Monday, January 31, 2011

Our weekend

On Friday, Brayden and I were pretty much lazy all day long, we didn't have any plans to do anything so we didn't.  I did make a trip to the grocery store Friday night while Brayden played with his Izzy and Papa T. He is so into Finding Nemo right now, We watch that movie 50 times a day it seems like. When it goes off he screams NEMO NEMO NEMO, until I turn it back on. I did get to squeeze in Toy Story 3 Saturday morning. It has been so pretty outside for the past couple of days and not freezing either. So we have tried to enjoy some of this weather by playing outside some. Brayden and I went to Nina's house Saturday afternoon to let the boys play and for us to play Wii. Our friend Tabatha and her son Peyton came over to enjoy the fun with us too. We had a wonderful time together and I think the boys enjoyed playing with eachother. They all 3 are only children and you sure can tell. *haha* They are some cutie pies though.  We didn't do too much yesterday either, besides going to church! :) We watched Nemo 5 times...*haha* Today, we are being lazy, watching Nemo of course, and I'm studying for 3 tests that I have tomorrow. The good thing is that we are learning about almost the same thing in every class that I have, so that makes it a little easier on me BUT a little boring during class. I'm starting to get over my anger towards Troy campus, I still have a little bit but I figured I can't do anything about it so I might as well just GET OVER IT!haha... I'm a big girl and can handle being there for 1 semester.  I do miss Dothan campus like crazy though, things are just so much different between the 2 campuses. You really wouldn't think there would be but there is. Tomorrow starts February and that means its closer to the end of the semester and Dance Recital! :) I'm so ready for summer, I want to go to the beach soo bad and play in the water... I can already feel the sand between my toes! =) Anyway, I better get back to studying for my tests tomorrow, Hope everyone has a wonderful week :)

This was soo funny! Brayden had to potty seat that goes on the toilet on top of the toddler potty...
 They each weighed, and of course my child was the smallest...Bless his heart...

 Mommy and Brayden watching Nina and Tabatha dance, they wouldn't let me dance with them anymore because I am too GOOD! *haha*
Here is a video of the boys playing Just Dance before supper.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another lazy day..

 The rest of our Monday was spent being very lazy in the recliner. Brayden played most of the day in the living room with me,and if he didn't like what I was watching on tv then he would just go to his room and watch his tv. :) Smart little boy! He loves to stand up on the countertop and look around in the pantry, so I let him do that for a few minutes until I FINALLY made him get down and he had to get a can of rotel and a can of green beans out to play with. Here are a few pictures of him playing with the can food..

I can't remember what we were watching but he decided that it was time for his nap, and of course he took over the recliner!He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping, I just wish I could sleep half as good as he does when I sleep! I would feel very refreshed every morning. ;) After he woke up it was snack time..he played with his gummies awhile before he actually ate them *haha* We played and we played Monday afternoon, and eventually out came the gigantic piano! He this for Christmas from his Aunt Gail, Uncle Harrison, and Trevor. We LOVE it!! :):) I LOVE IT! We laughed and Brayden would always mess me up when I wanted to play on it, but would get very upset with me if I tried to mess him up.*haha*

 Yesterday I went to school, and got sick :( So, I had a test in my second class and as soon as I got finished tatking it, I came home!!!! I took aboutt a 2 hour nap after I got home, woke up and mother wanted me to go to the doctor just incase I had the flu. I didn't! It's just viral. I had a horrible headache all stinkin' day yesterday and I'm so glad that its gone this morning. I have some schoolwork to do today before heading to dance, and of course play with my baby boy. He's in his room watching Mickey Mouse right now. When it goes off every morning is when its play time for us :). This was Brayden eating his pop tart this morning for breakfast. He loves his pop tarts! I still haven't been able to talk to Tad yet :( He emailed me yesterday afternoon when he got to work, he said that he hasn't been able to hook up his internet yet in his apartment. So hopefully maybe today when he wakes up he'll be able to do it. its 10:35pm over there right now. He did say that when he got to Seoul South Korea that it was snowing and that its VERY pretty over there. I can't wait for all of us to be able to go over there one day..a fun trip, no work involved! I'm already missing him alot, I guess I'm missing him more because I haven't been able to talk to him and I know that its only Jan.26 and he doesn't come home until March 2!!!! At least when he comes home it will be right there at my spring break and we are planning on going to the beach for a couple of days! :) I'm really excited about it. Anyway, Brayden is now having a fit for me to get off this computer so I better get off! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

*My Boys*

They were both thinking very hard about what move ther were going to make next! :)
                                                      My 2 boys who have ALL of my heart :)
Well, Brayden and I took Tad to the airport this morning for his long 35 days in Korea! It was bittersweet, Brayden cried when we left the airport wanting is daddy...broke my heart. On the way home I put in my Top Christian Songs of 2010-2011 that Tad had gotten me several months ago, that I LOVE! The first song is God is Great, and boy is he! I just started scawling my eyes out! I got to thinking that I'm so lucky to have a husband that will go away from his family for 35 days just to provide for his family. The sad thing is that I don't tell Tad enough how much I appreciate what he does for Brayden and I, but it means the world to me. Tad is so happy to be back where he was when he was with Transocean and I'm so happy for him. We have God to thank for EVERYTHING and I'm so glad that I have him in my heart to know this! Tad and Brayden mean the absolute world to me, and I love just laying around the house with them. Yesterday after church we played outside forever, the weather was SOOO nice and couldn't pass up the opportunity to be able to play outside without freezing our hiney's off!haha.. We had a good day yesterday, Tad's parents came over and spent some time with him before he had to leave this morning, his mom brought a Ice Cream the way was DELISH!!!!! The rest is in my freezer, so if you would like some COME GET IT! Its sooo good, but very fattening. I had to go to the doctor last week, and decided to talk to the dietician(spelling?) there, and their program sounds really good and not as expensive as I thought,but I think I've decided just to do weight watchers online. I have GOT to lose some weight...its driving me crazy!!!! I know its my own fault for not having it off before now, I mean Brayden is almost 2 years old. I will get it off I just keep telling myself that!! This month Tad is gone I'm going to eat better and exercise as much as I can!! Its alot easier if he isn't home, he likes to eat out and LOVES ice cream!!!haha...I do love him though ;) Tad borrowed his aunts Guitar Hero game for the wii, and he became VERY addicted to it this past weekend, so I'm pretty sure that we'll be going to buy it as soon as he gets home. Brayden just woke up and thankfully has only asked for Oki so far...It breaks my heart when he says "where daddy" and I have to say "work"...he knows that hes not here.. I told him on the way home this morning, that daddy had to go to work to make Brayden some money for some new this boy needs new toys! I told mother the other day that I have NO CLUE where Brayden's Twin bed is going to go in his room, theres no room what so ever...TOYS ARE EVERYWHERE! My answer to toys everywhere is that "Santa's workshop threw up!!!" HAHA...Its the best explanation that I can come up with why there are always toys everywhere in this house... :) So last night when momma and daddy came up here for supper, mother walked in B's room and says "Oh My Gosh" and my reply was "I told you"!!!! haha...  The agenda for today is to play with Brayden and study for 2 test tomorrow! I'm not stressing over the tests because 3 of my 4 classes are a repeat almost... Everything that we have went over so far I already knew! :) Which I guess is a good thing, but I'm sure later on in the semester I will learn some "new" things! :) I LOVE my major!!! Psychology is right up my alley, I love everything about it.... okay well except the educational psych class that I'm taking. Ohhh..I need some ideas for my behavior class...Its due tomorrow!haha.. I already chose one but can't do it...long story and it makes me angry! anyway...I have to do a project changing a behavior modification... like learning how to do something, changing the way I do something, or anything like that...I can do it on somebody else, but it will be easier for me to just do it on myself! I chose exercising but now I can't do it, so I need something else..and I have no clue what to do...HELP PLEASE!!! :) I'm watching Tad's flight from ATL to San Fransico...he's over Oklahoma right now.. he should be there in about another 2 hours or so..I will be following him all the way to Korea! Now it starts...Brayden is asking where Daddy is... :( :( Luckily he got distracted..Whew.. He normally just asks for him when we go to bed at night and knows that daddy isn't laying on the other side of him! We will make it though! I have faith in Brayden and I. I am excited that Nina and I will get to spend 3 weeks together, we haven't been able to do this in a VERY long time. Tiffany's manfriend as she calls him is still home and just got home recently so I'm not sure how long she and I will have together before Tad gets home. Tomorrow is back to school and dance... I really want to go to zumba tonight, but I just don't think I want to be away from Brayden today/tonight. I will just exercise on my ab glider, and maybe Brayden and I will play Just dance in a little while! :) Well I'm going to play with my little boy, he's telling me bye bye with my car keys in his hands!*haha*

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lazy Day :)

We had a great weekend, it was very relaxing! We had no plans to be anywhere or do anything, it was VERY nice. Friday night Tad grilled steaks, I made fried rice and homemade mac-&-cheese. Amy and Emma Grace came over and ate with us and we played a little Wii. :) Tad thought he was going to show Amy and me up on Michael Jackson...HAHAHA Yeah right! Amy and I smoked his hiney! =) It was hilarious, to find out the whole time he had been holding his remote the wrong way, but hey it does tell you at the beginning of the game how to hold it, soo NO mercy on Tadpole! Saturday, B and I were at mommas most of the day relaxing with her. That afternoon I was playing just dance 2, and B was watching me, mother was at the dinning room table on the computer and she said "Is he saying Dance" and I replied "Of Course" and Brayden replies "Of Course"...It was TOO funny! Tad grilled us hamburgers and they were yummy:) He went home around 7:30..he said he was just worn out, which Im sure he was from all that running around Thursday that he did. We watched Miss America Pageant with momma and daddy, and we would comment on the girls saying oh she's pretty... Well Brayden caught on and next thing we know he's saying "Pretty" and then he would say "hair". If you don't know Brayden is a hair fanatic! He LOVES holding my hair and anyone else that has hair long enough for him to hold. So, those girls in the pageant that had long hair def. had his vote! haha.. Sunday, we went to church and when we were dropping him off in his SS class the first thing he says is "Where Karter".. Karter wasn't in there yet so I'm sure he was happy to see Karter when he got to class.. His teachers said that the whole time he said Momma, Daddy, O-O(oki), Max, and Karter. To funny! Brayden used to call Eli,Max, and Oki Eli, but now he calls Oki O-O...Max Max..and Eli Max..every now and then you will hear him say Eli, but he just calls him Max now. I guess he figured out that Max was easier to say than Eli. Tad leaves next Monday, we don't have his flight plan yet but we just know that he leaves Monday. It's going to be a long 35 days, BUT he will have more time with Brayden than just 4 days every other week. We are both excited about this job, we plan on saving for a house! Which is super exciting for us. =) I've been doing a little research about Busan which is where Tad will be at in South Korea today, from the pictures that I have found it looks like a VERY nice place! They have some pretty mountains there. Don't worry Tad will be taking a camera to take some pictures. Anyway, I think thats about all I have to share today! Hope everyone has a wonderful week at work or school :)

I only have 1 picture to share and this was Friday afternoon, Brayden was walking around the house in my uggs..which he calls my boots! :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I know I know, I'm a slacker!

I know its been almost 2 months since I've blogged and I apologize to the people who actually do read it! :) We have been super busy with Vacation, Christmas, Starting back to school...etc... SOooo

  We took a vacation to the mountains like the second week in Decemeber, and we had a blast. The only problem was that I was sick! :( Brayden had been sick earlier in the week before going, so I caught what he had while we were there... Thats okay I still enjoyed myself. I loved it up there, the snow was pretty, but by Monday I was def. ready to get away from it. I had also never been to the mountains so I def. would like to go back! We didn't get to do a whole bunch since it was soo cold and B was getting over sickness and I was sick. We were able to make it the aquarium while we were there, and Brayden LOVED all the fish!
This little guy stood so still for Tad to get a picture, I thought it was plum cute! :) I've always wanted a penguin and my mother always said you have no where to keep it, and I would always reply Yes I do in the Freezer! haha

We had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very good to Brayden! :) Tad and I had a great Christmas too! His parents bought us a Wii and we love it. We have several games now, I got Just Dance from my parents and I LOVE IT! Of course Tad had to have Tiger Woods kidding. Santa brought B a bigfoot and he is soo scared of it, he won't go near it! Since Christmas I can count on 1 hand how many times he has been in his room to play with all his new toys...Let's see 1.... thats it! And the only reason he went then is because I went with him! Crazy child but I love him. Izzy and Papa T bought him a tent and its in the living room at home, and he does play in it some, which I just put it up last Friday! It's his new hiding place I guess..He got tired of hiding behind the TV and recliner...haha...


Last Wednesday was MY BIRTHDAY! So happy late birthday to myself :) I had a very relaxing day and enjoyed it very much since it was my last day off before school starting. Tad and my daddy got oysters and grilled hot wings for me...both were YUMMY!! My parents/Tad/Brayden got me..Michael Jackson The Experience, Dance Workout, and Zumba all for the Wii. Tad's parents got me Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I love all of them and they all give me a workout, but they are sooo much fun! :) I still cannot believe that I'm 22, it sounds REALLY wierd to me to say that. I can say that I've had a great past 22 years though :) I'm lucky to have my family and friends who I love more than anything! 

We had Landon's birthday party on Saturday and Mickey Mouse came, and all B would say is high five, and ohh tootles..which is what Mickey says on his tv show on Disney! I was surprised that Brayden wasn't scared of him but I'm glad that he wasn't. Landon liked his Mickey guitar that we got him, Brayden had been playing with it all week and I just knew the batteries were going to go dead in it before Landon even got it. Thank goodness they still worked when he opened it! :) I knew I should have ordered 2 when I ordered it, I knew better but oh well..Brayden can get one another time.

Brayden has learned how to say Karter(my friend Toyia's boy thats B's age) and says Karter NON STOP! It's soo cute and sweet that he thinks about him. He can also say Heidi and Sophie which are Karter's sisters names! Now I guess I need to teach him Toyia and Kyle, then he'll have that whole family down pat! :) Brayden will come up to me out of the blue and say "where Karter" and I usually say at home with his mommy...and he says "at home". TOO CUTE! :)

So, I've started back to school now, which is where I am right now! :) I'm at the Troy campus this semester since my classes that I need don't start until 5:30 at the Dothan campus :( I miss it already! Troy campus is just soo much bigger and more people. I liked my small campus with only 3 buildings. Plus I'm just not a big fan of going to college with people that I know for some reason, weird I know, but I focus more when I don't know anyone. I'm making the best of being on this campus for this semester and it will be over May 2! haha...yes I'm counting down!!!! So being here means I'm not at dance on Tuesday's and Thursday's...I'm already stressed out about not being there and Mrs. S- getting herself stressed out. BUT I know that Carrie and Brooke are very smart and can handle it without me for a little while. I will be there on Tuesday's night for the adult class and for the Wednesday classes. I also started back to Zumba last night with Amber Kersey, she did such a wonderful job and I'm very proud of her! :) My legs are a little sore today, but they sure enough need to be!! Ohh, Tad got a new job and will be working in Korea for a few months, he still on oil rigs, now will be in the water and not on land. They are building the rig that he will be on in Korea so he is very excited and I am too for him. He rubs it in mine and my mothers face that he is getting to Korea before we do, but his is for work...we want to go for PLAY! :)  I will be sure that he does take a camera with him though to have some pictures to share on a blog post. We are thinking that he may leave for Korea sometime next week, he has to go for his drug test in Houston this week so hopefully will know more when he gets out there. This does mean that he's going to be gone longer which means Kayla needs to make some friends! haha...Since its tax season my mother will be working non stop and Brayden and I will be lonely on the weekends...Tad's mother also works on the weekends so...This is why I don't have a real job....HAHAHAHAHA...everybodies ALWAYS working when I need someone to keep Brayden and myself company. I'm going to have a real job one day (maybe..we"ll see) Tad says I will... =) That deserves a BIG smile... Anyway, I think thats pretty much all thats been going on with us. Hopefully there won't be such a big gap between posts next time. I do have an hour and a half wait between classes so that should give me plenty of time to blog each week as long as I don't have school work I need to do before going home. Since I have 2 classes before my break, I can always do my HW during it so that I will only have to focus on my other 2 classes at home... YEAH RIGHT! You know me, I'll be on facebook! hahaha.... Okay now I'm really going to stop. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a blessed week too! :)