Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Potty Training.

Well I started working with B last week on potty training and it didn't go so well. So, I tried again on Sunday after we got home from church and he did great! He used the potty several times. I did put a diaper back on him before we went back to church though..I didn't want any accidents! Since we were home all day yesterday and didn't go anywhere ( We let Tadpole do the errands :)) He either had his big boy "panties"as he calls them or would just go commando! Tad wasn't big on the commando thing so he had to wear his "panties" most of the day. He did wonderful, he only had one accident the whole day. So proud of him... Maybe he's actually getting an interest in it now, before he could care less about going to the potty. I've explained to him that his Best Friends Karter and Landon don't wear diapers anymore and they are Big boys rather than little boys in diapers! Anyway, our weekend was good, Tad got home around 5:30 on Friday,so it was nice to have him home pretty early ;). Saturday we got up early and headed to B-ham to get Tad's new truck...He got a black Tacoma..Its very nice, and I hope he's happy with it! :) Thankfully Tad's dad was able to go with us and drive the Tahoe back home...I've never drove on the interstate and I didn't want to start on Saturday by myself. I haven't mentioned in my previous blogs but Brayden has been paci free for almost 3 weeks :) YAY! I have been forgetting to mention that in my blogs, and its something that I'm very proud of B for accomplishing :) Today, Tiff and I are going to Dothan to get Landon a birthday present for his party Saturday and I need to get some paper to do a bulletin board and I'm also going to start looking for stuff for B's b-day party :) I need to get a head start.. Sooo... I do have new pictures over the past couple of days BUT Brayden is begging to watch a movie on the computer, so I must let him watch his movie while he eats breakfast ;) Have a nice week everyone!!!

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  1. YOU CAN DO IT B!!!! Gosh losing the paci and going to undies in 3 weeks... poor fella *LOL*!