Monday, May 11, 2015

Anything and Everything.

My computer has been going crazy and it would take about 2 hours to blog and put the pictures on a blog. So, that is my excuse for being so behind on my blogging... and I'm sticking to the excuse! I now have a new computer, that I am still learning how to work and I haven't gotten much of anything figured out about it yet. It's a work in progress :) I am not really sure how to do this blog because I am so far along, so I think I'll just share some pictures and go from there.

I'll start with some random pictures... They are in no order! no judging TC!

The Colquett Family and my family went to a monster truck show in Montgomery. It was not anyone that we knew but had so much fun! It was LOUD!

In February, Toyia, Ashley, April and myself had a moms night out. We had pedicures, went shopping and out to eat. We had a blast! Love those girls! April bless her heart, she'll learn not to send me photos like this of her!
 And who walks in the movies to get popcorn and drinks without actually watching a movie? Thats right! WE DO!

Ta surprised with tickets to see Eric Church in concert!

During Spring Break we took the kids to Gulf World in PCB, they absolutely loved it. A sea lion came right up in front us, like I had to move my feet so he wouldn't step on them. The dolphin show was amazing.

Friday, May 1st was Brayden's first Field Day! He did wonderful and had so much fun!

This past Friday was Brayden's kindergarten program at school. He did so good, Tad and I were so proud of him. He had been practicing at home for awhile. Mollie Mae enjoyed big a girl while we waited for the program to start.

 We LOVE Mrs. Cassady! I don't know what we would have done without her! We are so thankful that Brayden loves her and that she loves him like her own. We will miss her so much next year.

We bought a boat last time Tad was home and this past weekend we finally go to take it out! We are hooked! We want to take it out everyday now. Summertime please hurry up and get here!

 There were hermit crabs everywhere, Brayden was having a blast picking the up. I think at one time he had 22 at a time . So Izzy suggested that we race them. We lined them all up and let them race back to the water. Needless to say the water keep pushing them back up onto the sand. Brayden finally just had to put them all back in the water.

 Our first family photo on the boat.
Okay, I promise to do another blog soon, with some other exciting things thats happened to the Tisdale's since my last blog. Right now, I have got to go to the gym before its time for lunch with my hubby.

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  1. No judging here!!! Mine are pretty random most of the time :)!! Glad you finally did a post. Now keep it up!!