Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy Day=Busy Day&2 restless boys!

I will start off by saying I had a WONDERFUL time in NYC and I can't wait to go back with my family. I promise to do a post about the trip, my mother has all our pictures at her office right now. Hopefully this weekend I can get to that post.
This picure was the day before I left for NYC, LOVE LOVE LOVE those two boys!

Today, has been rainy and can't enjoy the weather day. Which is good for me since I had lots of homework to do. Soon after we got up this morning we went down to my parents while the "rough" part of the bad weather came through. We came back to our house at 9:40 and I started on homework at 9:44 and I didn't finish my homework until 1:20 or so. I did stop to take a break for lunch, Tad fried us some chicken fingers (and yes Tiff they came out of the yellow bag) they were good! :) Tad has been so bored all day, he absolutely hates to be stuck inside all day and so does Brayden. Thankfully baby boy is taking a nap right now, a nap I must add that he needed very badly. My plans for today was take B to school, take some things back to Andy and get my nails filled in and come home and do homework before picking him up from school and Tad was going to get peanuts to boil on Saturday. My homework was the only thing that got done today, which is okay with me...I got to spend time with my boys :) Now I'm doing laundry and putting off cleaning the bathtubs... oh how I hate doing that... Tad's parents came over last night and Tad grilled t-bones and we had a baked potato and salad to go with it.. yummo! Tonight we are having beef tips and boneless chicken, not sure yet exactly what we are going to do with. most likely it'll turn into a Japanese meal.

This past Saturday Tad, me and Ashley& Corey Norris went to Auburn for the game. Tad had us walking everywhere..*L* We had a great time but I told Tad that I can only handle 1 game a year.. I think now he'll stop asking me to go so much!*haha* :) Enjoy the pictures.

As of right now, I'm all caught up on schoolwork...thats until Friday when I have to start on next week's assignments :(... Friday afternoon/night we are going to Dothan to do a little Christmas window shopping and eat at a Japanese Steak House somewhere... A night out with my 2 boys.. I can't Wait! :) Hope everyone has a great rest of the week :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A City on its Knees

I wanted to share a few pictures of ground zero that I have from June 2007. I'm sure most of you know that they opened  the memorial today, but was only available for the families today. We have our tickets to go Friday! I'm very anxious to see it and go in, I'm sure its sad but happy that they have a memorial for all those people that helped and died on 9/11. I will def. have pictures to share of ground zero and the memorial to share when we get back. The video clip at church this morning was about 9/11 and the song was awesome! A City on its Knees...SOO TRUE! God has a reason for these things, we need to realize whats important to us, that means our salvation!!! Make sure your where you need to be, because I'm telling you He's coming!!!! So be prepared.

The next pictures are just some from our trip that  I thought you might enjoy! I must say I looked really good! HAHA! Only to be back that size again... :) I can't wait to be there Thursday to see everything again! I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYC! I would live there if Tad would let us. Tad and Brayden will be going in June and I'm excited to see both of their reactions to all the lights at night and everything else there. =)

So, we leave Ft. Walton at 5:30(i think) on Thursday morning for ATL then we'll get to NYC and will be there at 11 their time. *YAY* We have most of our days planned out to the hour :) I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week :) I'm going to try to blog tomorrow sometime about LUKE! He's my new baby, I'm going to miss him as much as I am B while I'm gone.

Oh, Aunt Sam thought I should share this infomation on my blog... So last Saturday I said " B tell Izzy who we go to learn about at church" B's response was " To see Eli and Max"... This child is something else I'm telling you, He loves his Eli and Max and loves to play with them. We now go over every night of the reason of why we go to church...Jesus!! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What A Day! Whew, glad its almost over!

My day got off to a HORRIBLE start, I mean horrible!!! We were doing good this morning and then all of a sudden started running late, after realizing we were running late I remember that we still had to go to my parents to get my homework that my mother had printed out for me last night. Well I got down there and realized that my problem statement was not in the correct font, so I quickly had to fix it and re-print. So that made us a little later obvisouly. On our way to town to Kid's World I spilt Red Bull all over my shirt, so I smelt like red bull all day. Half way to town I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone at home..What I can't catch a break this morning! I went home and got my phone and was running VERY late by this point and just knew I was going to have to walk into class with everyone looking at me. When I got to school and drove around the parking lot 3 times looking for a parking spot, I decided that I better go to another parking lot, well of course the only parking spot I found was way over yonder...a long way away from Hawkins. Was I mad at this point or just irritated? BOTH! If I could give a class on "How to park in the gravel parking lot across from Hawkins" I WOULD!!! Every Tuesday/Thursday that I'm there and I drive around 3 or 4 times looking for a parking spot I get IRATE! Like I get steaming mad, I mean common sense says if you park close together..MORE people can park there!!! Several people park just enough far apart that if I tried to park inbetween them that it would clip my side mirrors...COME ON! Makes me want to park behind them where they can't get out, or stand at their car waiting on them to come out and teach them a little something. Anyway, I hate trying to park at Troy! Well once I got to class, the teacher says "You all should have uploaded your assignments to blackboard" WHAT WHAT WHAT??? I checked blackboard yesterday afternoon for a folder to upload my assignment and there WAS NOT one! This teacher doesn't really like hardcopies and rather have them electronically, I knew this and thats why I didn't understand why there wasn't a place to upload. Come to find out she didn't do it until last night, thats why I didn't see it..UGH! So then I had to call my mother and get her to upload my assignments for me, Thankful for her too :) Love you Momma! So that was pretty much my awful morning.

These next few pictures were taken last night after bath, B thought it was so funny that he had on 2 backpacks. :)

Don't you just love his boots! :) He was thinking he was his daddy and going to drive his truck!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To button or To Un-button???

First off, Monday was our 3 year Anniversary! I can't believe we've been married for 3 seems so weird. I love my Tadpole with every inch of my body and I honestly don't think that anybody else can put up with my spoiled self :) Though, he is spoiled too and I'm probably the only one that can put up with him too! Haha! I love the fact that God chose Tad to be my other half and that he's allowing me to spend the rest of my life with him.
When I got to my parents house after church on Sunday, Mother tells me that Tad just called and wanted me to call him back on Skype. I called him back and here came B with a card and tiny little box...of course I kinda knew what it was cause I knew what I had told Tad what I wanted. I honestly thought he was going to wait till he got home to get me a ring, but he couldn't wait! So below is my BEAUTIFUL ring, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ring :)Its so me and so sparkley! My husband did good :) :) Now he has to wait for his gift till he comes home, he's begging me to just tell him, but theres no fun in that and I like surprises!!!
Okay so yesteday was awful! I had a headache from as soon as I got out of school until early this morning. My head was POUNDING! I know your wondering all about my title, okay I wore jeans yesterday and they were loose on me :) Then I went to the restroom when I got to school and I didn't even have to un-button them to pull them down! Now that did make myself feel alot better. 

This was my pick-me-up when we got home yesterday afternoon!
 While cleaning out Mothers house this weekend looking for yardsale stuff, I found this old AU glass. My bright idea is to get some orange and blue flowers for it and make a AU sign with my cricut to stick in with the flowers. And WaLa, it will be our AU flower arrangement for the football season :)

 He did not want to take a picture, and yes thats Tinkerbell on his TV, he loves it so much his Izzy bought the movie!
This is my husband, as you all know. I wanted to post a picture of him and let him know that I'm missing him like crazy this hitch and I can't wait for him to get home! This has been the longest hitch I think we have ever had.. I love you Tadpole and so glad your my Conway! :)
Luke! isn't he precious?? We pick him up Friday and I am SOOO stoke about it. I'm ready to have a dog again, and I love it when they are puppies. I'm just hoping B doesn't aggravate him to much.

Don't forget about our yardsale Saturday at Rabren, Odom, Pierce & Hayes in Andalusia beside Days Inn. We'll have baby girl/boy clothes, toys, changing table, entertainment center, purses, jewelry, exercise equipment, men/women clothes, housewares, twin and king size sheets, shoes and much more ;) Come see us!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2am mornings, back/neck aches, meltdowns....Story of our life!!

Let me play catch-up for a minute... So August 19 our Eli Russell turned 13!!! Can you believe that?? I can't believe that my first baby cousin is a teenager. So far he seems to be a much better teenager than I was! *haha* I'm pretty sure Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne are grateful for that, since they know first hand what I was like at 13. *L* I love that teenage boy! :) As of last Saturday night, Brayden has gotten up every night around 2 or 4 in the morning. He'll wake up, I get him more juice, he screams (hint the meltdowns), change his diaper, watch TV, and about 1-2 hours later we fall back asleep. This makes for a very tired Mommy, and if you know me...I need my sleep! I don't function well on little or no sleep. I don't see how some moms do it! More power to you is all I have to say. My neck/back has gotten worse, and I don't understand why. Im thinking it may be stress from school. I have so much school work this semester that I'm not used too that I'm completely stressing out about it. I've never had this much work to do and it scares me a little. I can do it though ;) Just have to make time to do it! Our NYC trip is less than 2 weeks away, and I couldn't be more excited about being in my favorite place in the world!!! I'm freaking out about leaving B of course, and have thought about everything that could possibly happen to him. It bothered me when we went to PCB and spent the night without him, but not as bad as its bothering me now. The fact the I'm an airplane ride away from him and not a car drive, REALLY freaks me out!!! I know he'll be safe with his granny and pawpaw Tisdale and his Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne, BUT I just worry and I know every parent does. Oh, we have taken away B's paci as of Wednesday! Its going good so far, he does have it when he sleeps though. Which Thursday at Kids World he didn't have it at nap time at all. I was super proud of him and his teachers for helping us out! :) He still asks for it and I jsut remind him that babies have paci's and that if he's a big boy he can't have a paci and do all the big boy things. I'm glad its the weekend and I get to spend a long weekend with my family! I wish our Tadpole were home, but somebody has to work in the family...HAHA..thats what he always tells me! :) I love that tadpole more than anything and I appreciate him more than I could ever describe it to someone. I can say B and I have one hardworking daddy! Our anniversary is Monday..3 years! WoW! :) Everyone have a wonderful but safe weekend.

Papa T and Brayden were playing on the front porch and came back in the garage with a baby lizard. It took B awhile to touch it, Me on the otherhand was freaking out.. I hate lizards!!

Monday Tiffany and I went to Destin for the day to do a little shopping and just to get away from Opp for a little while. We had a wonderful day.. We never get to spend time together just us..It was nice, but I did miss baby boy like crazy, and ended up giving one of his Christmas presents I bought him to him...I just couldn't helkp it, I felt so bad for leaving him. The beach was gorgeous! I wish this was the week that our family was down there, the water was so clear.

One morning before getting B ready for school... :)
Wednesday we went to Andalusia to eat lunch with Izzy, and Brayden decided that he wanted to take over the business... I guess he thought he could do a better job! *haha* Enjoy the pictures of my little business man! :)

He's saying, "Mom I'm trying to work here, can you please leave?"

Giving his mommy some much needed LOVE!

PS: Our yardsale is next Saturday, September 10th in Andalusia at Rabren, Odom, Pierce & Hayes Accounting Firm. Right beside Days Inn... Starts at 7! Let everyone know because I need some spending money for NYC! *L*