Friday, January 13, 2012

What a week!

I'll just begin with Tuesday! :)

Tuesday was B's first day back at daycare from a 3 week vacation. After I dropped him off I swung by my MIL's house and visited with her for awhile. Then I went to Maurices to see if I could find some straight legged jeans to wear with my boots and I had no luck, but I did get 2 cute shirts, 2 neckleces, and some fingernail polish. I came back to Opp and got a few groceries and cleaned up the house some. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up B and the Russell kiddos from school. They and yes myself needed a snack so we went by Mr.Henry's for a drink and chips! After Aunt Sam got home B and I went home to see Izzy and Papa T. They were finally home from New Orleans. We spend a few hours with them and came home around 8:30 for bath and get ready to watch Teen Mom 2! I love that show. :) Wednesday I had a hair appointment, so I took B to school again and I came home to wash clothes. My appointment wasn't until 2:30 so I picked B up from school and took him to his Granny's house to play for awhile. I was done around 4 something so I got B and we went and picked up Oki Grace from the after school program at OES. So, B and I came home to cook supper and get him a bath before church...Well after I ate my supper my stomach wasn't feeling so well.... And if you know me I don't go anywhere if my stomach hurts... Brayden and I just went and saw Izzy and Papa T for a little bit. When we got home there was a mouse behind my microwave!!!! I HATE mice....HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM!!! Of course I called my daddy and he wouldn't come get it for me :( He knows I hate those dern things! So I got the broom and used it to move the microwave and a few minutes later that little mouse ran out and went behind my stove. UGH! I was freaking out. I text Nina to see if she had any glue boards, she called and said she didn't... :( Then she said get a flash light and lay on the floor and see if he's still under the stove... WHAT?? I was SOOOO not doing that! And I didn't. Thursday I took B to school and I immediately went by Phillips for some glue boards...I got several! I put one between my counter and the frig..which is where I normally see them at. I was out of clorox wipes to wipe the counters off so I just had to put that off for awhile. Good thing is I wasn't home long. I got dressed and headed to Andy to meet Tiff for a lunch date :) We of course sat there forever after we got done eating. It's just our thing...We eat and then we sit there for an hour or two chatting. I stopped by Fred's on the way home and picked up lysol and clorox wipes :):) I didn't have time to clean the counters then cause it was time to get B and the Russell kiddos from school. When we got home I sure enough got my counters clean! I even moved the microwave so little mice can't hide back there anymore! By yesterday afternoon I still hadn't caught a mouse, but normally they don't come inside till night when it gets really cold. Nina and Landon came over to work on Landon's birthday banner for his party. Nina bought us Howards for supper for paying me for using my cricut! *L*... I didn't complain! haha... I enjoyed cricutting with her cause she had no idea how the machine even worked. I think she was a little fascinated. We did get the banner cut out and glued though and it is really cute! Thats my first banner and I'm glad I used Nina as a guniea pig because I want to do B's too! :) Now I know I can do it! Today I got up and walked into the living room to turn on the heat because B and I were freezing. We save money by turning it off and we sleep under our electric blanket :)Before walking back into the kitchen to fix my coffee I looked over at the glue board just to check to see if I had a mouse and guess what? I had gotten that little mouse!!!! I was SUCH a big girl and picked up the glue board and took it outside to the garbage! Now Tadpole don't expect me to do when your home :) So now we have Maxwell James with us, him and B are playing I spy on the Wii while I blog. Tonight my momma is taking me out for a girls night and we are going to Myori's. I wanted to go last weekend for my birthday, its kind of a tradition we always go to Japanese for my birthday. Last week just didn't work out good because of my daddy going back to work, and getting Tadpole ready to head to Houston this week.  So we are going tonight, Aunt Sam is going and I'm not sure if Aunt Gail is going or not.. Brayden is gonna go spend some time with his Granny and Pawpaw. I'm already craving some sushi and rice. Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

The pictures from Monday

The Birthday Boy

I had to get a picture of Nina's belly! I sure can't wait to meet miss Baylie! 

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