Friday, August 5, 2011

Workout/Diet Started!

Tad and I have officially started our diet and workout plan. We went to the gym this morning at 8:00 and I did: Treadmill- 1.44 miles 25 minutes and Bike- 2.15 miles 12 minutes. Tad of course ran on the treadmill but I have a fear of running on them and falling face first. Maybe I'll get over that though. We are planning on going back in the morning before we start our normal "Swim Saturday" with the family. Sunday I'm going to try to do my Dance Workout of the Wii at some point. We just got home from the gym and picking up Brayden from his Granny's and he is now watching Rio...AGAIN!  For breakfast I had: half a bagel 130 cal. cream cheese 80 cal. I'm not really sure if thats good or not, but I feel a little healthier!*L* I'm really hoping to lose 10lbs by the time my NYC trip gets here and maybe 50 lbs by the next NYC trip which is June 2012. My main problem is I eat when I'm bored, and I'm bored alot! I do really well when I'm in school, I think I have more motivation then too. Anyway, Oki Grace started school this morning...I can't believe it..its crazy..Max is in 4th grade and Eli's in 7th????WHAT??? This is CRAZY!!! I'm about to start my last year of college for my bachelors degree... Brayden's turning into a big boy...Tad's almost 28...HAHA.. I had to throw that in there! I need time to stand still just for a few minutes to let me catch up! Most of you know Tad has been wanting another child for quite some time now, but I don't think I can handle having a baby when its seems like their a baby and the next day they are 2... I love having a conversation with Brayden and hearing him talk about everything he sees or hears, but holding a tiny baby is just undescribeable (sp?)

This is my bagel that I had for breakfast...

 Brayden watching Rio while I fix my breakfast
 Madison and Reed's new straw cups for school, I thought they turned out very cute!
 Eli's notebooks for the 7th grade..ugh...I hate that... He seemed very excited yesterday when he came to pick them up! :)
My plan is to when I have lost 50 lbs to share my I gained my weight, how I kept my weight, how my weight made/makes me feel and how I lost my weight. Only my momma and daddy know what I weight, Tad doesn't even know... I don't want him to know. He did tell me last night that he wasn't ashamed of his wife and that he thought I was beautiful, so of course that made me feel better about myself, but I'm doing this for me because I know I can do this, I CAN lose this weight and keep it off...I just have to WORK AT IT!!!! and I will! :) And I just recieved my last pair of "big girl" jeans yesterday...I ordered a pair last week at american eagle while we were at the beach because I need another pair for school. I will not order or buy another pair that size, I'm hoping I won't have to buy any jeans for a while! So Good Luck Kayla!

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