Monday, January 30, 2012

So glad to have a new week!

This was last Saturday night, Brayden wanted to join in on Mommy and Daddy's game.

My 2 crazy boys! They are such a mess.

Potty Training is going good, the only thing is he will only go if he has his potty. Tiff and I had a great day in Dothan shopping last Tuesday. So on Tuesday afternoon, Tad calls and says I think somethings wrong with my truck, okay now we just bought this truck on that Saturday. He took it to Ballard's and they said that the barrons were going bad. So, he just went ahead and took it over to Enterprise to Bondy's. They said they same thing. Then they tell Tad they can't fix it because it has a lift and the warranty is voided...OHHH NO! They tell Tad its about $3000 to fix it, needless to say Kayla and Tad aren't paying to have it fixed. Anyway, they told us to come back over there on Thursday morning, that the general manager would be there and see what he says about fixing it. We got over there on Thursday and they are going to fix it! We have decided to go ahead and take the lift off just in case something else happens and they won't pay for it to be fixed next time. Well Wednesday night B starts coughing and having trouble breathing while he was sleeping. I just watched over him and made sure he was breathing okay. Friday night we went bowling and right when we got home, we gave B some cough medicine and Tad just got him in our bed when he started throwing the medicine up! UGH!!!! Tad had to go down to my parents and get some more sheets. Long night..We woke up Saturday morning with a fever :( I went ahead and took him to the doctor. Thankfully his doctor's have a Saturday and Sunday clinic! :) Of course I drove all the way to Dothan and paid a $20 copay for the Doctor to tell me that I'm already doing everything I can do for him. It was also Landon's birthday party day, and we weren't able to go because of B's 102 fever he ran all day.. :( I felt horrible for missing it. Thankfully Nina understood and hopefully isn't to mad at me :)

Brayden and I had a wonderful Friday, we just played and played. He needed a fort so I built him one :)
 I was getting ready to head to Enterprise on Friday night for a friend's birthday and while I was getting dressed I caught B in the bathroom. *L* I think he was getting all "pretty" for Sophie! *bahaha*
 This was on our way to Enterprise, he wasn't very happy that I was taking pictures of him while he was watching Scooby Doo.

Daddy and B watching somebody bowl, B was very WILD at the bowling alley! Whew!
My sick baby boy, he fell asleep watching a movie on my phone.

I'm hoping that nothing breaks, nobody gets sick and that Tad kills a BIG buck this week! :)

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