Friday, August 19, 2011

Overwhelmed and already Stressing

So I started back to school yesterday, and wouldn't you know that I would take 2 of the most hardest/lots of papers classes! I had prepared myself for Research Methods and all the writing and preparation we have to do for the research proposal, but Orientation class..I had NOT prepared myself at all. Therefore right now it looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of time of the computer writing and not writing on my blog :(I'm sure I can find time to blog though! I've already been thinking about my research proposal... Tell me what you think of my topic. "Why do Teenager girls purposely get pregnant to try to keep their boyfriend around for a long term relationship or a marriage proposal?" What do you think?? If you don't know, I'm in psychology because my goal is to help teenager girls who are pregnant and get down to the point of helping them and figuring out why they do these things. I want to make them understand that if they choose to get pregnant that they now have a huge resposibility and that its NOT their parents or grandparents job to raise the child. I do believe that I can help and I can't wait to start helping :) Anywho, After school B and I came home and rode around on the golf cart with PaPa T for a while. Then I came home to do a few things wile B stayed with PaPa T, the goal was to get B to take a nap...Well that DID NOT happen!! We had lots and lots of meltdowns yesterday afternoon. Oh Tad did tell me that next hitch they'll only be doing 4 weeks, so I'm very happy about that! I'm super proud of him, he has something special for me for our anniversary when he gets home and he hasn't told me what it is yet!  Just a little info on Tad, He cannot I repeat cannot keep secretes like that. I've always known everything that I've ever gotten from him. He doesn't like surprises, but is learning because I never tell him anything that I get him ;) Don't get me wrong its killing me not knowing what he has planned but I don't want to know, I LOVE surprises! My daddy grilled us steaks last night and we had a baked potatoe...not good for our diet, but its okay :)

PaPa T and B playing ball after eating supper last night.
This was the other morning, but I thought he looked so peaceful and had to snap a picture! I love this little boy!

I did get my hair done Wednesday and if you see me, don't freak out! *l* Its just red :) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back outta Wack

I went to the chiropractor this morning, it's the first time I've been since July 18! Thats a long time for me not to be going to get adjusted. Needless to say, my neck scans were all outta wack again. I actually haven't been hurting that bad in my neck lately, just a little in my lower back. The doctor says that I hurt in my lower back because of my neck, since its all connected..and I actually understand why now after him explaining it to me several times. Overall I think that I feel MUCH MUCH better since I have been going to the chiropractor. I don't complain near as much about pain and I haven't had a stiff neck since Easter Sunday. I think I'm doing pretty good :)Right now I have a little pain just from my neck adjustment he did this morning, but its nothing that ibuprophen won't cure.*L* B had to go to daycare since I had to go there. We just got home from picking him up and he's relaxing watching Disney and yes pulling on my hair. While Tad is at work we are going to work on not pulling mommy's hair at night. Last night he did really well, he didn't wake up looking for my hair until around 4:20, which is a BIG accomplishment for him! I always put our big pillow on Tad's side of the bed so that B doesn't fall off, well at 4 this morning I woke up to him crying(more like wimpering). It actually took me a minute to find him, bless his heart he was hanging off the side of the bed and couldn't get back up. He had rolled under the pillow I had on the bed to keep him from falling off... I felt so bad, but was a little funny too. We have another early morning tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment at 8:45, which I guess isn't really early for us..since the apointment is in Opp. I'm full of doctor's appointments this week and next, chiro/ dentist this week and chiro/orthodontist next week. I'm going to the ortho because I was this stinkin' retainer out of my mouth!!! and one of my top teeth is turning inward...I haven't been able to fit in my top retainer for over a year now, and I'm a little afraid he's going to want to put braces back on my top teeth.. :( Praying not though! Anyway, I need to do a few things before Tadpole calls us...He made it safely to Korea :) Everyone have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to the old routine

Well we are now about to get back into our routine, Tad left this morning and I start back to school Thursday. So its time for B and I to get back into our ole' routine. Brayden keeps telling me that Tad is at the doctor and that I need to go get him. Then he'll say daddy on a big plane. I love my two boys more than anything, they both drive me crazy and aggravate the livin' stew outta me...but I guess thats what husbands and childern are for...or atleast thats what my momma tells me!*haha* I guess she thinks I aggravate her??? =) I go to school on Tuesday/Thursday's this semester from it! great schedule but I am taking an online class, so say a prayer for me. In the past I haven't had the discipline for online courses but Im doing it this semester with a better outlook!!!!! Tad will miss our 3 year anniversary, but thats okay I'll  have some super duper surprises for him when he gets home :):) We have now started our house fund and we couldn't be more excited about it! Anyway, Tad, my daddy, and I have a bet to see who can lose the most weight while Tad is gone. We weighed yesterday and we'll way the morning after Tad gets home. Whoever wins gets $25 from the other 2. I'm going to win :) I weighed Friday and I had lost 2lbs in a week and when I weighed yesterday I lost 1lb since Friday! Tad being at work, its easier for me to not eat as much, Brayden and I can eat cereal for supper and not have to have a full meal. I didn't go to the gym today, but I did a little walk and workout on Saturday after swimming. I will be going tomorrow after the chiropractor and before picking B up from KW. I'm finally getting my hair done Wednesday! It is way way overdue...I've decided that I ony want to get red this time, no caramel right now. OH OH OH.....My NYC girls trip is less than a month away!!! YAY!!!! I'm soo stinkin' excited, though I am getting very nervous about being that far away from baby boy. I better get supper started for B and I, I'm cooking Japanese chicken, shellsNcheese, and side salad! I'm hoping my Japanese chicken is as good as my hubby's :)

Tad's new toy, his lawnmower, I think he may enjoy riding this than spending time with me ;)*haha* He really is proud of it and of course I'm happy he loves it!

Brayden thought that he needed to play in the sink with the water, he had a BLAST! Needless to say he had water EVERYWHERE!!!!!

 Papa T couldn't wait to use Tad's new toy, and of course B wasn't going to let him enjoy the ride by himself!
 My Husband...... thats about all I have to say to this picture *L* :)

 My other half and I, I miss him already :)
 My daddy, he's special :) He got a bright idea to just get in the pond to fish...well on to the next picture...
 As he was walking back to where we were, his crocs kept getting stuck in the mud, I just knew he was going to fall over but he never did...that would have made for a GREAT picture ;) And wouldn't you know that he had on his NEW crocs that momma had just got him...
 The fish weren't biting so, Izzy and Brayden fed the fish pieces of hotdog...Brayden was a little controlling...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr. Luke Pierce

Hello everyone! I would LOVE for you to meet the newest addition to the Pierce/Tisdale family...
Luke will join us on September 9 and we cannot WAIT to bring him home! We are super excited to have another dog for the family. :) When we went to pick out the puppy Friday, Brayden was a little scared of them. He kept telling Izzy he wanted to hold one and when she'd try to give him one he would turn away. All the puppies were soo cute, I could just take all of them. We are most definietly a Rottweiler family, this is the third one we have  had. Our first one my Poppie got when I was young and her name was Lily. I can still remember the day he got her and I just fell in love. She lived a long time but I can't really remember why she died, I do know that she had been ran over several times and had a bad foot, but I can't remember what the reason is for why she did die. Then my 8th grade summer we got Lucky! We got him a couple of weeks before we moved into our new house. He had already been named Lucky because he was the only one out of the bunch that made it. So he was born in April 2003 and he died in March 2011. I was very upset when he died, he was the only dog that I had ever had for that long. Brayden loved his Luck Luck, and asked for him awhile after he died, which of course broke my heart. So I have been on top of my mother and daddy about getting another dog. Tad and I don't want to have one at our house simply because of being so close to the dirt road and the dog chasing them. And here lately people that go down our dirt road think they are on nascar or something... yesterday I think every car that went by was at least doing 50... I wanted to just run out there and have a Come to Jesus meeting with them! Anyway, Lucky was the sweetest thing, I can remember taking him for "walks" I know...a Rottweiler for walks...yes...I would put the lesh on him and walk to the mailbox sometimes. He would go inside my parents house sometimes when we would leave the door open when taking groceries in or something, BUT he would never go past the carpet, he was very afraid of the carpet! He was also scared to death to ride in the back of the truck, so you can imagine what it was like taking him to the vet. We are so stoked about getting Luke and I can't wait to see Brayden's reaction when we bring him home.

Today's workout: Treadmill 1.45 miles 25 minutes, 20 Chest Presses 40lbs, 10 Shoulder Presses 30lbs, Bike 2.5 miles 12 minutes, and 12 leg extensions 85lbs. =) Oh and my weight in day is on Friday's so I will try to post every Friday to update how many lbs I've lost in a week! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Workout/Diet Started!

Tad and I have officially started our diet and workout plan. We went to the gym this morning at 8:00 and I did: Treadmill- 1.44 miles 25 minutes and Bike- 2.15 miles 12 minutes. Tad of course ran on the treadmill but I have a fear of running on them and falling face first. Maybe I'll get over that though. We are planning on going back in the morning before we start our normal "Swim Saturday" with the family. Sunday I'm going to try to do my Dance Workout of the Wii at some point. We just got home from the gym and picking up Brayden from his Granny's and he is now watching Rio...AGAIN!  For breakfast I had: half a bagel 130 cal. cream cheese 80 cal. I'm not really sure if thats good or not, but I feel a little healthier!*L* I'm really hoping to lose 10lbs by the time my NYC trip gets here and maybe 50 lbs by the next NYC trip which is June 2012. My main problem is I eat when I'm bored, and I'm bored alot! I do really well when I'm in school, I think I have more motivation then too. Anyway, Oki Grace started school this morning...I can't believe it..its crazy..Max is in 4th grade and Eli's in 7th????WHAT??? This is CRAZY!!! I'm about to start my last year of college for my bachelors degree... Brayden's turning into a big boy...Tad's almost 28...HAHA.. I had to throw that in there! I need time to stand still just for a few minutes to let me catch up! Most of you know Tad has been wanting another child for quite some time now, but I don't think I can handle having a baby when its seems like their a baby and the next day they are 2... I love having a conversation with Brayden and hearing him talk about everything he sees or hears, but holding a tiny baby is just undescribeable (sp?)

This is my bagel that I had for breakfast...

 Brayden watching Rio while I fix my breakfast
 Madison and Reed's new straw cups for school, I thought they turned out very cute!
 Eli's notebooks for the 7th grade..ugh...I hate that... He seemed very excited yesterday when he came to pick them up! :)
My plan is to when I have lost 50 lbs to share my I gained my weight, how I kept my weight, how my weight made/makes me feel and how I lost my weight. Only my momma and daddy know what I weight, Tad doesn't even know... I don't want him to know. He did tell me last night that he wasn't ashamed of his wife and that he thought I was beautiful, so of course that made me feel better about myself, but I'm doing this for me because I know I can do this, I CAN lose this weight and keep it off...I just have to WORK AT IT!!!! and I will! :) And I just recieved my last pair of "big girl" jeans yesterday...I ordered a pair last week at american eagle while we were at the beach because I need another pair for school. I will not order or buy another pair that size, I'm hoping I won't have to buy any jeans for a while! So Good Luck Kayla!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Hot..I go inside..

Okay, to the point of the title.. We were outside Tuesday afternoon playing soccer and blowing bubbles when all of a sudden Brayden says "I hot I go inside." Tad and I just looked at eachother like "what in the world?" Brayden LOVES to be outside and its normally an act of congress to get to come inside. So we were both just completely shocked that he wanted to go inside. It was really funny and all I could do was laugh at him. We kept Oki Grace Tuesday and Wednesday, they played pretty good for the most part, only one major problem. So I thought it was pretty good :)
Daddy's new truck!

This picture of B and I was actually taken Monday night, we were sitting on the couch playing. He kept putting a blanket on my head telling me that my hair was wet and that he needed to dry it!*L* Then he would use the  blanket and try to wipe my face and say "I get your boogers Mommy" hahahaha...It made me laugh so hard, he was just doing the exact same things to me as I do to him! :)
Wednesday, Tad's parents wanted to keep Brayden since they didn't get to see him any last week since we were at the beach. So they had B most of the day at their house. Tad and I decided since we had Oki that we would just spoil her :). Afterall she is my child that Sam just birthed! haha... I never wanted another girl in the family but when she came along, I just couldn't have been happier to have a little slant eyed baby girl in the family! Anyway... We took Oki to Beef O' Brady's for lunch and  then went to WalMart and of course she deserved a new toy for being such a big/sweet girl at lunch. She picked out a Tinkerbell Hair Styling Kit and some MnM's too! I had texted Aunt Sam while we were at lunch and said "Tad and I are going to spoil her today. We are enjoying having a child that doesn't need diapers!" Although I did miss babyboy like crazy! Ohh I cooked fried rice and green beans and Tad cooked chicken Japanese style last night..can you say YUMMO??? omgosh it was sooo stinkin' good. We went and joined the Wellness Center this morning and plan on starting a diet/workout plan tomorrow. Good Luck to us! :) Today has been super hot too and we have stayed inside, Brayden will probably ask to go outside in a little bit, maybe it will be cooled off a little!
Tonight's Menu: Grilled Pork Chops, Spanish Rice and I haven't decided what else yet ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There's no place like Home..

We are back from vacation with the whole family!Thank goodnees...just kidding:) We had a blast, got lots of sun, went shopping, BUT we are REALLY glad to be back home!!!! I love spending time with my family but after a week of being under the same roof, we get tired of each other. The beach was full of seaweed but of course didn't stop my family from getting in! =) We are definetly very brave when it comes to getting in the water! The waves were HUGE towards the end of the week..they would knock us over and we would be lucky to get ourself up before the next wave came along. Here are a few pictures from the beach :)

 This was our house for the week :)
Enjoying the sun!
 He tired himself out playing in the water and sand...
 Papa T putting B on the boogy board

 My boys :)

 And of course he needed his Diet Coke break!
 Tadpole and B buried Oki in the sand! B thought it was hilarious

 Aunt Gail and Izzy were having a photo shoot with their Iphones...*LOL*
 Flying the kite

I did find a few good sales for Brayden some winter clothes! The best sale was probably at Tommy Hilfger though ;) So, he now has a really good start to a Winter Wadrobe!
Tad and I had a date night and we went to The Melting Pot...OMGOSH!!! DELISH!!!! It was so much food and it was ohhh so good :) I recommend it to anyone!!

So when we got home I was feeding the fish and I realized that Dory(our black moors fish) was missing some scales on his sides. I showed Tad and I told him I thought it was Nemo(our big goldfish). Well, this morning when I woke up I looked them and they were all swimming away. I went to fix Brayden's breakfast and noticed that Fish(his name is fish which is the algea eater) was on top of Dory.. As soon as I got Tad to look at it Fish let Dory go and Dory floated to the top... :( Dory now has no scales what so ever and his eyes are popped out. I kept watching Fish, and noticed that he has a very vicious look in his eyes, so we have decided that Fish has to go! Dory did not deserve that and Mr.Fish is going bye bye!!! Anyway, we are enjoying being at home together doing nothing! :) Ohh Tad got a new truck, well its used but its new to us :) We are excited to finally have a truck that we can all ride in, and plus I'll get to drive it when he's at work!*haha*

The Menu for tonight is: Hamburger Steak w/ gravy, Mashed potatoes, Butterbeans, Macoroni N Cheese... oh and chocolate cake for desert! =)