Thursday, September 8, 2011

What A Day! Whew, glad its almost over!

My day got off to a HORRIBLE start, I mean horrible!!! We were doing good this morning and then all of a sudden started running late, after realizing we were running late I remember that we still had to go to my parents to get my homework that my mother had printed out for me last night. Well I got down there and realized that my problem statement was not in the correct font, so I quickly had to fix it and re-print. So that made us a little later obvisouly. On our way to town to Kid's World I spilt Red Bull all over my shirt, so I smelt like red bull all day. Half way to town I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone at home..What I can't catch a break this morning! I went home and got my phone and was running VERY late by this point and just knew I was going to have to walk into class with everyone looking at me. When I got to school and drove around the parking lot 3 times looking for a parking spot, I decided that I better go to another parking lot, well of course the only parking spot I found was way over yonder...a long way away from Hawkins. Was I mad at this point or just irritated? BOTH! If I could give a class on "How to park in the gravel parking lot across from Hawkins" I WOULD!!! Every Tuesday/Thursday that I'm there and I drive around 3 or 4 times looking for a parking spot I get IRATE! Like I get steaming mad, I mean common sense says if you park close together..MORE people can park there!!! Several people park just enough far apart that if I tried to park inbetween them that it would clip my side mirrors...COME ON! Makes me want to park behind them where they can't get out, or stand at their car waiting on them to come out and teach them a little something. Anyway, I hate trying to park at Troy! Well once I got to class, the teacher says "You all should have uploaded your assignments to blackboard" WHAT WHAT WHAT??? I checked blackboard yesterday afternoon for a folder to upload my assignment and there WAS NOT one! This teacher doesn't really like hardcopies and rather have them electronically, I knew this and thats why I didn't understand why there wasn't a place to upload. Come to find out she didn't do it until last night, thats why I didn't see it..UGH! So then I had to call my mother and get her to upload my assignments for me, Thankful for her too :) Love you Momma! So that was pretty much my awful morning.

These next few pictures were taken last night after bath, B thought it was so funny that he had on 2 backpacks. :)

Don't you just love his boots! :) He was thinking he was his daddy and going to drive his truck!

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