Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Family Cruise 2015

We took our very first family cruise in June. I must say that it was quite an adventure. Much different than our first cruise which was before kids. Needless to say it is a vacation we will never forget. You ready for this? Tad, Brayden, Mollie Mae, and myself all got the stomach virus!!!!! YES, we did! It was terrible. We boarded the boat on Saturday, I got sick after dinner than night. I felt terrible the next day, by Monday I was feeling better but still weak. Monday we were in Half Moon Cay, by the end of the day there, Tad starting feeling bad. Once we got back to the room, he was sick. Mollie Mae wasn't far behind him on getting sick. At that time I was taking care of Tad and MM, but thankfully Brayden was fine. He went to dinner with my parents and ended up staying in there room. We were all sleeping and my momma came to the balcony door and said "Kayla, Brayden is sick" So, here we go again. THANK GOODNESS, he only got sick once. When he came to our room and he laid down, he never threw up again. The next day, Tuesday, was Atlantis day... my family didn't feel well at all to begin with, but luckily felt good enough to enjoy some water fun. Wednesday was a sea day and we played on the water slides most of the day. Tad took the kids to the room for their nap, I think he wanted to nap. While I had mongolian wok for lunch with momma, Gail and Anna. That night, I was carrying MM, we were being seated for dinner and she threw up, it was only a little bit so I decided I would just wipe off at the table. I took like 2 more steps and she let it go...It got in the dinner room floor, I just took off out of the dinning room. I turned the corner out of the dinning room and a lady walked in front of me and wouldn't move. Ya know what? That was a bad thing to do. MM threw up again when the lady did that, and yes it happened...Throw up got on that lady. She gave me the worst look ever and all I could say was I am so sorry and I took off running as best as I could in heels on a ship! Everyone was staring at me because obviously I had throw up all over me. Tad tried his best for me to go back to eat in the dining room but I was mortified... So, he and Brayden enjoyed dinner with friends while I took care of MM and I ordered room service. My mom thinks she may have gotten sea sick, you could feel the boat a little more that night... plus we know she gets car sick. We were so happy on Thursday to see land! Don't ask when our next family cruise is, because I will say never! I just told my family that we will just have to fly to the places until kids get older. Here are some pictures :)

About to leave the house for our at the time we didn't know it eventful vacation.
 Headed out to Benny's for supper
 Izzy had sent the kids gifts for them to have once we got to our room. They loved it!

 Half Moon Cay was absolutely gorgeous!

MM couldn't take it anymore, she was exhausted from playing in the water.

 You can just look at them and tell they still didn't feel good.

It actually was a lot of fun and we did enjoy it. Maybe whenever we get brave enough for another cruise we won't get sick.