Sunday, September 11, 2011

A City on its Knees

I wanted to share a few pictures of ground zero that I have from June 2007. I'm sure most of you know that they opened  the memorial today, but was only available for the families today. We have our tickets to go Friday! I'm very anxious to see it and go in, I'm sure its sad but happy that they have a memorial for all those people that helped and died on 9/11. I will def. have pictures to share of ground zero and the memorial to share when we get back. The video clip at church this morning was about 9/11 and the song was awesome! A City on its Knees...SOO TRUE! God has a reason for these things, we need to realize whats important to us, that means our salvation!!! Make sure your where you need to be, because I'm telling you He's coming!!!! So be prepared.

The next pictures are just some from our trip that  I thought you might enjoy! I must say I looked really good! HAHA! Only to be back that size again... :) I can't wait to be there Thursday to see everything again! I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYC! I would live there if Tad would let us. Tad and Brayden will be going in June and I'm excited to see both of their reactions to all the lights at night and everything else there. =)

So, we leave Ft. Walton at 5:30(i think) on Thursday morning for ATL then we'll get to NYC and will be there at 11 their time. *YAY* We have most of our days planned out to the hour :) I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week :) I'm going to try to blog tomorrow sometime about LUKE! He's my new baby, I'm going to miss him as much as I am B while I'm gone.

Oh, Aunt Sam thought I should share this infomation on my blog... So last Saturday I said " B tell Izzy who we go to learn about at church" B's response was " To see Eli and Max"... This child is something else I'm telling you, He loves his Eli and Max and loves to play with them. We now go over every night of the reason of why we go to church...Jesus!! :)

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