Friday, August 19, 2011

Overwhelmed and already Stressing

So I started back to school yesterday, and wouldn't you know that I would take 2 of the most hardest/lots of papers classes! I had prepared myself for Research Methods and all the writing and preparation we have to do for the research proposal, but Orientation class..I had NOT prepared myself at all. Therefore right now it looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of time of the computer writing and not writing on my blog :(I'm sure I can find time to blog though! I've already been thinking about my research proposal... Tell me what you think of my topic. "Why do Teenager girls purposely get pregnant to try to keep their boyfriend around for a long term relationship or a marriage proposal?" What do you think?? If you don't know, I'm in psychology because my goal is to help teenager girls who are pregnant and get down to the point of helping them and figuring out why they do these things. I want to make them understand that if they choose to get pregnant that they now have a huge resposibility and that its NOT their parents or grandparents job to raise the child. I do believe that I can help and I can't wait to start helping :) Anywho, After school B and I came home and rode around on the golf cart with PaPa T for a while. Then I came home to do a few things wile B stayed with PaPa T, the goal was to get B to take a nap...Well that DID NOT happen!! We had lots and lots of meltdowns yesterday afternoon. Oh Tad did tell me that next hitch they'll only be doing 4 weeks, so I'm very happy about that! I'm super proud of him, he has something special for me for our anniversary when he gets home and he hasn't told me what it is yet!  Just a little info on Tad, He cannot I repeat cannot keep secretes like that. I've always known everything that I've ever gotten from him. He doesn't like surprises, but is learning because I never tell him anything that I get him ;) Don't get me wrong its killing me not knowing what he has planned but I don't want to know, I LOVE surprises! My daddy grilled us steaks last night and we had a baked potatoe...not good for our diet, but its okay :)

PaPa T and B playing ball after eating supper last night.
This was the other morning, but I thought he looked so peaceful and had to snap a picture! I love this little boy!

I did get my hair done Wednesday and if you see me, don't freak out! *l* Its just red :) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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