Monday, May 18, 2015

Anything and Everything Part 2

I'm doing these posts completely backwards, but if you know me...Thats how I do most of my stuff! Anway, here we go! :)

Starting with Christmas! Mollie Mae was so sick over Christmas, nothing made her happy. She cried a lot and wanted to be held most of the time.

Just a few random pictures for you :)

Then it was time for my birthday! My AWESOME husband and parents surprised with a trip to New York. My absolute favorite place to be! I have been begging to go for the past year probably, and they finally took the hint :) My mom, Aunt Gail and I went and we stayed at Double Tree on Times Square.

 When I tell you we were cold...we WERE COLD! We have never spent so much time in the hotel room before. We were exhausted every night, and we would sleep until like 9 or so the next morning. Never have we slept late like that in NYC before either. After wearing uggs, 5 layers of clothes, and a jacket that weighed 20lbs by wore us out! It was so worth it though and I would do it again.

 We made fun of Gail, we called her the pigeon lady from Home Alone. 

I had to pick up Sophie one day from preschool.

 Then golf lessons started....
And more random pictures

Brayden turned 6 in Aprl, we didn't do a party this year. We bought the birthday package at Auburn and took him to an Auburn baseball game.

And here are some pictures from this past week. Tad and I went to lake Charles last Sunday and came home on Tuesday night. Saturday the Colquett 5 went with us to Destin to the crab flats to ride the boat.

I sure love this guy with all my heart! So glad God has done wonderful things in our marriage. Beyond thankful for him and what he does for me.