Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Soo Tired!

*My Sweet 22 month old Baby Boy*

First off, I've had a horrible headache since yesterday and it WILL NOT go away! It has really overstayed its welcome, as if it actually ever had one to begin with. I haven't slept in the past 3 nights and I feel like my body has absolutely no strength at all. Brayden and I were in bed before 8:00 last night, thats how bad I felt and how tired I was! Then, I coughed all stinkin' night long...just great...I've been sneezing like crazy for the past week and have had a runny nose...*ugh* I really wish mother nature would decided on a temperature and stick to it! I know God has a reason for it, but I mean REALLY?? Now Brayden has been coughing a little, this all that I need right for both of us to get sick. Anyway, Tad went to Japan our Monday his Tuesday to get his work VISA. He got back sometime last night. He looked very tired this morning, hopefully he'll get some rest before going to work in a little while. I've had several people ask whats the time difference there...He is 15 hours ahead of us! He seems to be enjoying it over there even though he doesn't work much..haha...He and several other guys went skiing, he said the snow was very dry not wet like ours, a different kind of cold there too. He has some pictures and videos on his FB page if he's your friend..check them out! I'm just glad that he didn't break anything! :) I have been swamped with schoolwork it feels like. I think the teachers at Troy campus give us more things to do than at the Dothan campus. Dothan campus is alot more laid back, I CANNOT wait to get back there! I have  3 articles each has to be 8-10 pages long due the day before Tad comes home, I have yet to start my behavior modification project(taking B's paci away), and then 2 more articles 8-10 pages long due sometime in April! Not to mention trying to plan Brayden's birthday party in between all of this. So 2 of my classes are very easy going classes(the ones that Im enjoying the most) and the other 2 are completely taking over my life. I must say that all 4 of my classes at the moment that we're learning about the same things... And alot of the information I learned in Ms. Wiggins psych classes at LBW! I do have 2 of my articles done...I'm now working on number 3 so hopefully by Monday I will have it finished with. Then I can start on the next 2 articles...I'm really wanting to have all of them finished by the time Tad gets home so that I won't have to stress while he's home about getting them done. I'm getting really excited about Brayden's birthday party and getting all the decorations and all for it. Oh and of course I'm completely stressing over things at dance!!! like always everthing is going to be last minute. I have decided to go ahead and take care of everything that is my responsibility now, so come end of April beginning of May when Mrs.S- asks me to take care of it...All I have to say is "ITS ALREADY DONE" =) I'm really anxious to see how this recital turns out, we are way behind this year (more than usual) on teaching dances, and I'm very nervous about it! Like always Whitney will most likely be teaching the ballet dances the week of recital! :) I do enjoy recital week very much, getting to spend time with everyone..going out to eat =), laughing and cutting up and all the other things we do. It's nice to be able to enjoy working and love the people your around AND get paid for it at the end of the week!*haha* Anyhow, I know ya'll just enjoy hearing about my know I only work 3 and half hours a week but I'm so busy within those hours that I never get everything done. Some days I have nothing to do and others I am completely swamped.
Brayden taking his morning nap Monday morning, I was doing homework and noticed he had fell asleep and I just had to get a picture..He looked so peaceful!
I cooked this Monday Night and it was soo yummy! I let it cook all day on low and oh my was good :)
 This is the finished product sprinkled with some shredded cheese on top!
 Brayden very much enjoyed it, he ate 2 and half bowls full!
 Trying to get every last drop! *haha*

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  1. Is that Gumbo that you cooked?? You have LOTS going on... don't beat yourself up!!! Take it easy sometimes!