Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back outta Wack

I went to the chiropractor this morning, it's the first time I've been since July 18! Thats a long time for me not to be going to get adjusted. Needless to say, my neck scans were all outta wack again. I actually haven't been hurting that bad in my neck lately, just a little in my lower back. The doctor says that I hurt in my lower back because of my neck, since its all connected..and I actually understand why now after him explaining it to me several times. Overall I think that I feel MUCH MUCH better since I have been going to the chiropractor. I don't complain near as much about pain and I haven't had a stiff neck since Easter Sunday. I think I'm doing pretty good :)Right now I have a little pain just from my neck adjustment he did this morning, but its nothing that ibuprophen won't cure.*L* B had to go to daycare since I had to go there. We just got home from picking him up and he's relaxing watching Disney and yes pulling on my hair. While Tad is at work we are going to work on not pulling mommy's hair at night. Last night he did really well, he didn't wake up looking for my hair until around 4:20, which is a BIG accomplishment for him! I always put our big pillow on Tad's side of the bed so that B doesn't fall off, well at 4 this morning I woke up to him crying(more like wimpering). It actually took me a minute to find him, bless his heart he was hanging off the side of the bed and couldn't get back up. He had rolled under the pillow I had on the bed to keep him from falling off... I felt so bad, but was a little funny too. We have another early morning tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment at 8:45, which I guess isn't really early for us..since the apointment is in Opp. I'm full of doctor's appointments this week and next, chiro/ dentist this week and chiro/orthodontist next week. I'm going to the ortho because I was this stinkin' retainer out of my mouth!!! and one of my top teeth is turning inward...I haven't been able to fit in my top retainer for over a year now, and I'm a little afraid he's going to want to put braces back on my top teeth.. :( Praying not though! Anyway, I need to do a few things before Tadpole calls us...He made it safely to Korea :) Everyone have a wonderful week!

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