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  1. Hey.... gonna tell you... we went to NYC when Heidi was 17 months old... Kyle wasn't all about going to the show anyway... so he stayed at the hotel and let her nap while we went to the show and it all worked out perfectly.