Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Hot..I go inside..

Okay, to the point of the title.. We were outside Tuesday afternoon playing soccer and blowing bubbles when all of a sudden Brayden says "I hot I go inside." Tad and I just looked at eachother like "what in the world?" Brayden LOVES to be outside and its normally an act of congress to get to come inside. So we were both just completely shocked that he wanted to go inside. It was really funny and all I could do was laugh at him. We kept Oki Grace Tuesday and Wednesday, they played pretty good for the most part, only one major problem. So I thought it was pretty good :)
Daddy's new truck!

This picture of B and I was actually taken Monday night, we were sitting on the couch playing. He kept putting a blanket on my head telling me that my hair was wet and that he needed to dry it!*L* Then he would use the  blanket and try to wipe my face and say "I get your boogers Mommy" hahahaha...It made me laugh so hard, he was just doing the exact same things to me as I do to him! :)
Wednesday, Tad's parents wanted to keep Brayden since they didn't get to see him any last week since we were at the beach. So they had B most of the day at their house. Tad and I decided since we had Oki that we would just spoil her :). Afterall she is my child that Sam just birthed! haha... I never wanted another girl in the family but when she came along, I just couldn't have been happier to have a little slant eyed baby girl in the family! Anyway... We took Oki to Beef O' Brady's for lunch and  then went to WalMart and of course she deserved a new toy for being such a big/sweet girl at lunch. She picked out a Tinkerbell Hair Styling Kit and some MnM's too! I had texted Aunt Sam while we were at lunch and said "Tad and I are going to spoil her today. We are enjoying having a child that doesn't need diapers!" Although I did miss babyboy like crazy! Ohh I cooked fried rice and green beans and Tad cooked chicken Japanese style last night..can you say YUMMO??? omgosh it was sooo stinkin' good. We went and joined the Wellness Center this morning and plan on starting a diet/workout plan tomorrow. Good Luck to us! :) Today has been super hot too and we have stayed inside, Brayden will probably ask to go outside in a little bit, maybe it will be cooled off a little!
Tonight's Menu: Grilled Pork Chops, Spanish Rice and I haven't decided what else yet ;)

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