Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To button or To Un-button???

First off, Monday was our 3 year Anniversary! I can't believe we've been married for 3 seems so weird. I love my Tadpole with every inch of my body and I honestly don't think that anybody else can put up with my spoiled self :) Though, he is spoiled too and I'm probably the only one that can put up with him too! Haha! I love the fact that God chose Tad to be my other half and that he's allowing me to spend the rest of my life with him.
When I got to my parents house after church on Sunday, Mother tells me that Tad just called and wanted me to call him back on Skype. I called him back and here came B with a card and tiny little box...of course I kinda knew what it was cause I knew what I had told Tad what I wanted. I honestly thought he was going to wait till he got home to get me a ring, but he couldn't wait! So below is my BEAUTIFUL ring, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ring :)Its so me and so sparkley! My husband did good :) :) Now he has to wait for his gift till he comes home, he's begging me to just tell him, but theres no fun in that and I like surprises!!!
Okay so yesteday was awful! I had a headache from as soon as I got out of school until early this morning. My head was POUNDING! I know your wondering all about my title, okay I wore jeans yesterday and they were loose on me :) Then I went to the restroom when I got to school and I didn't even have to un-button them to pull them down! Now that did make myself feel alot better. 

This was my pick-me-up when we got home yesterday afternoon!
 While cleaning out Mothers house this weekend looking for yardsale stuff, I found this old AU glass. My bright idea is to get some orange and blue flowers for it and make a AU sign with my cricut to stick in with the flowers. And WaLa, it will be our AU flower arrangement for the football season :)

 He did not want to take a picture, and yes thats Tinkerbell on his TV, he loves it so much his Izzy bought the movie!
This is my husband, as you all know. I wanted to post a picture of him and let him know that I'm missing him like crazy this hitch and I can't wait for him to get home! This has been the longest hitch I think we have ever had.. I love you Tadpole and so glad your my Conway! :)
Luke! isn't he precious?? We pick him up Friday and I am SOOO stoke about it. I'm ready to have a dog again, and I love it when they are puppies. I'm just hoping B doesn't aggravate him to much.

Don't forget about our yardsale Saturday at Rabren, Odom, Pierce & Hayes in Andalusia beside Days Inn. We'll have baby girl/boy clothes, toys, changing table, entertainment center, purses, jewelry, exercise equipment, men/women clothes, housewares, twin and king size sheets, shoes and much more ;) Come see us!!!

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  1. happy late anniversary and the ring is beautiful!!! Also congrats on your nsv I love the feeling of losing so much weight you dont have to unzip lol. Have a great day!