Thursday, January 19, 2012

PaJama Day(s) :)

Monday B and I had the most wonderful day. We stayed in our jamma's all day long. I didn't even get a shower until 6 last night...thats how lazy we were. We watched movies, played with his toys, and just laid on the couch as much as possible. Last week it seemed like we had something we had to do everyday and didn't get to just relax any. I know most people work and don't get to relax much, but if you know me..I need my laziness. I don't function well on low sleep, not enough relaxation, and having to much to do.. I will stress myself completely out and my body just shuts down. Anyway, our day was great, but would have been better if Tadpole would have been home with us. Tuesday, B went to school while I went grocery shopping, came home and cleaned  bathrooms, vaccumed, washed clothes, and did the dishes. That pretty much consumed my time till around 2:10 when I had to head back to town to pick up the kids from school and get B. Tiff came over around 4 and we broke out the new Just Dance 3 that I got for my birthday. We did a few songs and we're TIRED*L* haha, B even did a couple of songs with us. We went over to Nina's around 6 to cook supper and watch our tv shows and let the boys play...well fight with each other *haha* I love when we all get together and cook supper and hang out, and of course talk about everything we can think of :) We didn't get home until 11:35? I think...It was late and yes those 2 boys were still awake and running around everywhere.  Yesterday, Brayden and I had a mommy/B day. We did nothing..I did get a shower and get dressed, B however stayed in his PJ's all day. Neither one of us felt great, his nose has been running like crazy and my throat started hurting Tuesday night. Yesterday it just started getting worse, like every time I swallow its like swallowing needles :(  We did go to town to pick up the kids from school and take them home.  I felt so bad last night, B asked to go to church, but my throat hurt so bad and my head hurt..I just didn't feel like getting up and getting dressed. Awful I know, I did have a small meltdown yesterday, don't ask me why... So today, I have taken B to school and dropped Tad's truck off to be washed and cleaned. Thankful that my MIL doesn't work today and was able to pick me up and bring me home and will come back to pick me up and take me to get the truck when its done. Tadpole comes home tomorrow, I'm super excited :) Anyway, I've got more clothes to wash today and I need to wash the bed sheets...Hope everyone has a great Thursday and Friday and a wonderful weekend :)

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