Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Brayden with food in his mouth...just like his DADDY!!! :)

This picture is Tad Tisdale made OVER!

Welcome the new decade!! 2010...I can't believe its 2010...I feel old I mean I was born in 1989 and it even sounds OLD! haha...2o09 just flew by so fast I think I missed half of it. Lots of things happened this past year...My sweet newphew Landon Parker Williams was born January 9 and then My baby boy Brayden Pierce Tisdale was born April 6..I can't believe this next thing I know I will be going to their college graduation! It makes me want to cry everyday. I will be 21 in a few short days feels like I've waited for this day soo long and its almost here...WOW! Next time I blink it will be 2011....I just CANNOT BELIEVE THIS...My life is passing by my eyes soo fast and my baby boy is growing up soo fast and learning new things everyday. He now has 5 teeth! I sure hope that he is not going to be a bitter like his mommy was when she was a baby. :) I hope everyone has a great Year!! Love to all...

Mommy, Daddy, Brayden, Papa T, and Izzy New Years Eve night...boy was it COLD! BURRR

Paw Paw, Mommy, Brayden, Daddy and Granny New Years Eve night

We had a GREAT Christmas! It was soo much fun having Brayden this year and getting to see him with all his gifts. Though, he did get a bit bored with the whole opening process...he wanted to play with each toy and we kept taking it away trying to get him to open another. It was fun :) He got LOTS of toys and nowhere for them to go.. soo We have some at our house..Izzy and Papa T have some at their house...and PawPaw and Granny Tisdale have some at their house. We left the noisey toys at their houses.*haha* I know next year he will be tearing into those presents and won't need any of our help what soo ever....It's soo sad. But I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and plenty of time with your families. I know we did, I love spending time with my family and I wish we could do it more often than just a couple of times a year. Here are a few pictures from our Christmas...

Papa T, Izzy, Brayden, Paw Paw Tisdale, and Granny Tisdale on Christmas morning...

Santa Came Santa Came...We were SUPER excited :):)

Santa brought him a rocking giraffe....which he LOVES :)

Daddy, Mommy and Brayden on Christmas morning

Papa T, Brayden, and Izzy on Christmas morning

Us opening presents at Izzy and Papa T's house
He loved his new clothes he got...but they are for summer! :)