Monday, January 30, 2012

So glad to have a new week!

This was last Saturday night, Brayden wanted to join in on Mommy and Daddy's game.

My 2 crazy boys! They are such a mess.

Potty Training is going good, the only thing is he will only go if he has his potty. Tiff and I had a great day in Dothan shopping last Tuesday. So on Tuesday afternoon, Tad calls and says I think somethings wrong with my truck, okay now we just bought this truck on that Saturday. He took it to Ballard's and they said that the barrons were going bad. So, he just went ahead and took it over to Enterprise to Bondy's. They said they same thing. Then they tell Tad they can't fix it because it has a lift and the warranty is voided...OHHH NO! They tell Tad its about $3000 to fix it, needless to say Kayla and Tad aren't paying to have it fixed. Anyway, they told us to come back over there on Thursday morning, that the general manager would be there and see what he says about fixing it. We got over there on Thursday and they are going to fix it! We have decided to go ahead and take the lift off just in case something else happens and they won't pay for it to be fixed next time. Well Wednesday night B starts coughing and having trouble breathing while he was sleeping. I just watched over him and made sure he was breathing okay. Friday night we went bowling and right when we got home, we gave B some cough medicine and Tad just got him in our bed when he started throwing the medicine up! UGH!!!! Tad had to go down to my parents and get some more sheets. Long night..We woke up Saturday morning with a fever :( I went ahead and took him to the doctor. Thankfully his doctor's have a Saturday and Sunday clinic! :) Of course I drove all the way to Dothan and paid a $20 copay for the Doctor to tell me that I'm already doing everything I can do for him. It was also Landon's birthday party day, and we weren't able to go because of B's 102 fever he ran all day.. :( I felt horrible for missing it. Thankfully Nina understood and hopefully isn't to mad at me :)

Brayden and I had a wonderful Friday, we just played and played. He needed a fort so I built him one :)
 I was getting ready to head to Enterprise on Friday night for a friend's birthday and while I was getting dressed I caught B in the bathroom. *L* I think he was getting all "pretty" for Sophie! *bahaha*
 This was on our way to Enterprise, he wasn't very happy that I was taking pictures of him while he was watching Scooby Doo.

Daddy and B watching somebody bowl, B was very WILD at the bowling alley! Whew!
My sick baby boy, he fell asleep watching a movie on my phone.

I'm hoping that nothing breaks, nobody gets sick and that Tad kills a BIG buck this week! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Potty Training.

Well I started working with B last week on potty training and it didn't go so well. So, I tried again on Sunday after we got home from church and he did great! He used the potty several times. I did put a diaper back on him before we went back to church though..I didn't want any accidents! Since we were home all day yesterday and didn't go anywhere ( We let Tadpole do the errands :)) He either had his big boy "panties"as he calls them or would just go commando! Tad wasn't big on the commando thing so he had to wear his "panties" most of the day. He did wonderful, he only had one accident the whole day. So proud of him... Maybe he's actually getting an interest in it now, before he could care less about going to the potty. I've explained to him that his Best Friends Karter and Landon don't wear diapers anymore and they are Big boys rather than little boys in diapers! Anyway, our weekend was good, Tad got home around 5:30 on Friday,so it was nice to have him home pretty early ;). Saturday we got up early and headed to B-ham to get Tad's new truck...He got a black Tacoma..Its very nice, and I hope he's happy with it! :) Thankfully Tad's dad was able to go with us and drive the Tahoe back home...I've never drove on the interstate and I didn't want to start on Saturday by myself. I haven't mentioned in my previous blogs but Brayden has been paci free for almost 3 weeks :) YAY! I have been forgetting to mention that in my blogs, and its something that I'm very proud of B for accomplishing :) Today, Tiff and I are going to Dothan to get Landon a birthday present for his party Saturday and I need to get some paper to do a bulletin board and I'm also going to start looking for stuff for B's b-day party :) I need to get a head start.. Sooo... I do have new pictures over the past couple of days BUT Brayden is begging to watch a movie on the computer, so I must let him watch his movie while he eats breakfast ;) Have a nice week everyone!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

PaJama Day(s) :)

Monday B and I had the most wonderful day. We stayed in our jamma's all day long. I didn't even get a shower until 6 last night...thats how lazy we were. We watched movies, played with his toys, and just laid on the couch as much as possible. Last week it seemed like we had something we had to do everyday and didn't get to just relax any. I know most people work and don't get to relax much, but if you know me..I need my laziness. I don't function well on low sleep, not enough relaxation, and having to much to do.. I will stress myself completely out and my body just shuts down. Anyway, our day was great, but would have been better if Tadpole would have been home with us. Tuesday, B went to school while I went grocery shopping, came home and cleaned  bathrooms, vaccumed, washed clothes, and did the dishes. That pretty much consumed my time till around 2:10 when I had to head back to town to pick up the kids from school and get B. Tiff came over around 4 and we broke out the new Just Dance 3 that I got for my birthday. We did a few songs and we're TIRED*L* haha, B even did a couple of songs with us. We went over to Nina's around 6 to cook supper and watch our tv shows and let the boys play...well fight with each other *haha* I love when we all get together and cook supper and hang out, and of course talk about everything we can think of :) We didn't get home until 11:35? I think...It was late and yes those 2 boys were still awake and running around everywhere.  Yesterday, Brayden and I had a mommy/B day. We did nothing..I did get a shower and get dressed, B however stayed in his PJ's all day. Neither one of us felt great, his nose has been running like crazy and my throat started hurting Tuesday night. Yesterday it just started getting worse, like every time I swallow its like swallowing needles :(  We did go to town to pick up the kids from school and take them home.  I felt so bad last night, B asked to go to church, but my throat hurt so bad and my head hurt..I just didn't feel like getting up and getting dressed. Awful I know, I did have a small meltdown yesterday, don't ask me why... So today, I have taken B to school and dropped Tad's truck off to be washed and cleaned. Thankful that my MIL doesn't work today and was able to pick me up and bring me home and will come back to pick me up and take me to get the truck when its done. Tadpole comes home tomorrow, I'm super excited :) Anyway, I've got more clothes to wash today and I need to wash the bed sheets...Hope everyone has a great Thursday and Friday and a wonderful weekend :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

What a week!

I'll just begin with Tuesday! :)

Tuesday was B's first day back at daycare from a 3 week vacation. After I dropped him off I swung by my MIL's house and visited with her for awhile. Then I went to Maurices to see if I could find some straight legged jeans to wear with my boots and I had no luck, but I did get 2 cute shirts, 2 neckleces, and some fingernail polish. I came back to Opp and got a few groceries and cleaned up the house some. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up B and the Russell kiddos from school. They and yes myself needed a snack so we went by Mr.Henry's for a drink and chips! After Aunt Sam got home B and I went home to see Izzy and Papa T. They were finally home from New Orleans. We spend a few hours with them and came home around 8:30 for bath and get ready to watch Teen Mom 2! I love that show. :) Wednesday I had a hair appointment, so I took B to school again and I came home to wash clothes. My appointment wasn't until 2:30 so I picked B up from school and took him to his Granny's house to play for awhile. I was done around 4 something so I got B and we went and picked up Oki Grace from the after school program at OES. So, B and I came home to cook supper and get him a bath before church...Well after I ate my supper my stomach wasn't feeling so well.... And if you know me I don't go anywhere if my stomach hurts... Brayden and I just went and saw Izzy and Papa T for a little bit. When we got home there was a mouse behind my microwave!!!! I HATE mice....HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM!!! Of course I called my daddy and he wouldn't come get it for me :( He knows I hate those dern things! So I got the broom and used it to move the microwave and a few minutes later that little mouse ran out and went behind my stove. UGH! I was freaking out. I text Nina to see if she had any glue boards, she called and said she didn't... :( Then she said get a flash light and lay on the floor and see if he's still under the stove... WHAT?? I was SOOOO not doing that! And I didn't. Thursday I took B to school and I immediately went by Phillips for some glue boards...I got several! I put one between my counter and the frig..which is where I normally see them at. I was out of clorox wipes to wipe the counters off so I just had to put that off for awhile. Good thing is I wasn't home long. I got dressed and headed to Andy to meet Tiff for a lunch date :) We of course sat there forever after we got done eating. It's just our thing...We eat and then we sit there for an hour or two chatting. I stopped by Fred's on the way home and picked up lysol and clorox wipes :):) I didn't have time to clean the counters then cause it was time to get B and the Russell kiddos from school. When we got home I sure enough got my counters clean! I even moved the microwave so little mice can't hide back there anymore! By yesterday afternoon I still hadn't caught a mouse, but normally they don't come inside till night when it gets really cold. Nina and Landon came over to work on Landon's birthday banner for his party. Nina bought us Howards for supper for paying me for using my cricut! *L*... I didn't complain! haha... I enjoyed cricutting with her cause she had no idea how the machine even worked. I think she was a little fascinated. We did get the banner cut out and glued though and it is really cute! Thats my first banner and I'm glad I used Nina as a guniea pig because I want to do B's too! :) Now I know I can do it! Today I got up and walked into the living room to turn on the heat because B and I were freezing. We save money by turning it off and we sleep under our electric blanket :)Before walking back into the kitchen to fix my coffee I looked over at the glue board just to check to see if I had a mouse and guess what? I had gotten that little mouse!!!! I was SUCH a big girl and picked up the glue board and took it outside to the garbage! Now Tadpole don't expect me to do when your home :) So now we have Maxwell James with us, him and B are playing I spy on the Wii while I blog. Tonight my momma is taking me out for a girls night and we are going to Myori's. I wanted to go last weekend for my birthday, its kind of a tradition we always go to Japanese for my birthday. Last week just didn't work out good because of my daddy going back to work, and getting Tadpole ready to head to Houston this week.  So we are going tonight, Aunt Sam is going and I'm not sure if Aunt Gail is going or not.. Brayden is gonna go spend some time with his Granny and Pawpaw. I'm already craving some sushi and rice. Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

The pictures from Monday

The Birthday Boy

I had to get a picture of Nina's belly! I sure can't wait to meet miss Baylie! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Terrible Two's or High Strung Child???

To begin with, its been meltdowns meltdowns meltdowns at the Tisdale house... Saturday Tad B and I went to Dothan to have a day together and get Tadpole a North Face jacket since Eagle Eye was having a GREAT sale. We had a giftcard for Chili's :) I know your all surprised that we ate there*L* Brayden was so bad in Chili's, I think thats the first time that Tad and I have ever been really embarrased from all his screaming and crying :( I normally can tune it out and it doesn't bother me, but Saturday was awful.. I just wanted to cry. So we are as fast as we could and got out of there. We went a few more places after that and headed back home!!! We had a wonderful night, we just relaxed. Brayden went down to Izzy and Papa T's house for a little bit. Tad and I ate supper, watched a movie, finished the laundry and then I went and got B and came back home. Tad left early Sunday morning for Texas and Brayden and I headed to church. We started the Not a Fan series, which is sooo good by the way. I was looking forward to Sunday night after watching the first part Sunday morning. After church we are lunch with Nina and Landon at Rancho, by the way was packed out!! How did lunch go??? HORRIBLE! What did B do the whole time??? you guessed it...SCREAMED! I had to take him to the bathroom and have a come to Jesus meeting. So my nerves were shot by the time we got our food, his screaming and Rancho being packed out did not mix.. I don't do well in big crowds like that at all!!! When we got home I immediately changed both of our clothes and made B lay down for a nap. That didn't go so well so I rocked him..when that didn't work I made him lay on my bed and watch tv till he fell asleep...Guess what? That didn't work either! He cried and cried the whole day... Oh I forgot to mention that while we were at Rancho, he bit the fire out of right palm. It hurt so bad, but I just let him do it.  Needless to say Brayden didn't get a nap yesterday, and I was not about to take him to church for him to act a fool and his teachers have to put up with his screaming. So I had to miss the second part of the Not a Fan series :(. About 6 last night I just gave B a bath, thinking it might help him go to sleep.. When we get out of bath we always brush our teeth. Brayden of course had a meltdown about me brushing his teeth and bit my left arm. I have a huge bruise today. He didn't end up going to bed until after 10 last night.. I text Tad and told him I have no idea whats going on with Brayden but we have got to fix it! Then Aunt Sam called cause I had texted her letting her know why we weren't at church and text her a pic of my arm. After I got off the phone with her, I just completely had a meltdown myself... I just sat on the couch and cried my eyes out. I never cry, I'm NOT a cryer (sp?) at all.. But I had had all I could yesterday and needed to let it out. Today, we went to Dothan for Landon's birthday! He's 3 years old today!!! Happy Birthday Landon Parker, B and I love you bunches :) We celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese's and the boys had a ball. We were pretty much the only people there so we just let them run wild for the most part. Nina and I enjoyed playing a few games too ;) Then we went and did a little shopping... So who do you think whose child has a meltdown leaving Hobby Lobby??? Yes, your right, My child! He was screaming, crying, kicking...everything you can think of. Nina said, "does he do this everytime yall shop" my answer was "Yes, Now you know why we shop while he's a daycare!!!!" So, no nap today either... The boys fussed half way home...They are more like brothers than best friends! It was that "he's touching me" kind of fussing. UGH! Nina and I just talked louder! *haha* Anyway, B just fell asleep and its after 10 AGAIN. It's back to daycare this week, but we are super excited that we will be spending our afternoons with the Russell Kiddos! I'm picking them up this week and next week from school. I'm praying that the terrible two's or whatever is going on with Brayden goes away fast. I love that boy with all my heart, but boy oh boy I could do without the screaming and kicking because I don't get my way meltdowns. I'm getting tired and I'm to lazy to get my camera and upload the pictures from today, but I promise to do it tomorrow ;) I hope everyone is having a great night!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

B's first haircut, New Years Eve, Nina's baby supper..

Little B got his first haircut last Thursday, :(. I know I know, most children get their first haircut around a year but my child didn't have hair at a year old. So he was 2 years and 8 1/2 months old for his first haircut! He looks like a big boy now with his baby curl in the back :( He screamed the WHOLE time while Nonnie cut his hair...he hated it! After it was all over I gave him a ring pop even though he screamed. I don't have any pictures of him during the haircut on my camera but my mom does. I had to hold him while Nonnie was cutting his hair so I wasn't able to snap shots! But I do have some of his hair in a plastic bag for a keepsake!

New Years Eve we just hung out at my parents house, my Uncle Rusty,Wendy and 3 kids, Aunt Chan and Tucker came over. Uncle Rusty had set up his music equipment so he could entertain us with his awesome singing ;) The Auburn game was on so of course my husband was glued to the TV for awhile!

What a sweet picture!
Daddy and B shooting fireworks! B enjoyed helping. 
My handsome hubby

Tucker, JC and Brayden watching the fireworks
Izzy and B say "wow" *L* 
JC acting crazy, but look at Reedo's sweet smile :)

Me and my crazy hubby

Last night we had Nina a baby supper for baby Baylie. I made some cupcakes and Tiff and I cooked hamburger steak w/ gravy, mashed potatos, macoroniNcheese. It was yummy! Then we gave Nina her baby gifts. Tiff nor my gift was wrappped! haha... hers was in the JCP bag and mine was in the target bag. :) I got Nina a Avent sterilizer, which you she knew thats what I was getting her. I had to order it online so it wasn't here in time to give it to her last night, but it should be here today. So I just bought her some new bottle nipples, girly washclothes and some pink hangers! Last night was the first night that we've all been able to hang out together in several months. I enjoy getting together with them and letting Landon and B play...well fight together...bahaha... You would think they were brothers or something with the way that they fight with each other. Nina and Tiff tend to think that B is going to be like me and boss Landon around...haha...probably true. I still boss Nina and Tiff around even though they are older than me... They know I do it because I only want to the best for them, and of course to do things my way! :) They're learning though... Now that we're older they tend to ask me my opinion before they do something... rather than do it and I chew them out about it.. *haha*

Nina's redneck gift wrapping :)

Brayden and I slept till almost 8 this morning, we were tired! He was supposed to go to school this morning since he hasn't been in 2 weeks but he's been coughing pretty bad this morning :( but seemed to start feeling better after about an hour of being up. I had planned on going to Dothan today to swap my mother's north face jacket for her, but I think I'll just go tomorrow. Instead we have been relaxing and went and had lunch with Nina and Landon.Tadpole got up in the freezing cold this morning and went hunting... I can't believe he went..its entirely to cold outside to sit in a tree stand. Now, we are at home being lazy once again. I've been trying to get B to take a nap for over an hour now, and I've made no progress. Looks like he won't be getting to go swing today if he doesn't take a nap soon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A look back at The Tisdale's 2011

We had a few changes in 2011, that was good for our family! We become more than blessed in 2011 and we owe it all to the Lord above for all our blessings :)
I'm just going to post pictures with titles of the things that happened in 2011!

Mommy turned 22...WOW! I'm getting older
 Daddy got a new job working in S.Korea for Vantage Drilling. This picture was the day before he left for the first time! :(
 Brayden enjoyed holding his first fish, that he played with for a good while. *L*
The next few pictures are from our very first family beach trip together. (without our parents)

Brayden turns 2, He loved Nemo and wanted a Nemo party!

 Tad fell in love with a sweet/pretty baby girl named Sophie. He now has babygirl fever!

Brayden's day trip to the beach with Mommy and Auntie Tiff

Mommy got a cricut and I absolutely LOVE it!
I attended my first Psychology Conference and did a poster presentation!

My Best Girl's Tiffany and Nina graduated from college, and I was super proud of their accomplishment! I love these girls to the moon and back! :)
DRS school of Dance closed, and I put my tap shoes on my closet shelf :(. We also lost a wonderful man Doc, that will forever be in my heart. 

  Our second annual Mother/Daughter/Brayden trip to PCB In June.
 Brayden learned how much fun it was to play in a cooler full of water... the things his Papa T lets this boy do! *L*
 Brayden got his own big boy bed!
 Our first official pet, FISH!
Our annual Family Beach trip to Destin, 4 families, 15 people under one roof for 7 days...WOW!

 Mommy and Daddy got a date night and went to the Melting Pot! YUMMY YUMMY, but we can only afford it once a year! haha
 Daddy got a new truck!
 Luke Pierce joined our family as our new dog! We sure do love our psycho dog!
 Daddy racked up, he also got a new lawnmower
 Brayden become a partner at ROPH, I think he's got it under control... Go see Brayden Tisdale, toddler accountant at ROPH for all your tax needs! :)

 Daddy was sweet to mommy and bought me a new ring for out 3 year anniversary! I love it.
 We attended our second AU game together!
 I went back to NYC on a girls trip...I love NYC and can't wait to take B and Tadpole.

  Halloween 2011
I had to have my gallbladder taken out and wasn't able to shower for 3 days!
 Christmas 2011
 Brayden started daycare back in June and these were for his party for school. Also, my first time making buttercream icing by myself.
To end this post, I want to say that I am thankful for everything that Tadpole does for Brayden and I. We wouldn't have had such a great year if it weren't for him and our Lord and Savior! Tadpole drives me slap dab crazy most of the time but in the end I love that guy more than I could ever explain. Sometimes I think I can't live with him, but I more importantly can't live without him. So, anyway I hope 2012 is as good to us as 2011 was.