Saturday, September 3, 2011

2am mornings, back/neck aches, meltdowns....Story of our life!!

Let me play catch-up for a minute... So August 19 our Eli Russell turned 13!!! Can you believe that?? I can't believe that my first baby cousin is a teenager. So far he seems to be a much better teenager than I was! *haha* I'm pretty sure Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne are grateful for that, since they know first hand what I was like at 13. *L* I love that teenage boy! :) As of last Saturday night, Brayden has gotten up every night around 2 or 4 in the morning. He'll wake up, I get him more juice, he screams (hint the meltdowns), change his diaper, watch TV, and about 1-2 hours later we fall back asleep. This makes for a very tired Mommy, and if you know me...I need my sleep! I don't function well on little or no sleep. I don't see how some moms do it! More power to you is all I have to say. My neck/back has gotten worse, and I don't understand why. Im thinking it may be stress from school. I have so much school work this semester that I'm not used too that I'm completely stressing out about it. I've never had this much work to do and it scares me a little. I can do it though ;) Just have to make time to do it! Our NYC trip is less than 2 weeks away, and I couldn't be more excited about being in my favorite place in the world!!! I'm freaking out about leaving B of course, and have thought about everything that could possibly happen to him. It bothered me when we went to PCB and spent the night without him, but not as bad as its bothering me now. The fact the I'm an airplane ride away from him and not a car drive, REALLY freaks me out!!! I know he'll be safe with his granny and pawpaw Tisdale and his Aunt Sam and Uncle Wayne, BUT I just worry and I know every parent does. Oh, we have taken away B's paci as of Wednesday! Its going good so far, he does have it when he sleeps though. Which Thursday at Kids World he didn't have it at nap time at all. I was super proud of him and his teachers for helping us out! :) He still asks for it and I jsut remind him that babies have paci's and that if he's a big boy he can't have a paci and do all the big boy things. I'm glad its the weekend and I get to spend a long weekend with my family! I wish our Tadpole were home, but somebody has to work in the family...HAHA..thats what he always tells me! :) I love that tadpole more than anything and I appreciate him more than I could ever describe it to someone. I can say B and I have one hardworking daddy! Our anniversary is Monday..3 years! WoW! :) Everyone have a wonderful but safe weekend.

Papa T and Brayden were playing on the front porch and came back in the garage with a baby lizard. It took B awhile to touch it, Me on the otherhand was freaking out.. I hate lizards!!

Monday Tiffany and I went to Destin for the day to do a little shopping and just to get away from Opp for a little while. We had a wonderful day.. We never get to spend time together just us..It was nice, but I did miss baby boy like crazy, and ended up giving one of his Christmas presents I bought him to him...I just couldn't helkp it, I felt so bad for leaving him. The beach was gorgeous! I wish this was the week that our family was down there, the water was so clear.

One morning before getting B ready for school... :)
Wednesday we went to Andalusia to eat lunch with Izzy, and Brayden decided that he wanted to take over the business... I guess he thought he could do a better job! *haha* Enjoy the pictures of my little business man! :)

He's saying, "Mom I'm trying to work here, can you please leave?"

Giving his mommy some much needed LOVE!

PS: Our yardsale is next Saturday, September 10th in Andalusia at Rabren, Odom, Pierce & Hayes Accounting Firm. Right beside Days Inn... Starts at 7! Let everyone know because I need some spending money for NYC! *L*

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  1. Oh my gosh that's his Daddy's face in that last picture.