Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There's no place like Home..

We are back from vacation with the whole family!Thank goodnees...just kidding:) We had a blast, got lots of sun, went shopping, BUT we are REALLY glad to be back home!!!! I love spending time with my family but after a week of being under the same roof, we get tired of each other. The beach was full of seaweed but of course didn't stop my family from getting in! =) We are definetly very brave when it comes to getting in the water! The waves were HUGE towards the end of the week..they would knock us over and we would be lucky to get ourself up before the next wave came along. Here are a few pictures from the beach :)

 This was our house for the week :)
Enjoying the sun!
 He tired himself out playing in the water and sand...
 Papa T putting B on the boogy board

 My boys :)

 And of course he needed his Diet Coke break!
 Tadpole and B buried Oki in the sand! B thought it was hilarious

 Aunt Gail and Izzy were having a photo shoot with their Iphones...*LOL*
 Flying the kite

I did find a few good sales for Brayden some winter clothes! The best sale was probably at Tommy Hilfger though ;) So, he now has a really good start to a Winter Wadrobe!
Tad and I had a date night and we went to The Melting Pot...OMGOSH!!! DELISH!!!! It was so much food and it was ohhh so good :) I recommend it to anyone!!

So when we got home I was feeding the fish and I realized that Dory(our black moors fish) was missing some scales on his sides. I showed Tad and I told him I thought it was Nemo(our big goldfish). Well, this morning when I woke up I looked them and they were all swimming away. I went to fix Brayden's breakfast and noticed that Fish(his name is fish which is the algea eater) was on top of Dory.. As soon as I got Tad to look at it Fish let Dory go and Dory floated to the top... :( Dory now has no scales what so ever and his eyes are popped out. I kept watching Fish, and noticed that he has a very vicious look in his eyes, so we have decided that Fish has to go! Dory did not deserve that and Mr.Fish is going bye bye!!! Anyway, we are enjoying being at home together doing nothing! :) Ohh Tad got a new truck, well its used but its new to us :) We are excited to finally have a truck that we can all ride in, and plus I'll get to drive it when he's at work!*haha*

The Menu for tonight is: Hamburger Steak w/ gravy, Mashed potatoes, Butterbeans, Macoroni N Cheese... oh and chocolate cake for desert! =)

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