Monday, January 2, 2012

A look back at The Tisdale's 2011

We had a few changes in 2011, that was good for our family! We become more than blessed in 2011 and we owe it all to the Lord above for all our blessings :)
I'm just going to post pictures with titles of the things that happened in 2011!

Mommy turned 22...WOW! I'm getting older
 Daddy got a new job working in S.Korea for Vantage Drilling. This picture was the day before he left for the first time! :(
 Brayden enjoyed holding his first fish, that he played with for a good while. *L*
The next few pictures are from our very first family beach trip together. (without our parents)

Brayden turns 2, He loved Nemo and wanted a Nemo party!

 Tad fell in love with a sweet/pretty baby girl named Sophie. He now has babygirl fever!

Brayden's day trip to the beach with Mommy and Auntie Tiff

Mommy got a cricut and I absolutely LOVE it!
I attended my first Psychology Conference and did a poster presentation!

My Best Girl's Tiffany and Nina graduated from college, and I was super proud of their accomplishment! I love these girls to the moon and back! :)
DRS school of Dance closed, and I put my tap shoes on my closet shelf :(. We also lost a wonderful man Doc, that will forever be in my heart. 

  Our second annual Mother/Daughter/Brayden trip to PCB In June.
 Brayden learned how much fun it was to play in a cooler full of water... the things his Papa T lets this boy do! *L*
 Brayden got his own big boy bed!
 Our first official pet, FISH!
Our annual Family Beach trip to Destin, 4 families, 15 people under one roof for 7 days...WOW!

 Mommy and Daddy got a date night and went to the Melting Pot! YUMMY YUMMY, but we can only afford it once a year! haha
 Daddy got a new truck!
 Luke Pierce joined our family as our new dog! We sure do love our psycho dog!
 Daddy racked up, he also got a new lawnmower
 Brayden become a partner at ROPH, I think he's got it under control... Go see Brayden Tisdale, toddler accountant at ROPH for all your tax needs! :)

 Daddy was sweet to mommy and bought me a new ring for out 3 year anniversary! I love it.
 We attended our second AU game together!
 I went back to NYC on a girls trip...I love NYC and can't wait to take B and Tadpole.

  Halloween 2011
I had to have my gallbladder taken out and wasn't able to shower for 3 days!
 Christmas 2011
 Brayden started daycare back in June and these were for his party for school. Also, my first time making buttercream icing by myself.
To end this post, I want to say that I am thankful for everything that Tadpole does for Brayden and I. We wouldn't have had such a great year if it weren't for him and our Lord and Savior! Tadpole drives me slap dab crazy most of the time but in the end I love that guy more than I could ever explain. Sometimes I think I can't live with him, but I more importantly can't live without him. So, anyway I hope 2012 is as good to us as 2011 was.

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  1. Tell Tad he is welcome to keep that little girl he fell in love with anytime he wants! She'll give B a run for his money.