Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy Day=Busy Day&2 restless boys!

I will start off by saying I had a WONDERFUL time in NYC and I can't wait to go back with my family. I promise to do a post about the trip, my mother has all our pictures at her office right now. Hopefully this weekend I can get to that post.
This picure was the day before I left for NYC, LOVE LOVE LOVE those two boys!

Today, has been rainy and can't enjoy the weather day. Which is good for me since I had lots of homework to do. Soon after we got up this morning we went down to my parents while the "rough" part of the bad weather came through. We came back to our house at 9:40 and I started on homework at 9:44 and I didn't finish my homework until 1:20 or so. I did stop to take a break for lunch, Tad fried us some chicken fingers (and yes Tiff they came out of the yellow bag) they were good! :) Tad has been so bored all day, he absolutely hates to be stuck inside all day and so does Brayden. Thankfully baby boy is taking a nap right now, a nap I must add that he needed very badly. My plans for today was take B to school, take some things back to Andy and get my nails filled in and come home and do homework before picking him up from school and Tad was going to get peanuts to boil on Saturday. My homework was the only thing that got done today, which is okay with me...I got to spend time with my boys :) Now I'm doing laundry and putting off cleaning the bathtubs... oh how I hate doing that... Tad's parents came over last night and Tad grilled t-bones and we had a baked potato and salad to go with it.. yummo! Tonight we are having beef tips and boneless chicken, not sure yet exactly what we are going to do with. most likely it'll turn into a Japanese meal.

This past Saturday Tad, me and Ashley& Corey Norris went to Auburn for the game. Tad had us walking everywhere..*L* We had a great time but I told Tad that I can only handle 1 game a year.. I think now he'll stop asking me to go so much!*haha* :) Enjoy the pictures.

As of right now, I'm all caught up on schoolwork...thats until Friday when I have to start on next week's assignments :(... Friday afternoon/night we are going to Dothan to do a little Christmas window shopping and eat at a Japanese Steak House somewhere... A night out with my 2 boys.. I can't Wait! :) Hope everyone has a great rest of the week :)

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