Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Christmas! *haha*

So yesterday, Brayen informed me that Halloween was over and that Christmas was yesterday. ???? I didn't get the memo and I'm sure most of you didn't either that Christmas was before Thanksgiving this year and that it was yesterday! So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas *lol* We've been trying for a week now to understand that Thanksgiving is next and that we have all these things that God has given us to be thankful for, and obviously it isn't registering in Brayden's head. :) That kid is something else now! When I ask him to clean up the living room or put his toys away, he ALWAYS replies with "My stomach hurts" or "My feet are broke" or " My hands don't work" ??? Seriously?? If thats the case, when its time to do laundry its hurt my feet to walk to the laundry room and my hands don't know how to fold or iron clothes AND my tummy hurts and I just don't want to do it! How about that? ;)

I subbed Thursday and Friday of last week, I had 8th graders both days.. And I asked them.. Do ya'll really act like this all the time? The responed with Yes! Ohh dear... Poor teachers! Nah they were really good on Friday after I showed the "REAL" Kayla! I just don't think that me and my friends acted like that in the 8th grade? I had one student ask me to tell them some funny stories about what me and my friends did when we were their age. I didn't think that was a good idea! *L* What do you think Nina and Tiffany??? Telling them to disobey their momma's to go riding uptown with their BF's brother??? BAHAHA! Sorry Mom! But you know I did :) Or skipping the school dance to go rolling in Straughn and telling your parents you were at the dance??? What you think Nina?? All I know is that Landon and Brayden are most likely going to be the death of me when they hit the teenage years! Cause if they are ANYTHING like Nina and I were....OHHHHHH BOY! I better invest in several more wooden spoons because I have a feeling I'm going to use them alot and break them often! I've already told Nina that Brayden isn't allowed to spend the night with them, cause I know whats happens...My mom let me stay with Nina WAY to much! *lol* Tiffany probably won't have any kids, so Brayden will like staying with her....but I'm sure I won't! Yes, Tiff you know you'll be that confused old person that we always saw riding around up town checking us out! :) You know I love you though! Tiff and I never really got into trouble together, we just always did the stupidest stuff, I mean who thinks of making a slipNslide out of shower curtains and using Tide detergent as soap??? I mean really??? And by the way using Tide detergent(not the liquid kind) for soap will give you a rash!!! We would ride around town, Tiff would have on her glasses and her moms lab coat all the way up to steering wheel and I would be all the way laid back in the seat listening to "scary" music! I'd rather not tell you alot of stories about Tiff and I because you would be here ALL day reading and laughing and then look at me different when you see me... YES, we were really that stupid!

Okay so anyway, Brayden is awake and needs his mommy :) I'll post pictures next time! I hope you enjoyed a laugh this morning!!!